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  1. No just based off the colours, sorry I wasn't clear enough
  2. Hey guys I'm trying to make a save with an edited team called Papua New Guinea Trekkers playing in the Hyundai A-League and I had some questions of how to do some stuff in the editor. 1. Is it possible to get the team to be able to qualify for the Oceania Champions League through the Papua New Guinea Cup 2. It would be awesome if someone would be able to make a badge and kits based loosely off the Papua New Guinea national team kits 3. Would it be possible to put two B teams at the club, one in Australia and one in Papua New Guinea If you guys could help, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
  3. Napier City Rovers Napier City Rovers are an association football (soccer) team based in Napier, New Zealand. They are currently competing in the Central Premier League. So we have our first team in Napier City Rovers in the second tier of New Zealand, they have 4 different nationalities, which will hopefully increase as I journey into the Oceania and try to build a team based around the star players from small islands. My aim for this season is to gain promotion into the top division where I can either go professional or move to a pro club like Auckland City or Team Wellington to essentially build the best Oceania based team possible.
  4. Welcome to my new save where I will be attempting to run a journeyman save where i manage one player from all 222 nations with a player in the original database. Throughout this save I will also be attempting to win as much as possible. My plan for the save to be able to do achieve this goal is to go continent by continent, starting in Oceania, then going through Asia, North America, Africa before finishing off in Europe and picking up players from South America on the way. So lets dive into this save
  5. sorry mate, still on FM19 so I’m going to have to pass off my spot on the list, was just providing a suggestion
  6. Why not start with 5 random nations loaded and every year one unused nation gets switched. Gives a bit of randomness. You could start of at the worst team in one nation just to make the first person get a full season.
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if it was possible to have a Papua New Guinea team playing in the Hyundai A-League who could compete in the Papua New Guinea Cup and qualify for the Oceania Champions League through that competition. And if it is possible how I would be able to do it.
  8. Hi guys, welcome to my new career. A new website (https://fmideas.co.uk/) came to my attention earlier this week that has a number of challenges, custom clubs and editor data found on it. There is also an idea generator button which I will be using for this career. I will also randomly generate my managers nationalities and name as well as manager attributes from the suggested badges/experience for the team I start with. If I complete a challenge or get sacked i will start a new challenge with either a regen from the first one or another randomly generated manager if everything goes down the plughole quickly. The next post will include the challenge and the manager.
  9. Decided I'm getting way to many job offers so I'm going to update when I have a job.
  10. Job Interviews Nothing on the other jobs. But we have some new interviews. Bandirmaspor in the Turkish 2nd tier. A few points above the relegation zone. No idea. Sanliurfaspor in the Turkish 2nd tier. In the relegation zone on points difference. Again no idea.
  11. Job Interview Rejected by Spennymoor and Chorley, not looking good. But we have another interview Weston-Super-Mare, in the English 6th tier. Just above the relegation zone. Possible but at this point who knows.
  12. Job Interview Unfortunately was rejected by Boston, still nothing back from Spennymoor, Chorley or Chester but we have another job interview Luch Vladivostock, a Russian 2nd tier side are currently 7 points adrift from safety with 14 games remaining. This job is more likely than some I've had but if we do get it, it will be a very tough ask to stay up.
  13. Job Interview Nothing back from the other interviews but I have another interview Chester, an English 6th division tier. Mid-table. Possible but unlikely.
  14. Job Interview Nothing back from Boston or Spennymoor but we have another job interview Chorley, an English 6th division club, currently 4 points adrift from safety. I think this job is a possibility.
  15. Job Interviews Unsurprisingly, Mykolaiv didn't offer us the job and surprisingly, Brackley Town also rejected us. But we have received two new offers. Boston United, a 6th tier English side. Currently bottom of the league, 4 points adrift from safety. I reckon we'll probably get this job but after Brackley, who knows. Spennymoor Town, a 6th tier English side. Currently mid table. Probably won't get this job.
  16. Job Interview Still haven't heard back from Mykolaiv yet because the day after that interview I was offered another interview Brackley Town in the English 6th tier. They are currently just above the relegation zone. I think I will more than likely get this job so unless we receive an offer from Mykolaiv, I will join start my career at Brackley Town
  17. Job Interview Yet again Arnavir turned us down but at the the start of November we were offered our fourth interview. MFC Mykolaiv from the Ukrainian second tier, they are currently 4 points adrift from safety with 12 games remaining. I think this is the most realistic chance we've had so far but I don't think I'll get it.
  18. Job Interview As expected, we were not offered the Kolos Kovalivka job but later in October we were offered our third interview. FC Arnavir of the Russian second tier, the team are currently 1 point adrift from safety in the league but are expected to finish mid table. Again I don't think I will realistically get this job but I will be attending the interview
  19. Job Interview Unfortunately we were rejected by Gaziantepspor and it took until October for us to be offered another interview. Kovos Kovalivka in the Ukrainian Second Division have offered me an interview. The club are currently sitting just above the relegation zone but were predicted to finish higher. I think this job will still be a bit above what I could realistically be offered but I'll go to the interview anyway.
  20. Job Interview First job offer is from Gaziantepsor in Turkey. I don't think I'll get this job, which is probably a good thing as they are starting the season with a 36 point deduction due to financial mismanagement. As I've said we probably won't get this job, but I'll attend the interview.
  21. FM19 Journeyman Welcome to my new save where I will be travelling the world (or more specifically Europe) in an effort to win the Champions League by the end of the save. I have started of as an unemployed 20 year old Hungarian (random nationality) manager with no coaching badges and Sunday League experience). Here is the profile I have loaded all leagues in England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Portugal, Ukraine, Turkey and Belgium. I will not apply for jobs until I've been at a club for 3 years, so I can only change clubs due to a sacking or if a team offers me a job without me applying to them within the first 3 years. Career History
  22. Balham Football Club are a football club based in Balham, in the London Borough of Wandsworth, England. Founded in 2011, they are currently members of the Combined Counties Leagues Premier Division and play at Collier Wood United's Wibbandune Sports Ground in Wimbledon. So now to have a look at the squad, my aim is too have 23 active players in the first team, at most, at all times (backup for every position and then one extra player) so I will try to keep that in mind when creating my squad. Starter players should ideally be 3* CA or above and ideally backups 2* CA or above with an exception for 1.5* for good potential. I will be playing with a 4-4-2 Goalkeepers 15 year old Mark Simpson is the current starter but realistically is only good enough to be a backup so I will try to bring in a starting GK. Malachi Panamerenko is the backup but is not really good enough and at the age of 24 and with interest, I will probably just let him go. not that I have much choice on that anyway Defence 22yo Jay Talbot and 25yo Ricky Marden are good enough to be backup half-backs. 17yo Richard Dodd really isn't good enough to be a backup DC but will have to do for now. 16yo DR Ronan Clifton will be moved to the Under 23 squad to develop but other than that not much quality. Will be looking for starters in every position and a backup DC. Midfield 16yo Jacob Okoro and 19yo Tommy Reed are both good enough to start at MR so bar anyone leaving I won't need to touch that position. 22yo Andre Cooper, a natural AML, is going to be hurt by the formation and despite being 4.5*CA will have to settle to be backup to 28yo Gary Southern. Not much in the centre of midfield we'll have to settle for 24yo Connor Brookes as a backup, despite not really being good enough. So we will be in the market for three MC over the offseason Attack 21yo Barry Hawkes and 26yo Carl Morgan are both really good starters. Backups might be looked at but for the time being we can deal with 16 year olds John Dutton and Chris Rose My next update will be at the start of the season with transfers, preseason and another squad update
  23. Amongst all of the new FM20 content I'm going to start a FM19 thread. This thread is going to be basically your classic non-league to legend type save. But I will be using a slightly different set of rules and starting off in the County Leagues (9th division of English football) and trying to get my manager to win the Champions League. There will be three updates per season plus an extra one if I move teams so lets check out the special rules I have set for this thread. Rules I must start off at a random team in the 9th division on English football with no experience or coaching badges (to do this I'll use pick a team for me until I get a team that fits the mold) I can only apply for jobs in the same tier as me in my nation or in nations lower on the European coefficient. I can apply to jobs in nations of higher European coefficients in a tier below mine I can only accept jobs that are offered to me (not applied for) that are maximum one tier above me in my nation or nations lower in European coefficient. I can accept jobs in the same tier as me in nations of higher European coefficients Teams in Champions League are a tier above Tier 1 All my players must be found through scouting, DOF recommendations or former teams and all my staff must come from adverts. The Leagues I have loaded are England (9 tiers), Scotland (4 tiers), Ireland (2 tiers), N.Ireland (1 tier), Germany (3 tiers), Italy (3 tiers), Spain (3 tiers), France (3 tiers) My next post I will show you what club I have chosen and I will have a look around the club
  24. Squad Review Now for this career I won't use too many screenshots, league table every month as well as profiles for Best XI at the end of the season probably, but I will try to go into some depth in sections like these Goalkeepers Not much here with two 1 star players in 16 year old Leon Schofield and 17 year old Rob Townsend will definitely try to bring in a first team keeper and then try to develop the two youngsters in cup games Defenders 5 star 29 year old right back TJ Cuthbertson is clearly one of the best players in the team, 2 star 31 year old Peter Castle is our next best defender and best option for centre back, there are some hot prospects (for the 9th tier anyway) at the club in John Mason, Jack Higgs,Richard Taylor and Hatham Rahal Midfielders We have a star in Byron Mason, a 31 year old 5 star central midfielder as well a couple of decent 2.5 star players in left winger Shaun Hancock and attacking midfielder Ben Ashton (the latter being a 5 star prospect). Not much else Strikers One star in 5 star 26 year old striker Lee Wort as well as 2 star 23 year old Maccauly Smith which makes the striker position the least in need of improvement. All of the squad are born in Southampton, which makes them all eligible as Hampshire born, which is a good start, I'll probably look to make use of a 4-4-2 but we'll see
  25. Sholing FC From Tier 9 to Champions League Going All-Hampshire After seeing all of the geographical threads with people going all-Basque, all-Breton or all-Calabrian got me thinking, that I hadn't seen one based in England. As I am Australian, I don't have a certain place I live in to go for, but my Dad does have cousins who lives in Chandlers Ford in Hampshire so I had a look around some lower league Hampshire-based teams to find a team to go for with a cool story and decided to go for Tier 9 Sholing FC. The Boatmen were founded in 1960 as Vosper Thornycroft during the time of their founding and 2003 VTFC (a shortened name they would take up) were relatively successful in Tier 10 and below but they managed to achieve their promotion to the Wessex League (where they are now) in 2003. In the 2009-10 they played in the Southern League First Division South (they're highest ever division) and even managed to make the Southern League Cup final, losing to Cambridge City. At the start of the 2010/11 season the club changed their name to Sholing FC to reflect the Southampton district they are based. In 2013 they were forced to resign from the Southern League for financial reasons. In their first season back in the Wessex Premier, Sholing beat West Auckland Town at Wembley to secure the FA Vase. The club made their way back to the Southern League for the 2014/15 season but were forced to withdraw at the end of the season as they're stadium didn't meet ground requirements. They are currently still in the Wessex Premier Division which is where we will take control. So how will we do this, according to my search screen they're are currently 310 Hampshire-born players in my database and you can create a pretty decent first XI from them GK- Neil Etheridge (Cardiff) LB- Sam McQueen (Southampton) CB- Angus McDonald (Hull) CB- Jack Hobbs (Bolton) RB- Calum Chambers (Fulham) LM- Matt Ritchie (Newcastle) CM- Tom Cleverly (Watford) CM- Jack Cork (Burnley) RM- Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Liverpool) ST- Danny Ings (Southampton) ST- Sam Vokes (Stoke) Obviously this isn't a Champions League winning so as I ascend through the divisions I will try to focus on youth-development. The manager for this career will be Darren Bennett, a 29 manager born in Southampton.
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