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  1. I am never giving up my dual-potato core processor, thank you very much!
  2. I managed both Spurs and Dortmund--on different saves--back in FM17. The Spurs save was enjoyable until I won all the trophies there were to win. The Dortmund save stayed enjoyable because I got invested in my players, and I ended up playing the game more to see my individual players do well than anything else. But I don't think I'd do a "big club" save again, unless I did a journeyman save and put some signing restrictions on myself.
  3. I was under the impression that reputation was only used as a direct factor in calculating results in AI vs. AI matches in competitions not set to full detail. I know it has an indirect effect--reputation is the main way the AI measures how good a team is, and, therefore, how attacking or defensive to be--but I didn't think it would ever matter as a direct input into the simulation in a match in which the human player is involved.
  4. What an funky player--half attacking wingback, half midfield playmaker. Very interested to see how he gets on.
  5. Sounds like you're trying to have it both ways there. If it was a dumb theory why'd you spend any time spinning it out for us? Or did you just want to have a ridiculous moan but then be able to hide behind "lol jk I said it was wacky though"?
  6. I are going to suggest that maybe your squad has mediocre values for Pressure, but it's not really close enough to the run-in for that I wouldn't think. Are you perhaps falling victim to the old "teams changing approach due to midseason reputation recalculation" swoon?
  7. Tough run of losses by fine margins there. The Chelsea game might be tricky but the rest of the fixtures for the month should give you a good chance to get back to winning ways.
  8. I'm going to guess 22.5m. Also, kinda weird that he's 6'4" and extremely quick, but his jumping reach doesn't make it into the yellow zone. Still pretty good, of course, but if I hadn't seen his height I would have guessed he was 6'1" probably.
  9. I've always found that international management isn't really interesting enough on its own to carry a save, but perhaps it won't be as big a difference as it might be since you're not doing your own player recruitment in either case.
  10. I think you would be within your rights to go, especially with having gotten Rosport to a European group stage at last. Only you will know if you'll feel regret about leaving at this point, though.
  11. I really wouldn't worry about it. It often sorts itself out from extra income the module can't take into account very well--maybe you finish higher, maybe you go further in continental competition, maybe you bring in a little more commercial income. And even if you end up paying the fine, you make so much money in the EPL that it doesn't really hurt. I've had it happen once or twice and it didn't bite at all.
  12. I'm personally rooting for Suarez to take over, because I think Igor could do great and terrible things with tycoon backing.
  13. I see a lot of your players have the dreaded "Wnt" next to their names. Hopefully Igor can stand tough (or replace them well, I guess).
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