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  1. Hi I have noticed that the Vanarama playoffs are always away games for the human player. Every single time I played the playoffs the match has always been at my opponents team. I am not sure if this might be because of the type of stadium Hereford has, or if it is a genuine bug. Seems unfair I have attached some screenshots of the current save. I have other saves where this happens if you want more evidence.
  2. Hi I noticed that the board has failed me on the FA Trophy objectives. They wanted me to reach the First Round. My team went straight into the Second Round (so that's higher than first anyway!...) We lost the Second Round, and so it shows as having failed the objective. It's a bit of a double bug, buggy because it sets a lower objective than the entry point, and buggy because we technically passed the objective and its showing as failed.
  3. @Luke Hume the Winter Update fixed this. Now Hereford starts out with a U18s team.
  4. Hi, I didn't really know where this topic should go, so I have put it here. I know that Hereford currently doesn't have an U18s team in real life. I think in the game they are in fact the only Team in the VNLN to not have an U18 team. I was wondering if over time it would be possible to request from one? I have now played 4 season and that option has never been given to me, yet sometimes an option to ask for Youth Candidate coaches appears (but doesn't do much). I think it would add greatly to the game if Hereford Manager could request the board for an U18 team.
  5. I have noticed that the Media Prediction on the Club Info/General page seems to be static and does not update from season to season. The 1st screenshot shows Hereford is predicted to finish 17th, this has never changed from season to season. The 2nd screenshot shows Hereford is in fact predicted to finish 7th this season. I think most people would consider this to be a bug?
  6. Hi I've noticed the Team Comparison doesn't seem to show averages in the pop-up. When you hover over an attribute that the averages are missing.
  7. Here's the tactic I currently use for this save. Feel free to use it; and let me know how it does for you VanillaFMHereford.fmf
  8. Hi! This is not a bug as such, but just a feature that I've noticed for a while that could improved. When goal replays are set to 'Behind the Goal', the scorer info card is displayed right where the action (goal) is. That means that I can't actually see what the goalkeeper is doing and the goal. Is there any chance you could change its placement and maybe even it's size? Seems a bit oversized to me, but just altering its placement (for example to the top of the screen) would help. The screenshot below is an example of this. In this example I can still just about see the goal and
  9. New episodes will be out Tuesday to Saturday Spoiler: we are doing really well in the league!
  10. Hi all, Check out my first Youtube Channel. I am doing a series on taking Hereford United from Vanarama North up to Premier League (we hope). 3 Episodes are out. An added curiosity, I play and record (OBS) on one MacBook Air with M1 chip. The MacBook copes well with it on the whole. I was only able to record at 720p for the first episode, but I've been able to bump it up to 1080p now. I would love your support. Head over to the channel, watch the playlist, give me some thumbs up and subscribe for more I am in the process of creating a Patreon. Will let you know when i
  11. I have just uploaded it. It is called Bragança. In fairness I made a new save a few times, and it has always happened. So this one is one of those new saves. I can't seem to register a request for SSs, It brings up a dialogue to say a response will come shortly. However I noticed because it didn't block the requests after I've made 3 requests (which is the limit) so as a laugh I kept requesting SSs, and it just won't do it.
  12. Game will allow me to click to request Sport Scientist, but won't register it, and board provides no answer.
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