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  1. So I was right to say that you only change the mentality during the game if you want to be more or less offensive but keep the low block. I tried a similar thing with Juventus even if with a style more marked by ball possession, changing the mentality according to the progress of the game between cautious, balanced and positive.
  2. In what sense did you decouple the low block from the mentality? That you only change the mentality during the game if you want to be more or less offensive?
  3. I'm on FM Touch so the training is almost the same of FM18, I use a similar setting for defensive corner kicks 3 mark 6 yard, 5 man mark/tall or get back and 2 at the edge of the box.
  4. In fact I was not looking for a direct comment on the style of Juventus but just let you know why I asked you a screenshot of your current tactics and I thank you for putting it.
  5. @yonko I'm managing Juventus and I read on an Italian blog that IRL they are using a kind of positional play so I began reading here to understand what it means in terms of FM to eventually apply it to my game. This thread on Man City replication should be the best way to approach this football philosophy.
  6. Personally I have more difficulties with the defensive set pieces, especially the indirect free kicks more than the corner. What bothers me most is when I get the goal on the far post from a deep free kick.
  7. Instead I'm using this routine from strikerless with the mixed approach FM16 Corners; Various Routines And Their Merits – Strikerless which is earlier (it's for FM 2016) and still work very well
  8. I have just finished reading the whole discussion but I have not seen a screenshot of the tactics you are using, do you think to insert one just to better understand the context of what you say?
  9. In the Pi of the central defenders 'Less pressing', I had the same problem and solved this way.
  10. No, the formation you see in the tactic screen is the defensive shape so 433 it is.
  11. Maybe this topic it's been always covered somewhere, the question is if there's a way to adjust the intensity of the team training in FM TOUCH 19 or if when asked to adjust the intensity of the training at the beginning of the preseason this setting is then valid for the whole season?
  12. Thank you, as a Juventus fan I hope it will be like this in real life too!
  13. Currently I'm using a standard DL and a lower LOE, and extremely urgent press, first to force my W A and AF A to come back a bit more and then to have space both for possession and/or for a counter-attack. For extremely urgent the reason is that with the DL and LOE settings I'm bringing opponents closer and the space between the midfield and the defence is reduced so I don't want let them too much time to think or to spot a ball over the top or something similarly dangerous.
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