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  1. Strength to 17 Passing to 11 Dribbling to 6 Balance to 5
  2. Strength up to 12 finishing to 2 dribbling to 2
  3. Heading up to 12 Strength up to 7 Pace up to 11
  4. Player: Bernard Makwenza Agency Name: Anguilla Sports Agency
  5. Doc's United November 2018 Review Relatively quiet month, a 1-0 win against Diamond and a bore 0-0 draw against ALHCS Spartans. The team is very similar to my Anguilla team in the sense they can't score. The only goal coming from central defender Jaleel Scarbrough heading in a free kick. Still undefeated in the league and still haven't conceded in the league is a positive though Due to the International Break the league is all over the place. We are currently in fourth but I don't think that means much at the moment.
  6. And... I'm starting to see why Anguilla is last in the World rankings. No one played well, but at least no one was exceptionally bad. Overall just not clinical up front, can't pass through the midfield and the defence is resembling a bunch of wandering cupcakes. At least we're not bottom. Our next international break is all the way in March with a friendly against the Turks and Caicos Islands and our final Nations League game against Bonaire lets try not to go 0-4
  7. Anguilla - Tre Brown-Peabody, Jaleel Scarbrough, Ikenya Brown, Desroy Findlay, Steven Austin, Germain Hughes, Alrique Rogers, Cordell Smith, Damian Bailey, Kieran Kentish, Jonathan Guishard Subbed On - Kevin Hawley, Vershawn Hodge, Leo Richardson, Tre Gumbs, Ruvin Richardson, Alrique Rogers Ouch! Never expected to win this. Bermuda's key player, Nakhi Wells, plays for Burnley in the English Premier League. To put that in perspective our key player, Germain Hughes, plays for Heather St Johns in the English 10th Tier. In the end Nakhi Wells put an end to Brown-Peabody's good internatio
  8. Anguilla Squad vs Bermuda and Aruba This international break will start with a friendly against Bermuda and then we will be looking for our first Nations league win against Aruba. Adonijah Richardson is unavailable through suspension for the Aruba game so I left him out of the squad for both games, Goalkeepers Tre Brown-Peabody (Kicks Utd) Theon Richardson (Doc's United) Calan Vanderpool (Roaring Lions) Defenders Steven Austin (Diamond) Ikenya Brown (Ballers) Desroy Findlay (Ballers) Romare Guishard (Ballers) Kevin Hawley (Free Agent)
  9. Doc's United 2018 Review Mainly friendlies which were a mixed bag. We also had our first competitive game, a 1-1 draw with Enforcers FC in the Knock-Out Cup 1st Round. Transfers In Despite some transfers not going through until January, I don't know why some were free transfers as well which means it doesn't just mean that players switching clubs can't move. Some of these names will be familiar as the last 4 all feature regularly in my Anguilla squads. All players are 4-5CA players and too show how much it improves the squad, our former key player Tre Richardson, who
  10. Anguilla - Tre Brown-Peabody, Jaleel Scarbrough (Off 56), Ikenya Brown, Vershawn Hodge, Steven Austin, Germain Hughes, Adonijah Richardson (Off 56), Cordell Smith, Damian Bailey, Kieran Kentish (Off 56), Alrique Rogers (Off 56), Kevin Hawley (On 56), Girdon Connor (On 56), Ruvin Richardson (On 56), Jonathan Guishard (On 56) Not a great performance, defensively we were solid, Brown-Peabody had another great game. The problem is still offensively the players can't build anything up, we did have an offside goal disallowed by Alrique Rogers but other than that and a couple of unsuccessful goa
  11. Anguilla - Tre Brown-Peabody, Jaleel Scarbrough, Kevin Hawley, Desroy Findlay (Off HT), Steven Austin, Germain Hughes (Off 74), Adonijah Richardson, Cordell Smith, Damian Bailey (Off 74), Kieran Kentish, Alrique Rogers, Vershawn Hodge (On HT), Leo Richardson (On 74), Tre Gumbs (On 74) Unfortunately Denville Francis got injured and was unable to play but I was able to bring in free agent Cordell Smith. The game went alright, we weren't expected to win and we manage to stay in the game for most of it. Malik St. Prix scored 2 second half goals to get St Lucia over the line. Offensively, we w
  12. Anguilla Squad vs St Lucia and the British Virgin Islands First squad I've actually selected, we also have our first competitive game this international break against St Lucia in the NA Nations League Goalkeepers Tre Brown-Peabody (Kicks Utd) Theon Richardson (Free Agent) Calan Vanderpool (Roaring Lions) Defenders Steven Austin (Diamond) Ikenya Brown (Ballers) Desroy Findlay (Ballers) Romare Guishard (Ballers) Kevin Hawley (Free Agent) Vershawn Hodge (Roaring Lions) Germain Hughes (Heather) Leo Richardson (Attackers) Ja
  13. Doc's United September 2018 Review Only friendlies this month. A 3-1 win over our Under 20s and 1-1 draw against Saint Martinier side Marigot B. Not bad results but we probably could do better We can't sign any players until January which means that the Knock-Out Cup and the first 6 games in the league could be tough. We have got some deals done for some strikers including Anguilla hero Alrique Rogers. We did sign up a grey player who is pretty bad but will start for us at central midfield in Calan Francis. We did beef up the staff and now have the best staff in every category
  14. Anguilla - Theon Richardson, Jaleel Scarbrough, Ikenya Brown, Desroy Findlay (off 64), Steven Austin, Leon Richardson (off 80), Vershawn Hodge, Denville Francis (off 64), Damian Bailey, Kieran Kentish (off 64), Matthew Brown (off 21), Adonijah Richardson (on 64), Jordan Peabody (on 80), Miguel Abraham (on 64), Ruvin Richardson (on 64), Alrique Rogers (on 21) A good start, 1-0 victory vs the Cayman Islands. We were very lucky though, the Caymans had 2 offside goals disallowed and Mark Ebanks hit the sidebar on a penalty. Alrique Rogers hit home a winner in the 61st minute to give us our fi
  15. Anguilla Squad vs Cayman Islands We are thrown right into action with the Anguillan national team to play the Cayman Islands in a friendly. I haven't selected this team and the team is coming off a 3-0 loss vs Jamaica. The Squad Goalkeepers Kasem Thompson (Free Agent) Theon Richardson (Free Agent) Calan Vanderpool (Roaring Lions) Defenders Ikenya Browne (Ballers) Jaleel Scarbrough (ALHCS Spartans) Steven Austin (Diamond) Jordan Peabody (Ballers) Midfielders Vershawn Hodge (Roaring Lions) Desroy Findlay (Ballers) Leo Richar
  16. Doc's United Squad Overview Goalkeepers Matthew Gumbs (Anguilla 27yo 2.5CA 5PA) Only one real option at goalkeeper in game generated player Matthew Gumbs will probably use him as backup and look to bring in a starter before the season starts. There are a couple of youngsters who will never play unless in an emergency. Hot Prospects Khaloni Abraham (Anguilla 17yo 0.15CA 5PA) Leon Francis (Anguilla 17yo 0.15CA 5PA) Central Defenders Colin Vanderpool (Anguilla 17yo 2.5CA 5PA) (primarily a defensive midfielder) Theon Gumbs (Anguilla 28yo 2.5CA 2.5PA)
  17. "I hope they play like Brazil, they normally do... just not on that occasion" Anguilla's Road to World Cup Glory Recently I looked up on the FIFA World Rankings and saw Anguilla in dead last. The small Caribbean nation has very little footballing history of note, so I decided it would be fun to try to win the World Cup with them. After this I searched up their team on Youtube among the 15-0 drubbings at the hands of El Salvador and Nicaragua, relative minnows in their own right, was the livestreams of the Anguillan football league. After watching about 2 minutes of a thrilling game b
  18. I'm on FM19 so I'm using Riddler (I think not 100% sure been ages since I downloaded the packs), I'll add to the introduction post league packs to use when people sign up with them. Hope that helps
  19. GloryFan2002 Start of Challenge Report Taitung County/Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) So I have decided to start with a random country in the bottom tier of the country. So I ended up getting the Chinese Taipei, more commonly known as Taiwan but for the purposes of World Cup qualifying they are known as Chinese Taipei (due to China's involvement in the World Cup). The leaguepack I have has 4 tiers of Taiwanese football and we will be starting off in the bottom tier the Chinese Taipei Lower Division with Taitung County, chosen as they were the only non university/high school/academy team
  20. Achievements Club Qualify for Continental Competition Win Domestic Cup Win Domestic League Qualify for Group Stage of Main Continental Competition Win a Continental Competition Win a Main Continental Competition Win Club World Cup National Team Win a game Make top 100 in World Rankings Make top 50 in World Rankings Make top 20 in World Rankings Win a minor international competition Qualify for Continental Competition Qualify out of the Group Stage in Continental Competition Win Continental Competition Qua
  21. Welcome to the first world cup challenge. Of the 210 national associations registered under FIFA, 132 have never qualified for the World Cup the point of this challenge is to qualify a national team for their first world cup. To do this you must download a league pack for that nation start at a team in that nation while simultaneously managing the national team. the list of nations that are available for this challenge in order of their amount of qualifying attempts Luxembourg Finland Curacao Guatemala Cyprus Syria Suriname Zambia Venezuela Hong Kong Malaysia Thailan
  22. No just based off the colours, sorry I wasn't clear enough
  23. Hey guys I'm trying to make a save with an edited team called Papua New Guinea Trekkers playing in the Hyundai A-League and I had some questions of how to do some stuff in the editor. 1. Is it possible to get the team to be able to qualify for the Oceania Champions League through the Papua New Guinea Cup 2. It would be awesome if someone would be able to make a badge and kits based loosely off the Papua New Guinea national team kits 3. Would it be possible to put two B teams at the club, one in Australia and one in Papua New Guinea If you guys could help, it would be greatl
  24. Napier City Rovers Napier City Rovers are an association football (soccer) team based in Napier, New Zealand. They are currently competing in the Central Premier League. So we have our first team in Napier City Rovers in the second tier of New Zealand, they have 4 different nationalities, which will hopefully increase as I journey into the Oceania and try to build a team based around the star players from small islands. My aim for this season is to gain promotion into the top division where I can either go professional or move to a pro club like Auckland City or Team
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