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  1. My players are doing some really bizarre positioning when doing an attacking Long-Throw near the corner-kick mark. They are all close together, and barely anyone in the opposition area! I have not changed any of the set-piece settings, so its all still as it comes set up in the game. I have dropped save of the match called Bragança vs Fafe, you can see an example of this in action near minute 88
  2. Came across snow for the first time. What do you all think? Seems a bit simplistic to me haha, but its nice to have snow again
  3. Found this set of lights in Benfica Futebol Campus. Shouldn't they become invisible with action behind them? Or just moved definitely....
  4. I am not in the January transfer season of 2021. I have loaned in the player Nicolas Janvier from Victoria Guimarães B As you can see in the first screenshot, he came, I was allowed to register him on the 1st of January and assign him a shirt number. As I came to play the next game on the 4th of January, I notice he was not actually at the club. As the search shows in screenshot 1, you can see I did not cancel his loan (there would be an inbox item about it if I had), but in screenshot 2 you can see he is still at his parent club....hmm....why? In my transfer history, it also shows the loan transfer as completed. Unfortunately, I did not notice right away, so I don't have a save before it happen, but I do have a save from match-day (ie. as soon as i noticed the error). Is it a bug? Or is it because I've allowed him to play for his B team? Still surely he should still appear as being part of my team as well, but only unavailable. I will upload a save called NJ18nov
  5. This isn't a bug, but more of a suggestion. I think it could be a good and yet simple addition to the game, if the Fit status (physio recommendation) was giving within match as well. If you are managing a national team, in a friendly match you can see how playing time cap the club has requested, so similarly, when we manage clubs, we could see the 45min and 75min recommendation for recovering players. I know this is shown in the squad outside the match, but it would be handy to also have it inside the match. It has happened too many times in this beta, when I have decided to play a player who is still recovering, intending to only have him on for the first half (according to physio recommendation) but then during the match I forget entirely and he ends up playing quite some time into the second half or the entire game.
  6. I uploaded a pkm Mafra vs Bragança. Around minute 88, my player blocks a corner from very close, conceding another corner. This happens twice. The game did not highlight it as an illegal move. Sounds like a bug to me.
  7. There seem to be some issues with B Team responsibilities, namely, for Match, Tactics, and Transfers and Contracts. I've included some screenshots that show how the section is blank. Also, when you press Set All in the B Team sub-section, it actually sets the same member of staff for all teams!!
  8. I have noticed that the game never saves the 'Ask which first team player are available for this team:' The two screenshots show my selection 'Never', and I saved it. Then I went out of the screen and back in again and it was no longer selected. This happens all the time, I started to notice it more and more, so now I did this test and made a screenshot of it. In the screenshot it can also be seen that no Frequency option is given for the B team, although the title 'Frequency' is there.
  9. Thank you for that. I have tried Ctrl+S and it works On a Mac, the key was always Command+S, and it still says Command+S on the settings, so why on earth is taking Ctrl+S as the shortcut I don't understand
  10. I noticed Command+S is not longer working for saving the game, since the latest update. I checked my settings, at it still says I have the shortcut set up. I have never made any shortcut changes, and therefore I am using the default as it comes with the game. Space bar still works for moving the game on.
  11. Currently there are no cash prizes in the game for the top 8 teams (the playoff teams) playing in the Portuguese Championship. These seems a bit off, seeing that there are cash prizes for all teams, from 18th to 3rd for all 4 groups. I am not sure what the actual real life rules are, but it seems very odd that the winning teams get no prize.
  12. Not sure if this is the session it should go under. Every time I play extra time in cup matches, it keeps coming up with a message 'keep changes after goal', even when a goal hasn't been score, and even when I haven't made changes. If I press no, it comes up again, and if I press yes it goes away for a while, but then tends to come back a few minutes later into the extra time. Not sure if a save of a match would help, because is not part of the animation... Let me know what I should do next time it happens.
  13. Same thing happened again, with Stephen Dawson. This time I saved the game just before attempting the conversation. Bragança Hereford v4
  14. No, i'm using exactly the same tactic. Have not changed it at all. The only thing I change from game to game is the squad itself, the players who are playing, if you know what I mean.
  15. I noticed the news item said we make over 3M in transfer revenue, didn't sound right as Hereford is a tiny club. I'll upload save file Bragança Hereford v3, which is I think 1 match prior to this news item appearing.
  16. In Team reports, the comparison screen, the numbers on the yellow bars are ready tricky to see. Might be a good idea to have black numbers on these, or, choose a slightly darker colour.
  17. I've been setting set-piece takers, but the game keeps removing players from my selection. I don't know if this is a bug or if it has anything to do with tasks I might have delegated. However I don't remember there being an option for delegating picking set-piece takers.
  18. Received a message to the inbox saying Tom Owen-Evans was unhappy with club performance. Once I entered the conversation, and initiated it with the only option, the player did not respond and the exit button showed up. The screenshot below shows the record of it afterward. I will upload a save file from a couple of minutes previously named Bragança Hereford v2
  19. In a game against York, the kits went all white-shirt for York players for a new minutes. With the exception of their Goalie and No. 5. After I did a sub at minute 72, the kits went back to normal, with York in reds. Unfortunately I forgot to save the match at the end
  20. When I am trying to filter by attributes for a given role, I always have to find the role twice. It will not select any roles the first time I press it, I always have to press it twice - quite tedious. If you need a save, you can use the Braganca Hereford I uploaded earlier.
  21. I've noticed Negotiating is not showing up on Staff Search I probably don't need to upload a save file for this one, but if you need a save file you can use Braganca Hereford i've uploaded earlier.
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