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  1. How much retraining do you tend to do? I find that central midfielders and wingers can often be trained into reasonable wing backs, especially since they tend to have much better technique than newgen wing backs.
  2. Shame. You're right though--it is all about the pipeline, and making sure there's a next man up. Hopefully you'll get a more accelerated level of development as your squad play at a higher level next year, thanks to the promotion.
  3. I can't remember--have you had any success offering your players out for free with a 50% of next sale/profit clause once the board accepts an offer over your head?
  4. Added-time winner to beat the top of the table--you must be buzzing!
  5. Hopefully this time through the tough run you can pick up a few more points. European football seems like a bit of a stretch given the clubs above you, but you're certainly in a solid position to fulfill the board's expectations for this year. You have that striker from Serie B joining you in January, I remember--do you have your eye on anyone else?
  6. Completely absurd comparison. CoD is multiplayer, which means cheating comes at the expense of other humans. In a singleplayer game like FM, no one else beyond the player is affected (unless he starts bragging about how well he does while cheating, which is not what's going on here). There's no need to play the fun police.
  7. When do you get to play the clubs in the relegation zone? Quite the front-loaded schedule you've had.
  8. Linetty for me is the engine of a midfield three. He's not your holder but he's not the creative force or the major goalscorer either. I also agree with @coady that you might be better off trying to counterattack with your front 4 or 5, and leaving the rest to sit back and provide a solid foundation. I like a 4-3-3 for that personally, because I think it works well with the split block for a more front-foot counterattack. You give your front three plus two of your midfielders PIs to close down aggressively, and the rest default to a calmer overall setting. So you can start counterattacks by winning the ball with quick pressure in the other end, or, if they get past you there, by turning them over in your end once they've committed bodies forward. That's how I understand it at least.
  9. Solid away point there against Lazio, and I bet it feels even better given the late equalizer. Judging from the match stats (which isn't always advisable) it looks like you were good value for it too.
  10. I love the sentimentality of the old Derby players showing up in these threads. Makes the save feel more real. Shame Baiano isn't a better coach though.
  11. I tried to make heads or tails of it and couldn't. You ought to be able to sign three with no restrictions, since you only have one non-EU player. But your DoF is talking as if you signed Shelvey this season. You're definitely OK to make two signings, but beyond that I really don't know. On a different note entirely, I see why that squad finished 14th in Serie A last year. Not great with the mental stats, not a ton of pace, and not terribly creative either. I think Riedewald is actually a pretty shrewd signing by your predecessor, because he can at least pass and defend (in FM anyway). You've certainly got work to do.
  12. I really enjoyed the update style during the job search--very engagingly done. I'll be interested to see the quality of the side you've inherited here. Not sure how much poaching from your old club you'll be able to do this time though.
  13. Shame about the Marseille job. Looked like they had a pretty congenial and realistic vision too. Was there anything about Marseille or the French league that piqued your interest specifically, or was it just that the job happened to come up while you were thinking about greener pastures?
  14. Mochrie looks a tidy player. Shame about the workrate and strength, but pretty good spread of traits otherwise. Hope he fills out that room to grow!
  15. A bit demoralizing to lose to PSG and United like that, but you're going through to the Europa so that's something. Not sure what you could have done without really shutting up shop in all those games either.
  16. United beat Olympiakos 15-1? Yikes.
  17. Completely understandable that you might not have the mental wherewithal to write up those narrative posts these days. It's supposed to be fun, so don't do it if it isn't, particularly in these times. My deepest sympathies to you and yours.
  18. I don't like taking over the big dog in a league in which I'm already managing, which in my mind would militate against Celtic. I also dislike the club IRL and so wouldn't manage them in-game. But I think, as has been said, that it really depends on your aims. If you go to Celtic it can't really be about just winning the league. You've got to have some other aim (European glory, totally homegrown squad, etc.) or else I fear it might get stale. Of course a season or two smashing everybody is often really good fun. On the other hand, if you're looking to knock Celtic off their perch you obviously can't go manage them.
  19. Sorry to be late replying, @Stuniverse. Having looked over your squad, I don't really like them that much for a 4-1-2-3, it must be said. Sam Field is basically your only player I'd feel comfortable dropping into that anchoring role, though he would do it well. You have some decent options to put in CM in front of him, so that wouldn't be a worry. Curtis Jones I think would do really well cutting in from the left to chip in with the attack, but I don't see a left back who's going to do a very good job overlapping him. Middleton I think would do decently cutting in off the right--he's got some dodgy mental stats but this is the Scottish Prem so nobody's going to be perfect--but again there's the issue of who's going to overlap him and take advantage of that space, and I don't really see anyone. If you didn't want to play Liverpool-style, but wanted one cutting in and one running down the wing, say, the issue would be then I think that you don't have a really good right winger yet--since Jones is the one who makes sense to me as your inside forward/inverted winger. Nicholson I think is going to be really good for you next season, but he has a little growing to do before he's indubitably the main man there. And none of your strikers look to me like they'd do great playing by themselves up top. Shankland I think needs close support, since he's not fast and not a great dribbler. Incidentally, his Plays with Back to Goal and Comes Deep to Get Ball don't seem to work with the kind of player he is all that well. Hornby is physically a good target man, but he's not got either the touch or passing capability you'd want from a target man in a 4-1-2-3. Idah might be your best bet if you were playing a counterattacking style, since he's quick and can finish. Anyway, those are my thoughts. Your other option for a little more defensive solidity when you need it might be a 4-4-2 in which you drop the CMs back to DM, and then really go in for direct counterattacking football.
  20. I remember 4-3-3 Narrow was a bit of a cheaty tactic a couple of FMs ago. Nobody really plays with it in real-world football, so it ought to get exploited, but I don't know how it works with FM20 really. Now, depending on how your strikers dribble/cross and how they move, you could shunt a couple of them out to the wing. If I recall correctly Shankland is a poacher type and Hornby's something of a TM, which makes getting them into a 4-1-2-3 a little tricky, but it's doable. I'd have to see their stats to say anything else reasonable about it though.
  21. On the tactics point--without really knowing your squad, a 4-3-3 (or as FM sometimes calls it, a 4-1-2-3) can provide a flexible defensive base while still letting you have some punch up top. The quality of the DM is obviously key, and I don't know what sort of quality is available in the squad/on the transfer market, but it might be something to ponder.
  22. It'll be called the Europa Conference League in real life. Basically, UEFA are trimming down the Europa League to 32 teams in the group stages, like the Champions League, which will get rid of one round of knockouts in the Europa League. But they're putting the excess teams into a third competition (the Conference League I'll call it), in order to get more teams involved in the later stages of a continental competition (as opposed to having lots of minnows get knocked out in qualifying rounds for the Europa League proper). There will be very few spots for teams in higher ranked associations--the top five only send one team, and the next ten only two. Everybody goes through playoffs--nobody goes straight to the group stage. There's also a playoff after the group stage in which the second-ranked teams in the Conference League play the third-ranked teams from the Europa League to decide who joins the first-ranked teams from the Conference League in the knockouts (confusing enough?). The winner of the whole thing goes straight to the Europa League group stage the next year, just like the winner of the Europa League goes straight to the Champions League the next year. The Wikipedia article on it gives a decent breakdown I think: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Europa_Conference_League. There's also UEFA's own info: https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/news/0256-0e9a05634e35-236276d37822-1000--uefa-europa-conference-league-what-is-it-when-does-it-start-who/
  23. I am never giving up my dual-potato core processor, thank you very much!
  24. I managed both Spurs and Dortmund--on different saves--back in FM17. The Spurs save was enjoyable until I won all the trophies there were to win. The Dortmund save stayed enjoyable because I got invested in my players, and I ended up playing the game more to see my individual players do well than anything else. But I don't think I'd do a "big club" save again, unless I did a journeyman save and put some signing restrictions on myself.
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