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  1. Hey, this is because there are a lot of B/C/Youth teams in the lower divisions of Northern Ireland which cannot be managed except through being a manager of the 1st' team. It wont break promotion and relegation all work fine I've ran 30 year simulations and never seen an issue, Hope you enjoy
  2. Hey, afraid not I normally skip a year so I actually notice the differences between the games. I'll be back in 2019.
  3. Did you get sorted? There is a drop down menu top right of the screen that says Database, click that and it should expand and show the available DB's to use.
  4. @deez0r Sorry I can't fully remember if Remo already existed in the DB or not but just not in a division, loads of teams were in a 'lower league divsion' the game had built in that just had a dump of teams they didnt know what to do with. So I mightn't have actually put the team info together just pulled it from the bin. Checked my version and home kit is Blue and Yellow stripes away kit seems to be FM default of red and black. Most of my info on teams came from facebook and twitter if the team didnt have a website so the above seem to fit with whats there. https://m.facebook.co
  5. Hey @deez0r Remo are 100% there, I got them as a random team for a run through but I've also attached my file of the teams included (sorry couldn't be bothered to list all 495 of them.) Feel free to edit any details for the team yourself I got as much as I could re ground and strip colours but it could be dated. I think I've included the BPL cups as correctly as I could although there was no wiki or major info on them on the BPL site I actually got the best information about them from the Brantwood F.C. site so if you have any information on those as well that would be ace and I can
  6. @deez0r I don't have 2015 or 16 so couldn't test with them, 2014 doesn't recognise the file type I think its too dated. I did take my 2014 extended league and import it into 2017 to kick start this file so its worth a try if you can download the above and see if you can at least import the content and recreate the structure yourself (if 2016 or 2015 you're meaning)
  7. Hi guys, I've also wanted to do this one for a bit of fun, this is the same structure but a kind of WHAT IF? fantasy money system. In this one due to Northern Ireland's massive impact in Euro 2016 and as a result of BT buying ALL English Football TV rights, Sky have decided to take the leap and match Northern Ireland's league with the same TV and Prize money. Have a bit of fun and see what you can do when Linfield, Crusaders, Glentoran or Cliftonville receive £87million in TV rights for one season Obviously this is pure fantasy and not intended to be real but interesting to
  8. @lo.simon Thanks very much I hope you enjoy playing. It's based on what starts as a real life pyramid. SO in reality NI ONLY goes to level 4 so beyond that is a pure best guess. Level 4 is as real in this and luckily the 4 regional leagues have good structures below them (NAFL Premier - D2C or Mid-Ulster Int A - D4 for example). Anything below the main 4 is my own best guess based on regional boundaries for example Carnbane and Lonsdale are primarily Mid Ulster based clubs so these feed into Mid-Ulster league smae with Norther Western. I think there were ONLY around 10 clubs tha
  9. Northern Ireland Extended League System v1.1 (Final Edition) A full roster of 495 1st teams available to play across 52 active divisions in 18 leagues (although there are an additional 100(ish) B/Res/II/2nd teams riddled throughout the lower divisions so in some instances you can play 2 divisions with the one team which can be a bit of fun!) Leagues included: Northern Irish Football League Northern Amateur Football League Mid Ulster Football League Ballymena and Provincial Football League Northern Irish Intermediate League Fermanagh and Western Foo
  10. Under Nation > Competition there is a column for 'Game Version' containing FM, FMT and FMH. From what I understand the editor files cannot be used with FMT but this would indicate otherwise? Is it possible to add extended league system to FMT using these advanced rules? Thanks
  11. Hey, I'm looking into this as well, also creating an extended league system to include NAFL, Mid-Ulster, Ballymena etc. The NAFL league has a '3rd' level which is basically 6 reserve league 3A-F I'm trying to figure out how this operates when an NAFL premier team is promted into NIFL Premier Intermediate League and if the reserve team gets promoted as well.
  12. Ah ok perfect, I've never bothered with it previously but wanted to have a pop, doesn't seem like its needed too much. Thanks
  13. @KUBI Hey just trying to get my head around the regional boundaries, if I have a team in a league which isn't in the boundaries will it break with promotion/relegation? It seems to run ok but the specific team hasn't been promoted yet. Any links to previous that you know of? Thanks
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