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  1. Thank you Rob for checking it out. I have managed to get a partnership in defence now, so maybe I was doing too much rotation.
  2. Not really sure how to explain what I am talking about, but I am 5 seasons into the game managing the same team (in this case the same 2 teams) and I have never seen lines in the tactics (those that show how well players play together), not even bad lines! Laurent and Morrell have been playing together for the 2nd season now, but have yet to develop any sort of playing relationship. I do like to update the squad every season, yet not to the extent to replace the entire squad, some players have been at the club for many seasons, playing in partnership with other players. But in any case, I thought lines appeared when players played about half a season together anyway, not requiring multiple seasons. I am starting to think it might be a bug. Can someone look into it an clarify? I have uploaded the most current save, Bragança Hereford 1
  3. There seems to be an issue with Polivalentes Futebol Clube do Palanca, all players are from Laos, but the club is in Angola. The issue was raised in this Youtube video: I've checked my database (vanilla game, I don't use the editor) and found the same issue - (shown in screenshot)
  4. Received a news story about a new training sponsorship of 300k per annum, yet in the finance tab it shows up as 73k per annum, 300k over 4 years. I've also uploaded a save from the day it appeared (you'll have to play a match first). The file name is Bragança training kit sponsor.
  5. I've uploaded one now. It is called Hereford player poached 28 Aug You need to play a game and then the news story came through on the 28th of August. Hopefully it will happen again when you do it.
  6. Hey, I have noticed that poaching clauses are not appearing on my clauses section. This is the third time I've had my academy poached and the third time that the clauses have not been saved to my clauses screen. Is that right?
  7. Hey, I have a two-manager save, one in Portugal and one in England. For a while I have noticed that my Portuguese team tends to be in travel a lot between games, while the same does not happen in England. It became really obvious something is wrong when I noticed that my team will be travelling during TWO training slots to get to an away game in Chaves. For anyone who does not know anything about Portuguese geography, Bragança and Chaves are only about 90km apart, and it takes abut 1h30m to do the drive even on bad roads. It doesn't make sense that Chaves takes that long to get to in the game, when it only took one training slot to get to Braga earlier in the month, and Braga is more than twice the distance (another 45 minutes on better roads). Also, Portugal is a very small country, compared to most other countries in Europe, and we have a very very good transport system. Why is then the game making the teams take ages to get everywhere? I've uploaded the save of the game Bragança is close to Chaves to the cloud.
  8. Hi @Rob Heckman, nop, unfortunately I didn't notice the situation early enough, and my rolling save overwrote it
  9. My two goalies have been sign-up with an agreement to Emergency back-up playing time. They ended up being good enough, and have been playing pretty much alternative to each other, 15 and 16 games in the season so far, respectively However, they are both concerned that they are not getting enough playing time, even though they are both getting more playing time than they could dream off when they signed. The two players at the top of he screenshot.
  10. And by the way, it is not just my team. My opponents are doing it too.
  11. I've noticed that nearly every time that there are two players in the box, the player with the ball is normally wider (usually a AM or DR/L), and won't pass the ball to the UNMARKED player in the centre (ST) that has BETTER chances to score. It is becoming very annoying. I have checked and I don't have selfish players with stats what would make them attempt to shoot (and always miss) rather than pass (with much higher likelihood to score), neither is my tactic set up to make that happen. Do we think this is a bug in the game?
  12. My players are doing some really bizarre positioning when doing an attacking Long-Throw near the corner-kick mark. They are all close together, and barely anyone in the opposition area! I have not changed any of the set-piece settings, so its all still as it comes set up in the game. I have dropped save of the match called Bragança vs Fafe, you can see an example of this in action near minute 88
  13. Came across snow for the first time. What do you all think? Seems a bit simplistic to me haha, but its nice to have snow again
  14. Found this set of lights in Benfica Futebol Campus. Shouldn't they become invisible with action behind them? Or just moved definitely....
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