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  1. I don't use match analysis much, I'm more old school, basing myself on what I see and intervening on recurring game situations, both positive and negative, but without dissecting everything down to the smallest detail. This is also why I play the Touch version. Let's leave it like that and see how it goes in the long run and not only after the first game.
  2. With your proposed change Tolisso for the first time Player of the match.
  3. Knowing you a bit through the answers you give I think for you the two strikers both in a supporting role are not the best balance.At the beginning of this save the full forward was an attacking role, Ronaldo was there so I tried AF, poacher for him and for Morata PF A also but they were easily marked out of the game especially in home games against ultra-defensive teams so most in the case of Juventus and so I changed to CF S that despite being a support role remains closer to the goal and creates a nice partnership with F9 that has Move into channels as PI that instead retreats a lot in midf
  4. I have already tried BWM support in that position but without PI and no Chiesa does not have PI. Now that I have almost won the Serie A I will try what you suggested in home games against teams in the lower parts of the league table to see how it goes.
  5. 😀 Sorry, I wrote it with the Italian abbreviation. It's a box-to-box midfielder.
  6. I've already tried CCQ but it happens just what you say, every now and then he's too advanced and leaves room for a counter or he's not in a good position to recycle the ball. Maybe I could try alternating CM and CCQ depending on the situation and see if there are improvements.
  7. I don't want to disrupt the tactic because as said it works pretty well. If you were to choose only the role for that central midfielder position without changing anything else would you recommend me to leave it as it is or do you have other suggestions?
  8. I'm in my third year, the first without Ronaldo and I've always won Serie A and even this season I'm in first place after 25 games. In Champions League two quarterfinals and also this season I just qualified for the quarterfinals and we'll see how it goes so not bad, better than the Zebre/Juventus of reality but my question was more than anything else what role would you put in that position having to hypothetically choose only that or if you think it can go well even so but you have already answered me to that.
  9. When it goes well 6.7 (always without assists or goals) otherwise most of the time from 6.5 down even if we won in a convincing way with a difference of 2 or 3 goals and the others have all evaluations around 7 or more.
  10. Hello everyone, I have this tactic that works pretty well but the player in the circle always gets lower ratings than the others whether we win or lose apart from when he makes an assist or a goal. I have already tried different roles for the position (deep lying playmaker, B2B, BWM and roaming playmaker) and then ended up with the most generic role there is but that doesn't solve the problem. What role would you put in that position with this tactic even possibly with added PI?
  11. You have to change style, you can't play counter attack on cautious if you are first in the league,
  12. Can you explain the choice of PFat instead of DLFat? I understand the more conservative roles for fullbacks and defensive midfielder but not this change of role upfront. Thanks
  13. It is for FM18 but westy8chimp delivers great contents to the forum so it's worth a read.
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