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  1. My captain has stepped down is there any way I can try to change his mind?
  2. How can i add squad numbers in international qualifiers
  3. Ltagames

    Chairman Mode

    in chairman mode, you would be the owner of the club
  4. lock it and it should work if you are doing good
  5. no need i found the answer out right after i posted this
  6. nvm if anyone has the same question its 5 months from the end of your contract
  7. can i start a transfer ban on fm18? using the editor or in game editor it doesnt matter
  8. why don't national teams have numbers in qualifiers and friendly they should have numbers like the real world
  9. why isnt there an option to let the board sign the staff like the clubs
  10. I cant resign at the end of the season only immidetly
  11. it just started to crash after a point in the first season and will not go after that point
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