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  1. Well, it was in pre-alpha 4 days ago... 'I'd imagine' it is not moved 'far beyond' that stage in 4 days. The question was aimed at SI staff and moderators the people who know.
  2. Is the game still in pre-alpha, or has it entered the alpha stage? keen
  3. I understand what you're saying. But I think the realism that is advertised and that I am looking for is realism of the managing aspect of the game, accuracy of data etc...
  4. Love FM. Been playing since it first came out at Championship Manager when I was still a primary school kid, and I feel the game has always delivered what it has set out to do. Happy with the progress every year. I am sorry that so many people are complaining about the 3D engine. I personally wouldn't mind going back to 2D dots and having all the investment being put on the management aspect of the game. We have a 3D engine, its icing on the cake, it is being continually improved which is great, but we're not trying FIFA, we're Football Manager
  5. Just purchased the Arsenal Edition !! Same price as the standard game and same access to beta. Not that I am a supporter of Arsenal myself. Just excited about the game.
  6. Great ideas. I'd be tempter to try Union Berlin. A Leicester save would be pretty cool if you tried using young players + a handful of big names.
  7. Hey all! I bet you are ALL planning your saves for the next year. This year I am going to try doing a two-manager save. I want to manage 2 bottom league clubs from different countries, grow them to Champions League top dogs, and have the two clubs to interact. The two teams will hopefully be Bragança from Portugal, and Hereford from England. In FM 2017 and FM 2018 I won the Champions League and World Club Championship several times with Bragança. in FM 2019 I did the same with Hereford. Can I do it with both in the same save? And what about when they are both competing in the same final? Either way, I win! If you are interested to know, I never used the Editor or Mods of any sort. Just plain vanilla and following the game as it is. If you want to have a look at the saves I still have them and would be happy to upload them for any FM17 / 18 / 19 players out there to enjoy. Let me know if you'd like to hear about how the two-manager goes, and I'll make a thread for it What are your save ideas?
  8. Also, if anyone from the SI team is reading this, would love to be in on the closed Beta.
  9. So here's my prediction ahead of the unveiling in September / October: - Complete overhaul of youth development. - Scouting and rating major tweaks. - Completely new system of interactions, mainly board interactions, interactions with other clubs, and league politics! If this is true, it would work out wonders for me, as my planned save for FM2020 is to take two bottom league clubs from 2 different nations and manage them in the same save, collaborating with each other in some way. Prediction might be all wrong, but let's see if I get my genie wish ME will probably be better. I would just love it if it ran well without driving my MacBook to hyper-ventilation
  10. I have managed to get Hereford to the Premier league now. The issue has been fixed as I now have a U23s team, and everything works as it should. It might just be the game doing something weird as it prepares the U23 launch in the background.
  11. I've recently noticed that U18 staff is no longer showing in the Boardroom list. And that when proposing a contract for a U18 position, the vacancy count (e.g. 11/11) shows the number of vacancies for Senior staff instead.
  12. jenvaskes


    Yes, I see it about 40% of the time.
  13. Spotted Incorrect offsides. In this game, Kirby scored a goal that was disallowed for offside. He was at the entrance of the area behind everyone, so he could not possibly be offside. Yes, there were two players offside near the goalkeeper, but they did not touch the ball. There is some other dubious offside displays later on in the game (correctly spotted, but the lines are not well displayed) Crewe v Hereford.pkm
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