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  1. If you're troubled about long shots you can add "Shoot Less Often" as a PI to all of your players. I find it doesn't suppress crossing as much as Work Ball Into Box does, but does pull down those long shot numbers. Players with low Decisions and Teamwork will also tend to blast away from range, as will anybody who's got Shoots From Distance of course--so you'll want to keep an eye on your attackers for that.
  2. Any chance we can get a screenshot of Chelsea's Victor Bounou? 33 in 28 in the Premier League's really something.
  3. Not exactly as easy a name to shout as Aguero, is it?
  4. Ouch. I just watched that and Clifton was robbed there.
  5. On tenterhooks waiting to see if Adam can finally make it to the promised land.
  6. I haven't seen my own goalkeeper get sent off, but I did see in the Premier League roundup when I was playing last week that a keeper had picked up a red. That's the only time I can recall anything like it on this edition.
  7. It doesn't matter much. Playing in a position in which he's not very familiar will give a little malus to his decisions attribute, but he's otherwise perfectly well suited to play the inside forward role from ML.
  8. Bit harsh on Harry Kane there, but even as a Spurs fan I have to admit you're probably not wrong.
  9. I find that Everton get relegated much too frequently for a side that just finished seventh, but hopefully you'll be the man to take them back up and keep them there.
  10. How well do you think Gillingham ought to be doing? Playoffs?
  11. Hope that qualifying form keeps up!
  12. I think the WB-D role for Taylor is possibly overly restrictive. I don't remember what his attributes are like off the top of my head, but unless he's slow and terrible going forward, that might be a bit of a waste. If you're worried about him getting caught upfield and being the only man on his flank due to Borini cutting in, you could try FB-S. Not a gung-ho role by any means, but will get up and support attacking moves when it's appropriate.
  13. Can't win a game

    That second season rut often happens because your team's reputation has changed, and with it the degree to which AI teams respect your team's ability. Sunderland are a poor side, so the AI will be attacking and gift you space in behind that first season. You took advantage of that space with a formation that's reasonably well-suited to it, and beat expectations to finish tenth. But now you're not regarded as such a poor side anymore. So your opponents aren't going to be as attacking, you're going to have less space in behind to attack, and you'll need to adapt your tactics to the new reality. A lot of people don't, and that's a big part of why the second season is tough for a lot of players.
  14. Biggest bottle job ever?

    The part that would infuriate me over this is imagining how smug Mourinho would be afterwards. That's one of my least favorite parts about losing to that mob in FM.
  15. Nice vindication of the Roma board''s weird decision!