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  1. Does anyone else see these saves with 100-game unbeaten runs and win-every-game seasons and think, "Yeah, okay"? Could anyone a few years into the save post a pic of Shaw's stats? I'm interested to see how much he actually improves.
  2. No doubt this has been asked already but I couldn't find it: I want RVP to tutor Januzaj, however in the Training screen the only options to 'Request tutoring' are Rooney, Mata and Kagawa. Are these players the only options or is there a way to request RVP? I've tried a Private Chat with Januzaj, but the options are all greyed out.
  3. Granted I'm only 15 games in, but literally every goal I have conceded is from a corner.
  4. Cannot believe you sold Smalling. He won PPOTY in my first year and is now worth ~£30m.
  5. I'm finding the contracts an absolute nightmare to deal with. Januzaj was simple enough, but Rafael, De Gea, Jones, Smalling, Kagawa, Carrick, Fabio and Welbeck have all been nightmares. Fabio is £30k a week now, which is fair enough because he'll play ~35 games a season. Smalling is on about £95k, which again is fair enough because he's first choice. Jones wants £130k+. Not happening. Kagawa is on £130k, but now Fellaini wants a new deal because of Kagawa's. Rafael wants a new deal to match Smalling's. De Gea eventually renewed, but it was tough. Carrick initially wanted over £120k, but I managed to get him down to £70k by waiting until the end of the season. I don't mind the challenge, but it's frustrating how if you do it wrong they'll refuse to speak to you again, saying "Not interested in speaking to you". They should say "We'll leave this for a few weeks" or whatever.
  6. Honestly, there were periods of my first season when I wish I had kept Young and had offloaded Nani instead. He would have been a very useful inside forward.
  7. I asked Rafael to tutor Fabio, but he said he doesn't get on with him. They're brothers and listed in each others' favoured personnel? http://i.imgur.com/U9zLyn5.png
  8. Carrick - DLPs Fellaini - CMd Kagawa - IFa Rooney - SSa Januzaj - APs RVP - DLFs If you have Januzaj in a support role, make sure your full back behind him is attacking so he can overlap.
  9. He consistently played poorly. Welbeck was a better striker than him, and Januzaj and Kagawa were better AMs. Plus, he was coming towards the end of his contract and I had no interest in renewing it.
  10. I got to the 1st July, and half of my staff had left because I forgot to renew their contracts. I didn't even see the staff section in the contract reminder news... So I re-loaded my game. Things have worked out more or less the same. I'm selling Nani for £15m and Rooney for £23m, but now I only get 75% of the transfer fees whereas before I was getting 90%. I'm buying Lamela for £29m and Luke Shaw for £14m. I think they will probably be the only major signings I make, although I still want a young CB to replace Rio.
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