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  1. This step is not very clear to me even if using Pass into space as Team instruction is definitely appropriate for the direct style you want to use. Could you explain better maybe with drawings what you meant?
  2. Great start for a topic! As a personal preference I would switch the central midfielder pair to take advantage of the space created by attacking winger and poacher for th roaming playmaker and to have the CM - De on the same flank of FB - At to cover but it all depends by the other instructions of the system. I'm waiting for the next post as I'm a 4-4-2 hardcore fan. Keep it up!
  3. I wanted to ask you why you have decreased the width of the attack, this is one of those team instructions that I never know how to handle so if you explain the reason behind this choice in this case and if you also want to talk about it more generally I think it would be useful not only for me but also for many others.
  4. Another instruction you omitted is the offside trap, it would be interesting to know what you think of its use.
  5. Yes, you specified it well in the thread and I'm not here to judge if you're or aren't tactically prepared, in my opinion you are. I had a game saved with Arsenal and never really started and so these two tactics made me want to continue it, tactically speaking I had created a 4-2-3-1 before crossing this thread and I was thinking of turning it into something a bit more defensive like a 4-4-1-1 since the tactics you proposed are quite risky especially the most progressive one against top teams away from home.
  6. Unfortunately I haven't had much time for FM lately and I was able to test these two tactics only in the summer friendly matches and in the first EPL game in which I won 2-0 at home against Crystal Palace. I reserve the right to update you on the results of at least half a season if it doesn't take me months to get there. Do you think there will be some other "customer" for whom you will create one or more tactics? I've also read your new thread on the basic principles of defending and it's very interesting and you notice that even in these two tactics for Arsenal your vision is consistent with what you write in that one.
  7. Hi @sporadicsmiles, I wanted to thank you for the interesting reading that you proposed on this forum that pushed me to create a system for my beloved Juventus and that allowed me to exceed expectations with respect to reality, in fact I reached the semifinals of Champion's, won the Italian Cup and the Serie A without ever changing anything throughout the season and often clicking on Instant result (I'm on FM Touch and therefore also nothing OI). It's based on the 4-4-2 because Juve defends like that and also because it's my favorite shape. I wanted to show it to you and the community to know what you think about it and if you would change something or if you have any suggestions on how to improve it. The TI is the same as yours, on the other hand I was already playing with the preset style Gegenpress and this is a simplified version or if you want purified. The PIs are close down more for wings and forwards.
  8. So I was right to say that you only change the mentality during the game if you want to be more or less offensive but keep the low block. I tried a similar thing with Juventus even if with a style more marked by ball possession, changing the mentality according to the progress of the game between cautious, balanced and positive.
  9. In what sense did you decouple the low block from the mentality? That you only change the mentality during the game if you want to be more or less offensive?
  10. I'm on FM Touch so the training is almost the same of FM18, I use a similar setting for defensive corner kicks 3 mark 6 yard, 5 man mark/tall or get back and 2 at the edge of the box.
  11. In fact I was not looking for a direct comment on the style of Juventus but just let you know why I asked you a screenshot of your current tactics and I thank you for putting it.
  12. @yonko I'm managing Juventus and I read on an Italian blog that IRL they are using a kind of positional play so I began reading here to understand what it means in terms of FM to eventually apply it to my game. This thread on Man City replication should be the best way to approach this football philosophy.
  13. Personally I have more difficulties with the defensive set pieces, especially the indirect free kicks more than the corner. What bothers me most is when I get the goal on the far post from a deep free kick.
  14. Instead I'm using this routine from strikerless with the mixed approach FM16 Corners; Various Routines And Their Merits – Strikerless which is earlier (it's for FM 2016) and still work very well
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