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  1. Squeaky bum time indeed. Good luck! Also, love that there's an M. Nobile among the goalscorers for West Ham against Fulham last matchweek. Hopefully his first name is Marco.
  2. Depends how much room he really has between his CA and his PA. If he's really a proper 3.5/4 star player, you could easily see his Passing, Vision, and Technique all increase by 4 at least. First Touch probably always likely to be a little lower of course. Also got quite good Decisions for a 16-year-old.
  3. I know your quick-and-dirty way of assessing a goalkeeper is to look at the top three numbers on the left, but my way is actually to look at Positioning, Reflexes, and One on Ones. By that measure, Akoro is appreciably ahead of Best (13-15-13 to 13-13-11). He's also got significantly better Handling. They're pretty close on mentals, though Best edges it there by virtue of his superior Composure, and on physicals, although Best has the Agility edge. I'd probably swap them and play Akoro over Best right now, especially if Akoro is the one with the future with the club.
  4. Wow. Birmingham shipped 100 goals? Tremendous. Although I note you're not too far off that with 90, and there's two other clubs letting in more than 90. What a league.
  5. What a fee for an MLS club! Just about double the existing record for an incoming transfer.
  6. If you get promoted this year (fingers crossed) and can wait to make the sales until you're in the Championship, those player values should pop with the increase in league and club rep too, which'll be helpful.
  7. Speaking just for myself, if I were doing this sort of save, I would feel fine re-signing him once I was pretty sure he was done developing (say 25 or 26). You're not really gaining an advantage by knowing his PA if he's already hit it.
  8. Based on that review of your defenders, I'd be sorely tempted to get rid of a couple of the older players on high salaries and give the kids more time next season. Grandini and Novelli definitely aren't all that you want, especially in positioning/marking/tackling, but they also aren't costing you 45k p/w, and maybe they have some room to grow.
  9. Good stuff. Turned it around really nicely from the beginning of the season. Are you looking to stay at Sampdoria for the coming season, or could you be tempted away? And if we assume you're staying, what are your thoughts about the squad for next year?
  10. Away to Man City should be a decent chunk of cash at least, which you don't need as much as you did before but must be welcome all the same.
  11. He certainly is really good. From the POV of an absolutely top club, besides his jumping reach, his decisions, speed, and composure are all a little lower than what they can probably get elsewhere, which might explain why he's headed to Brighton. There's also the fact that you only have the English leagues loaded, which means that all the rest have less activity. And I suppose there's also the possibility that he doesn't have much more potential for growth left. Not that you care about any of that, of course, since you're rolling in it!
  12. Two ways to find out I think, though both have some labor involved. One, go back to the screenshot you posted from when he came through, and use the IGE on some random player somewhere to edit the attributes and positions to be the same, and then look and see what the IGE tells you that CA is. Two, fire up the pregame database editor and create a player with the same attributes.
  13. How much retraining do you tend to do? I find that central midfielders and wingers can often be trained into reasonable wing backs, especially since they tend to have much better technique than newgen wing backs.
  14. Shame. You're right though--it is all about the pipeline, and making sure there's a next man up. Hopefully you'll get a more accelerated level of development as your squad play at a higher level next year, thanks to the promotion.
  15. I can't remember--have you had any success offering your players out for free with a 50% of next sale/profit clause once the board accepts an offer over your head?
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