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  1. With all due respect, this is anecdotal. You and your teammates having experienced a feeling of further concentration after conceding doesn't make it a blanket rule for all footballers. All it means is that it's one possible response. I'll concede it's the more likely one, particularly for professionals. But to claim, by implication, that for every player, in every situation, the response to conceding is to buckle down and focus--that to me seems wholly unsupportable. I'm willing to bet that, given the number of times that a team has scored two goals in quick succession, some discouraged disengagement has happened now and again.
  2. I have three major things I do. First, I set myself a salary cap that'll keep me down around 7th or 8th in the league by wage bill. Then, I sell players if they want more money than I can afford under that cap. I only let myself fend them off with the captain or stern responses for a season. If they ask again in the next one, I let then go. And lastly, I keep a couple player limits--never more than two South Americans in a European league, and the squad always has to be majority the nationality of wherever I'm managing. Under those conditions, I can usually manage to keep things interesting for a while, and if it starts getting too easy, then my first port of call is pushing down wage expenditure even more.
  3. Milan paid for the 12,000 extra seats, so only they get to use them.
  4. I had a similar experience with the "Born Leader" personality--I had a player with 20 for Determination and Leadership when he was 21, but he was described as "Driven" until he hit 23.
  5. I'm happy to trust that the categories train the attributes they include with more emphasis, and leave it at that. We already know far too much in FM as it is.
  6. Bit surprising to see both Juventus and PSG in there.
  7. Is Williams a German dual national? He might be the first American--excluding Pulisic--I've seen get the "elite" tag.
  8. Oh that's just dire. I don't know that I could play Slaoui for my team again.
  9. I'd sell. One good striker isn't going to improve Rangers that much. And you haven't really had any trouble beating up the other Scottish sides--bar Celtic--in any case. Plus that 4.5 million is by itself more than your existing cash on hand, isn't it?
  10. I'd like to back up this point, because I see it in the fora of every game I play and it's massively annoying. You can't just trade "news feed" for "better player dynamics," because development resources aren't fungible. If you took the person who coded in the "player comes out as gay" news item, and said, "Hey, I need you to make player dynamics better," you would end up with no news item and player dynamics wouldn't be any better anyway, because that's not what that person working on the news feed does. Not to mention that given the relative scale of the projects involved, even if development resources were fungible, the marginal impact on the dynamics module of reassigning the "player comes out" news item hours would be minimal.
  11. Just want to second this part. Like a few other modules, it's a good idea that isn't sharply executed. Here's a particularly egregious example: I bought a French newgen striker in a Rangers career when he was 18. He became the club's record goalscorer after only nine seasons, won a Ballon d'Or (that was a shocker), and scored bunches of goals against Celtic. But all that didn't make him a club legend. He only finally popped onto the list when we rode a streak of lucky draws to a Champions League trophy in his thirteenth season with the club. That, to me, does not make a whole lot of sense.
  12. It depends on what you mean by significantly. I had a newgen come through once who was everything you'd want in a CB, except that his jumping reach was 10. But by the time he was 21, he'd brought it up to 14. He did become a world class player, though, so he clearly had a lot of potential to use.
  13. I'm sure I do still have the save--but it's only on my desktop and I'm away for six months for PhD research. So unfortunately I've made all the contribution I can make!
  14. This may have changed in FM18, but without altering anything I've had transfer budgets of nearly a billion pounds in multiple different saves in FM17. Years of going deep in Europe, domestic success, good wage control, and buying low while selling high can see you entrusted with massive sums by the club. This is particularly the case if you build up a world-class starting XI, because then you aren't doing a lot in the transfer market, and so the club's profits are even higher.
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