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  1. Could some people post screen shots of their tactic & instructions? I'm not into download tactics and playing them, but I want to at least see what tactics people are using... My tactic was working when I first started the game, but not it seems to not be working after an update so am looking to start again.
  2. Has anyone had luck with Coutinho? I see other people are having the same problem as me.... Does he play better in the AMC position rather than AML? Is he best as a IF or AP? Does 'shoot less' PI help? Can he unlearn the PPM 'shoot from distance'? I love him in real life but on this game he's not working
  3. Is he able to unlearn the Shoot from distance PPM?
  4. I like the idea of turning budgets off for the first window, however I have a question: If I turn it off, when the January transfer window comes, will I have the budget I would of started with at the game or would it be different? Liverpool start with a nice budget of 40 million, and I don't want to lose that if I turn the first window off... so If I did turn it off, would I get 40 million to spend in the Jan window? Also, are you still able to make loans with this turned off?
  5. Awesome, thanks so much! Are there any requirements/limits to using Cloud? I take it obviously i'll need to be connected to the internet when saving.
  6. Saved onto my laptop I've brought my laptop into my work to get our IT Department to have a look at it. If I can get it working again I'm going to be worried when playing this save in case the laptop breaks again and all my hard work is gone... so If I continue this save on my current laptop I could save onto Cloud which would mean that if the laptop did break, I could download Football Manager on another laptop and be able to load the save right?
  7. Same here, Lovern wasn't happy but after a few weeks he dropped it. Emre Can handed in a transfer request and I rejected, he's not happy but I think over time he will get over it. I'm saving all the money we have so that by the end of the season we should have a lot and (hopefully) we'll have qualified for European football so then the next window better players should be interested in us. Saying that... I spend ALL of my Saturday setting up my save and got everything perfect... on Sunday I turned my laptop on and something has happened to Windows, I can't click anything... I'm going to have a breakdown I think. I have another laptop but may need to upgrade the graphics card... if I can somehow get back onto Football Manager on my broken laptop, is there a way I can transfer my save to a different laptop??
  8. So if I have someone wanting a new contract say in January but they are asking too much, I could cancel negotiations then wait till later on in the year and when I offer them a new contract again they might ask for a lower wage?
  9. The highlight colour isn't very clear this time, you really can't tell the difference (I'm using white skin)
  10. I'm using the TI of Low Crosses this year and it seems to be doing well with me. Hope this could help anyone who's struggling
  11. The other tactic requires minimal opposition instructions, so would this work? Set up the main tactic opposition instructions When playing a game with the other tactic (that doesn't require opp instructions) start the game, just before team talk go to opposition instructions and click 'clear' Set any instructions I want and play the match After the match, when back on the home screen, the opposition instructions should be back to normal right?
  12. It's mostly about 'closing down' I'm using a very pressing tactic as one of them, so I have most positions set to close down, no matter what team they are.
  13. I use 2 main tactics, each requires different opposition instructions. So each time I play a match with the other tactic I have to redo the instructions again which is quite annoying as one of the tactics uses a lot of instructions. Do you know if there's a way I can save opposition instructions? Whilst were' on the submit of opposition instructions, what kind do you use? and what ones do you find useful and why?
  14. This is really interesting guys thank you, I really never knew this! A lot of shared tactics and posts I've seen people using 10+ team instructions, so i've always thought that this issomething you 'must' do to make your team perform well. Sorry if I sound like a n00b. So what I think i'll do now is start with next to no team instructions and see how my team plays in matches and adapt as I go along.
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