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  1. Hi, so in previous versions of football manager i used to have a super pack with stadiums, cities and when using it with any skin it would show up. For example in any team's player panel i had that team's stadium showing in the background but this year i tried with every possible skin and it doesen't show up. It has something to do with the skins or maybe is it something else? Thank you.
  2. So i basically downloaded a third spanish division, swept the team i wanted to play with into the division and added some playes, when i try to verifie the rules to save the DB a bug pops up 'No teams found for the Asia Nations Cup Stage 0". I tried to do what they say here but it doesen't work and sometimes the editor shuts down. Can anyone help me ? please.
  3. I was wondering if there's any english patch to play the chinese online football manager game? i really want to play it but the language barrier is too big.
  4. So i exported the file and after that i tried importing it in my fm 16 editor but the editor stops working and it closes down, maybe my computer's problem?
  5. Thank your for your quick reply, but how i can save the db uncompressed?
  6. I've been trying to open my created fm 17 editor database in fm 16 editor but it just doesn't show up.... Is there any way to open it?? Thank you.
  7. Same, yesterday i started doing my own update beacuse i got sick of playing in europe and K-league. This year i'm not buying FM so i'll update the j-league from what whidehawk did, from J1 to J3, whitout adding new players who weren''t in that DB because basically i don't how much good is a 18-19 player who plays with a reserve team. Also i removed the bug who makes basically all player who aren't a central defenders a defender.
  8. I see, but the problem with the widehawk one was that there some OP japanese players wo had like 160 of PA like Usami or Genki Omae. But other than that the DB was so detailed as you said. I even remeber founding great young players in the 2014 version that are now in the real life top J-league players.
  9. I remember that the past db made by the japanese community had no stats, they just puted the CP and PA so FM generated the stats randomly based on the player position and for players that where playing in Europe in past FM's they just improved a little bit those.
  10. Really glad about that, finally we will be able to play it after the 2014 db from the /now dead/ japanese community. btw, do anyone have the facepack of the 2015, i can't find any working link. Thanks
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