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  1. I have wanted this for ages! If you go back and watch Guardiola's Bayern when they played 3-4-3/3-5-2 they often had Alaba as the wide left CB, who would then roam forward or join the midfield when the play was in the final third to create a 2-3-5, I'd love to be able to create something like that. Maybe have a player instruction on the BPD to either join the midfield (as in move into the DM strata) or move high and wide (as in the WB strata) Or alternatively allow the Libero to be selected in any of the CB positions
  2. I have to say in real life Sane and Mendy do not work on the left so I wouldnt want to recreate that on football manager, it was essentially a W (S) and a CWB (A) and both were taking up similar positions The IWB (A) doesnt really work in a Pep system as it would end up taking up the same positions as the MEZ (S) (I know this because I tried it haha)
  3. 4-1-4-1 doesn't press high enough for me, even if you increase the line of engagement to its highest, if you play with W (S) in the AMRL strata they still get back to defend in a 4-1-4-1 shape, even to an extent a W (A) will, the Raumdeuter does so rarely but still does on occasion, IF (S) and (A) doesnt work for me at all for Pep Guardiola formations, it might help if you could ask them to move into channels, they obviously work for other formations
  4. Problem with the IWB (D) position is that yes, it copies Walkers movements when he moves into midfield, but it doesn't create his main position of a wide center back, which is why I like the No Nonsense Full Back with Sit Narrower selected
  5. I go with Tiki Taka and just change the width to as wide as possible that's all I'd change
  6. Very much agreed, when Zinchenko and Delph play at left back they become Inverted Wing Backs and it tends to change the structure to this; GK - SK (A) DR - NFB (D) - Sit Narrower, Cut Inside with Ball DL - IWB (S) - Hold Position, Shoot Less DC - BPD (C)/Libero (S) DC - BPD (D) DM - RGA (S) MC - MEZ (S) - Shoot Less, Dribble Less MC - MEZ (A) - Shoot Less, Dribble Less AMR - W (S) - Get Further Forward, Cross From Byline AML - W (S) - Get Further Forward, Cross From Byline STCR - CF (A) it still attacks as a 3-5-2 and defends a
  7. It is very tricky to replicate in real life, as he uses very similar formations with slight differences every match (Am a City fan, from Manchester believe it or not!) For example, against United yesterday he used a 4-3-3, which in defence is a 4-1-4-1 and in attack is a 3-5-2 which I would set up as below; GK - Ederson - SK (A) DR - Kyle Walker - NFB (D) - Sit Narrower, Cut Inside With Ball DL - Benjamin Mendy - CWB (A) DC - John Stones - BPD (C)/Libero (S) DC - Aymeric Laporte - BPD (D) DM - Fernandinho - RGA (S) MC - Bernardo Silva - MEZ (S) - Dribble
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