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  1. Guangzhou absolutely not to be denied this season. Wow.
  2. Loved reading this thread--particularly as an American born in Boston myself. Looking forward to the next iteration!
  3. Personality on a 16 year old isn't a huge deal provided you've got decent tutors in the side--plenty of chances to change that up. On the other hand, the technique and flair attributes are great, first touch and work rate are very good, and that bravery is phenomenal. Newgens have a bravery problem I find, and it's a hard attribute to improve. I think you could make a great creative striker out of that kid, though he definitely needs more composure (yeah the finishing isn't great but scoring's more about the movement and intelligence to get in shooting positions than it is about technical shooting ability--conversion rate differences are very small).
  4. Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    The worst part about a Dortmund save, I find, is that literally all your young phenoms are going to moan about wanting to leave within the first couple of years. Hopefully Hans can cow them with his ferociously bald pate.
  5. Fidalgo looks like a very good player, and with a little room left to improve no less. Hope he's a rock for you back there for a while.
  6. I think that's because of how FM17 calculates interceptions--there's always far, far more of them in a FM match than IRL. If that discrepancy was reduced, or the statistical effect of each interception was reduced, then maybe we'd get a little more ratings balance.
  7. You don't necessarily have to teach PPMs to players, but you definitely have to take account of them in your tactics. That's especially true since SI have confirmed that PPMs have more weight in a player's decision-making than TIs or PIs do. Your left winger, for instance, is going to be trying a lot of risky passes because he's got Tries Killer Balls Often. He's got pretty good playmaking attributes so this isn't the worst thing. But if, for instance, you wanted to play a short-passing possession game, he'll not infrequently play contrarily to that. And of course, PPMs like Comes Deep to Get Ball, Gets Forward Whenever Possible, Likes To Beat Offside Trap, and Plays With Back To Goal can really mess with your formation and tactical vision if you're not aware of them beforehand.
  8. The option is completely greyed out.
  9. Ambiguous Attributes

    I think the OP's question is more like "how is the correct choice defined?" The answer is, of course "numerically by SI inside the match engine, with reference to a number of different variables whose values we'll never know," and what Decisions is really doing is increasing the chance that the player picks the option the algorithms rate highest. But that makes it sound a lot less fun.
  10. Hopefully that's the start of the turnaround!
  11. Both Alessio Romagnoli and Thomas Lemar have been at my club (Dortmund) since July 2017, and it's now June 2028 in game (so just a bit shy of eleven years). However, I can't schedule a testimonial match for either of them--the option is greyed out when I go to schedule a friendly. Is there something I'm missing here?
  12. I've noticed the heaps of wingers myself. Though in my game the infestation of strikers is worse. Everybody's got a striker with 17s in finishing, composure, OTB, anticipation, pace, and acceleration, but none of them are brave and none of them can jump.
  13. On a perhaps related note, I've heard that players who are exposed to a lot of senior football early on may also decline correspondingly early in FM (a la Rooney). Is that in fact the case, and if so, what (roughly) counts as early exposure?
  14. fm issues

    On the point of changing formations, I've noticed that some managers do switch their preferred formations from time to time. Just in the past year in my save, for instance, the managers of Leverkusen and Bayern have switched from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-1-2. AI managers will also fairly consistently switch between their regular formation and their defensive formation, depending on the strength of the opponent, and they'll go to their attacking formation when chasing a goal. Some managers are set to be tactically inflexible, of course, and won't do this as much, but I see a lot of formation switches between and within matches in my game.
  15. You could try something like setting him with the WM role, then giving him PIs to Cut Inside With Ball and Cross More Often. If you got the PPM of Cuts Inside from Left Wing, that might help more. That said, I hardly ever see players hit an inswinging cross from anything but a dead ball, so I'm not sure how much there is to be done.