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  1. How well do you think Gillingham ought to be doing? Playoffs?
  2. Hope that qualifying form keeps up!
  3. I think the WB-D role for Taylor is possibly overly restrictive. I don't remember what his attributes are like off the top of my head, but unless he's slow and terrible going forward, that might be a bit of a waste. If you're worried about him getting caught upfield and being the only man on his flank due to Borini cutting in, you could try FB-S. Not a gung-ho role by any means, but will get up and support attacking moves when it's appropriate.
  4. That second season rut often happens because your team's reputation has changed, and with it the degree to which AI teams respect your team's ability. Sunderland are a poor side, so the AI will be attacking and gift you space in behind that first season. You took advantage of that space with a formation that's reasonably well-suited to it, and beat expectations to finish tenth. But now you're not regarded as such a poor side anymore. So your opponents aren't going to be as attacking, you're going to have less space in behind to attack, and you'll need to adapt your tactics to the new reality. A lot of people don't, and that's a big part of why the second season is tough for a lot of players.
  5. The part that would infuriate me over this is imagining how smug Mourinho would be afterwards. That's one of my least favorite parts about losing to that mob in FM.
  6. Nice vindication of the Roma board''s weird decision!
  7. Beating Juve is always sweet--well done.
  8. How quickly your fortunes have shifted!
  9. Alexander Isak, Ousmane Dembele, and Christian Pulisic are pulling up trees for my Dortmund side at present. They're all fast, with great vision, flair, and off the ball, so we have a lot of lightning quick, technically beautiful buildups to lovely goals. Of course, we also have our fair share of promising attacks that come unstuck thanks to overly ambitious passing or Dembele shooting from 35 yards.
  10. I like goals and lots of them, so I play attacking football without fail, and rely heavily on youth because I really like seeing those little green arrows. I end up having a fair number of players who set club goalscoring records for those two reasons.
  11. Thanks all for the replies. I think Decisions does have something to do with it in Dembele's case--he's only got 11 for it. The others, though, I think it's a question of shape. I'm playing on Standard and Very Fluid, and IIRC high fluidity also comes with high creative freedom. I will probably limit Isak and Dembele in the creativity of their passing a bit, and try to channel more of the ball through Pulisic and especially Lemar, who's the attacker I didn't mention because he's got 16s for Passing, Vision, and Decisions.
  12. I'm in my third season at Dortmund, and presently three of my best attackers have Vision and Flair that's considerably higher than their Passing. Pulisic has Vision 17, Flair 17, and Passing 14; Isak has Vision 16, Flair 15, and Passing 13; and Dembele has Vision 16, Flair 17, and Passing 14. From my point of view, what this tends to mean is that they have a poor man's Tries Killer Balls Often active all the time. We have a lot of giveaways in the opposition third that happen because they see opportunities that lesser players wouldn't see, try to take advantage of those opportunities, and fail because they're not quite skilled enough to play the ball required. I don't want to cut down their creativity completely, but I feel like I need to restrict them somewhat. What's called for here? Teamwide reduced risk? Targeted instructions to one or two of them to play fewer risky passes? Just live with it, since a few of those balls are played right every game?
  13. Good fullbacks make the best wingers!
  14. Is this a roleplaying question? Because you definitely don't have to leave the club to get a badge. All that happens is that you, as a coach, aren't quite as effective in whatever categories you've set yourself to train the players in while it happens--this is simulating you being off at courses now and again.