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  1. You have to change style, you can't play counter attack on cautious if you are first in the league,
  2. Can you explain the choice of PFat instead of DLFat? I understand the more conservative roles for fullbacks and defensive midfielder but not this change of role upfront. Thanks
  3. It is for FM18 but westy8chimp delivers great contents to the forum so it's worth a read.
  4. I'm sorry that you're leaving, I wish you the best for the future and I hope that as you said we'll see here again maybe even with only one thread a year but that leaves a mark like the previous ones.
  5. @Experienced Defender Thanks a lot, I will try your last advices when it's appropriate. Talking to you was like talking to a therapist, now I think I have clearer ideas about how I want to play FM. In the future I want to try to create a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide following the same principles and see how it goes. Thanks again and happy New Year.
  6. @Experienced Defender A few questions to conclude the thread, one for the present and one for the future. 1) In a recent match against Sampdoria we drew 1-1 away from home, they played with a 4-1-4-1 flat (a parked bus) and they scored first from a corner kick and although we drew almost immediately with a nice Higuain goal in the 6 yard box after a great ball from Alex Sandro in the second half I would have liked to speed things up a bit so I tried first to raise the tempo to higher and in the last 15 minutes I removed Work ball into box also but with these modifications, we haven't
  7. Yes, Higuain has the right foot stronger. So Dybala that is mainly left footed will not work in the DLF role in this formation? My main concern about Higuain is his PPM 'Likes to try to beat offside trap' that is in contrast with the supposed movement of a DLF and what about Mandzukic? How can I use him? The players that I want as mezzalas are Emre Can, Ramsey and if necessary Betancour.
  8. I get that. Compared to my lineup, you reversed midfield and attack. Is it so you have Ronaldo on his best foot or because you think Juventus have better right footed mezzalas? 👍 .I would like to play pass and move football. This is the current system following your advices, Used in an away match against Lecce and we won 3-0 with all the goals from open play 👍, I used the split block for the five roles that I mentioned before. For the next match I will try it only for the front three.
  9. What do you mean? It's something that I've never considered. I know you're not a fan of high pressing as a TI. For the split block I suppose it's to be applied to every player from midfield to attack except CMde. Talking about mentality I'd like to play on Positive in matches in which we are the favorites (which is most of the time) so maybe raise the tempo is not necessary as is slightly higher by default then Play out of defence, Work ball into box for In possession TI, nothing for In transition and Higher defensive line for Out of possession even if I fear the through balls o
  10. Do you think @joergboehme's suggestions are in the right direction? So: - Wb S instead of Wb D on the left - Upfront a trio of SS, TM and AF - High pressing and high tempo system
  11. I know, I'm still Juventus in serie A so a semi decent tactic is almost enough to get good results. In Europe we struggled a bit drawing three match in UCL since then and ending in the second place behind Tottenham, now we got Liverpool to beat to go on. My problem was and is the AM C role for which I'm still not convinced and as I said in the opening post we're getting too many shots against and sometimes it seems to me that luck is helping us a little too much so I was asking for some advice on how to strengthen the defense. In general, what do you think about this system? You who give advic
  12. @joergboehme This is the current tactic, I removed all PIs and add Counterpress for the majority of games with Regroup for tough away match instead (for example against Lazio that is my bogey team in FM20 as is for Juventus in real life too and we get a well deserved victory). Douglas Costa play well in Mezzala role and Alex Sandro even if it's a Wb D has offensive PPM like Gets Forward Whenever Possible and Gets Into Opposition Area so is not very reserved. Finally for the AM C position that was the object of the first part of my post now is a simple AM S, in this role Dybala is a beast and R
  13. I started a game with my beloved Juventus using the 4-3-1-2 like Sarri in reality although I don't want to replicate his system but only use this formation, in fact in my team there is Mandzukic who has never played this season and now he has been sold to Qatar. This is my tactic The only PI are More pressing for Car, Mez, TM and P (for the Treq you can't add it but when I tried other roles in this position there was) The only position that still doesn't convince me is AM C where I've tried SS and Treq for now but before continuing to randomly try out all the other roles I
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