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  1. 2 minutes ago, Dagenham_Dave said:

    That's quite the hot take, the FM12 match engine is still the most exploitable engine in the whole series. 

    By the way, I much prefer the Squad Planner to the Squad Depth screen, and I've never used pencil and paper whilst playing FM in my life. The way it's improved this year has made it even more useful to me when checking squad depth. I particularly like the ratings showing how strong you are in each position. 

    I don't think there's any match engine which has been completely invulnerable from match engine exploitation, but the overall package of FM12 was still considerably stronger for what it was at the time in my view.

    I may never agree with anybody on the squad planner. It's been shown that most people who want something like this either continue using pen and paper or just preferred squad depth. Manually calibrating the team instead of having it automated for you as squad depth did is inherently a downgrade. Squad depth was not originally in FM23 and got re-added I believe, which speaks volumes to this.

  2. 2 hours ago, Reflection86 said:

    It seems to be happening on FM23 imported saves only. New saves started on FM24 don't have this rule. Very strange, but it's ruined my FM23 save and forced me to start a new one unfortunately.

    My impression is that this is because FM24 only adds the features of the new game but uses a version of the old database. This is why you can't add new leagues too. Below screenshot is from FM24 game status.


  3. 41 minutes ago, Jack Joyce said:

    Shot speeds - if you're seeing examples where you think a ball is moving unnaturally fast, then please do start a bug thread with specific PKM examples for us to look at.

    You have probably spotted this already but I saw this on reddit @Jack Joyce: https://v.redd.it/e5h3gu5hr7vb1

    I did burst out laughing at it. In all seriousness though, I wonder if this is contributing to some of the increase in long range goals that some people have noticed.

  4. 12 minutes ago, The Amazing Dale Watkins said:

    I'm probably older than you and have no difficulty understanding that people want to be able to identify as who they are in a game they're playing. Isn't really that complicated, and the inclusion of female managers, hearing aids and eye patches suggest that SI understand it, too.

    I don't think this conversation will end well. I think adding intergender as a third option is fine, but SI moved away from gendered terminology and pronouns for precisely this reason I think in most of where they're used in the game.

    SI have always seemed quite progressive in most of the stuff they've done. Gender or sex doesn't have any impact on you in game. Playing video games and simulations are an escape after all, since most people playing this game aren't football managers.


  5. Just opened the game for the first time. First negative. Manager customisation is still unnecessarily complicated for doing simple things. It so obtuse for something which really doesn't even matter. I need a degree to figure out how to add and remove rings (hint: perhaps a single button to both add and remove the item would be a major improvement here). This is the same as last season (although it was worse across the board before and seems marginally improved for some things and not for others).

    On a positive note though, there is a remove all accessories button, which is probably what everybody is going to use. I would suggest that this should be the default though.

    I am confused by "Ability Aids" being a separate section. My guess is that it's insensitive to consider it an accessory, but I also find the wording a bit peculiar given I have close family members who probably wouldn't consider their deafness an ability. I understand this is splitting hairs at this point though. I did a google search for "ability aids" and it doesn't even seem like a particularly common term. Just very weird.

    Lapel badges are a nice touch. Immediately added the Kick it Out badge. All this stuff is rather irrelevant anyways. Graphics are what we expect from last game before the engine change.

  6. 3 minutes ago, vikeologist said:

    Interesting dilemma for the first time with these transferred saves.

    What happens if you move it to FM24 and encounter awful failure. Would going back to your FM23 save and replaying the season count as reloading. I rather fear it would. The stakes are higher.

    My in game character is coming up to 80 years old in 2073. In order to avoid this I'm retiring and running it as a journeyman save (my son I guess?)

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