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  1. If AI Guardiola were posting here, he'd be having a moan about getting FM'd. Always fun to smash and grab one.
  2. Yikes. Igor's got a lot to sort out by/during this summer. Better look into cloning Smalling.
  3. Have the board given you an opportunity to adjust expectations? If you're feeling super confident and ambitious, you could get some extra budget that way--very risky for a team with only two proper CBs though.
  4. Tough stuff there. Hope you don't get sucked into the old bad morale tailspin.
  5. Just watched the video, and though the opening TV graphic shows that attacking trio, I don't think it's right. Kaka's taking up pretty deep positions and driving forward from well behind Inzaghi, much closer to Seedorf's position. However, I would agree that in FM with some of the deeper dropping forward roles, and the right player traits, you can get pretty similar movement from an ST, which makes it hard to be definitive. Anyway, your larger points about playing with AMC-STCR-STCL stand regardless of those niceties.
  6. Isn't that the Milan team that's the foremost exemplar of the Christmas tree formation? I would have said that Kaka played at AMC as either a T(A) or a SS(A) in FM terms. Inzaghi as a poacher and Seedorf as AM(S) I'd agree with, though Seedorf would need some PIs to realize his RL role.
  7. It's on purpose. Some players who were teammates with the guy who's getting the testimonial will come back and play alongside him for their old club in the match.
  8. If you wanted to retrain, you'd have to look through your players and see who's got the key attributes you want out of a CB. With your slightly higher line, you probably want acceleration, anticipation, and concentration as well as the normal workaday attributes for a CB (positioning, marking, tackling, bravery, jumping reach, heading). I don't see a bunch of candidates in your squad from the tactics screenshots, but if you don't mind a player who isn't a great jumper filling in, Aarons and Bogle are both decent shouts (Aarons probably better than Bogle). The caveat there, of course, is that I don't know how they've developed. You'll have to take over training for whomever you want to retrain--just go into their training page, and select the position and role you want them to train.
  9. I agree wholeheartedly. Scouts are too good at assessing a player's PA. I want them to be influenced by performances, just like IRL, and to make signings I later regret because I didn't have near-perfect information. I doubt it'll ever happen, because I don't think most players want that kind of uncertainty, but for me that would make the game a lot richer and more rewarding. Turn those gold PA stars black!
  10. Which is fair enough, but also isn't the issue the OP identified. The OP complained about the failure of a promise made in response to a player kicking off about the sale of other players. It's only relevant to contracts in that the player in question is seemingly now refusing to sign a new contract because of the promise issue. Leaving that aside, though I agree that avoiding making promises works around the issue of their not functioning properly, it is a problem that a game element doesn't work/operates in frustratingly obscure ways. And it's even more a problem that the game element in question has been borked for multiple iterations.
  11. Great to see Mount and Wilson back. Besides that, some solid buys there but Igor can't have much left in the kitty. How're things looking for depth?
  12. Seems a pretty decent budget. If you had control of signings, I'd advise biting Leipzig's hand off for Quina, given his poor teamwork, bravery, work rate, and player traits--but it's hard to have confidence in Igor to bring in someone who can bring the ball through midfield like Quina can. Also, at that price I'd be really tempted to get Hughes. Shame his passing stat isn't a little higher, but he's a really solid all-around midfielder.
  13. What an escape! Nail-biting stuff. Hope Igor uses that TV money to good effect this summer. I think Will Hughes would be a pretty decent target, especially given that you play a couple different systems and he's a pretty versatile player.
  14. I think I agree with @JaytheGreat on formations, unless your opponents are playing a system with no DM. Then I might be tempted to play the deep 4-2-3-1, if only because that gives your AMC playmaker a little space. Still might not do it, but I'd be tempted. What do the run-ins for Watford and Brighton look like?
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