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  1. Good luck as it goes to the wire!
  2. Isn't the challenge more about how to get a player as a priority target for the ball in the AMC position while not having that player also play risky passes? You can see in some games IRL that Mourinho has told his players to aim for Fellaini's head, but he's not told Fellaini to look to play through balls, and I don't think there's a role in FM that allows for that combination at AMC.
  3. Tajerio

    Would you sell this player?

    I'd probably sell, especially given he's 28 and they're offering you that kind of cash, but like Tom says, it depends on the availability of replacements. My guess is you can probably find someone to do more or less the job he does. Or you could just blood your wonderkids--that's the best way for them to grow, after all.
  4. Tajerio

    Good traits for Specific Player Roles

    Plays with Back to Goal can be handy for a more physical DLF, particularly if you need him to hold up the ball a lot. Runs with Ball Rarely will also sometimes help him keep holding the ball up, rather than running towards goal on his own. If you don't necessarily need your DLF holding up the ball but are looking for him to link and create, Plays One-Twos is always good for a little space creation.
  5. I've just finished the 2021-2022 season in the EPL, and Harry Kane has scored 43 goals in 37 league games for Spurs. It was astonishing--I've never seen an AI-managed striker even get a goal a game before, let alone better it. How often does this kind of thing happen? I figure the forums must have other examples.
  6. Tajerio

    My house rules

    I usually like to set myself a salary cap if I'm in a big league--usually restrict myself to spending no more than the seventh or eighth highest spending team. Then I accept reasonable offers for any player who wants to increase his wage packet, save two players I decide to "protect" from that rule before the window starts. I also restrict myself to only two South Americans, and stipulate that I have to have at least three academy players in the starting lineup for every game. It makes managing in England, where I usually am, challenging enough for me to sustain a long-term save.
  7. Freddie Ljungberg ended up as manager of Wolfsburg in my FM17 career with Dortmund, and he would bring out that formation for every match against the big sides. It made for dire football, since they had practically no offensive intent, but it was solid as a rock. It got to the point where I was hoping for someone else to hire him away so I wouldn't have to face the stupid thing anymore--because he wasn't getting sacked as long as he kept picking up draws against me, Bayern, RB Leipzig and Leverkusen. So I respect the 4-1-3-1-1 deeply, but I don't like it and I don't play with it.
  8. That CB looks great--except for that alarming 6 in Bravery. I can't ever bring myself to play anybody with Bravery that low, so I guess you're a bolder man than I am.
  9. Agreed absolutely. Sometimes the quality of my coaching mysteriously declines in a category and I wonder, "was that guy's Motivating 16 and now it's 15? Or was it his Attacking? Hmmm." It'd be nice to have reference points.
  10. Tajerio

    Anyone here not rotate their squad?

    In England, where I spend most of my FM time, I find you have to rotate. If you've got a moderately successful side, you've got 38 league matches, 3 or 4 matches per cup, and at least 6 matches in Europe. That's over 50 matches in ten months, and if you make a deeper run in any of the cup competitions it just gets worse. I also rotate in order to develop players, as others have said--right now in my game, for instance, Michael Keane is still better than my newgen CD, but if I give the newgen game time he'll be better than Keane in a couple of years. And there's also the consideration of "do I even have a best XI?" I like to follow Cleon's policy of not having a squad full of players who play roles in the same way. For the CM-s role in my 4-4-1-1, for instance, I have one dynamic box-to-box player, and one intelligent playmaker. I wouldn't say one is strictly better than the other, because their usefulness depends on the match situation and the opposition. So I rotate them.
  11. I use the poacher role a lot to curb excessive dribbling. Did it to probably the best player in the world on my last save, because he had Runs With Ball Often and Knocks Ball Past Opponent, which didn't tend to go well with breaking down packed defenses.
  12. As the title indicates, I've moved Rangers and Celtic into the English pyramid--specifically, the Championship--and everything is fine except for the Scottish League Cup (or the Betfred Cup if you prefer the sponsored name). Rangers and Celtic are still scheduled to participate, even though neither obviously should be any longer. How can I sort this out? EDIT: Turns out my (newly created) U18 and U23 teams aren't in an English reserve or youth league, and consequently don't have any fixtures. Can this be fixed?
  13. Tajerio

    [FM 17] Trouble with Editing TV Money

    Thanks--that did the trick!
  14. I've been trying to use the advanced rules to create a little more competition across Europe--but I've been having a lot of difficulty trying to get it to work. It seems on the face of it to be pretty simple. All I need to do is open up the advanced rules, go to Initial TV Money, input a sum, and then verify. But most of the time, I get the error message "[League] has not finished in time for the season update day 1/1/2017." I haven't changed anything that would produce this result, so I'm pretty mystified. Any thoughts?
  15. I doubt the problems can be fixed until consumers have a much higher average level of computational power available. Football is a fluid game in which a player chooses among many options and then tries to execute the decision. And that player's doing it for 90 minutes, while the situation is constantly changing because of 21 other players doing the same. It's an absolute coding nightmare, and the fact that it's as close to football as it is astonishes me. Expecting a reasonably faithful simulation anytime in the near future is just a good way to get your gaming heart broken. All that said, there are definitely faults in the current game that need fixing, and probably can be fixed within existing constraints.