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  1. After 2 matches it finally feels like I'm watching something somewhat close to football. Still think wingers and fullbacks need some work done as they are still missing opportunities to cross from being to lethargic with the ball and then end up being caught by the defenders and loose the right time to cross and have to either play the ball back or try one on one which so far is looking like they always lose it
  2. This are big reasons why people think it's easy. I now limit myself to only go after players my scouts recommend or that I play against to make it more real. People scouting every newgen intake are gaming the game a bit to much and then complaining they get it too easy. I will even try in the future to have the transfers being done by the correct staff and be only the manager to get a more realistic experience out of the game
  3. I dropped my CAM in a 4-2-3-1 Wide to the midfield line as he was nowhere to be seen in CAM. The play is better and I don't see many crossfield passes as before. The 3 line midfield actually creates a more possession football than before as well
  4. Yesterday I got a club proposing a loan to Martinelli while managing Arsenal. Not sure if Premier league deadline was closed and French (Think it was Lille) was still open
  5. Does he still receive his wages?
  6. Playing as Arsenal in Season 1 and Aubameyang has been killing it in my 4-2-3-1. Just received a bunch of awards: World Player of the yeay Nominated for FIFA World 11 BBC African Footballer of the year CAN Footballer of the year Nominated for African 11 CAF Striker of the year. He's at 15(2) matches played with 19 goals scored. Was injured for 6 weeks.
  7. Boavista is on the top league again. And yes. Braga still plays in the same stadium.
  8. I was beginning to question myself when this pun would be made. All this thread plus his nickname feels like an April Fool's joke build up that never ended From people telling him he changes too many things, to him trying everything all the time, and not realising people telling him to slow down. Then finally seeming to take not of that and then refusing to change anything, to getting back to changing everithyng. This really seems like over complicating things. I get this from time to time. What I do is take a break to clear up my mind before trying again.
  9. If you pair it with an attacking Wingback it is good for creating crossing chances for your wingback. The AP will come and sit in the centre, leaving lots of spaces in his flank for runs.
  10. He was a killer last here. Did a season with more than 1 goal per match for me
  11. Got another 7 to 8 months injury. Andre Silva , my best striker with a 1+ goal to match ratio. With a strained knee injury. Think that's how it's called in English. Had to go and spend some cash on Berahino
  12. I used André Silva in a similar tactic as Poacher and he ended the season with 39 goals. In less games than 39, can´t remember the number exactly.
  13. That depends on the idea of the manager I'm using a similar tactic and playing possession and my forward is on fire, having more goals than games played. He doesn't add up much to the game in terms of building, but he is always on the brink (way to many times over being offside) the defensive line and is a real threat. But this works because I'm in a top team in my league, although the forward has been scoring in Champions League as well.
  14. I had Bruno Martins Indi in Porto out for 7-8 months with a viral infection...
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