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  1. Let's hope the standard of football is higher than the standard of puns! Cheers man!
  2. Bring your own train! Thanks man. I hope it will be just as fun.
  3. Thank you. I have jumped aboard the Scandinavian hype train!
  4. Here we go with Stabæk! Great facilities as well as excellent Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment. They've only won the Norwegian top flight once, back in 2008. This is something I want to rectify along with getting the club into either the Champions League group stages or the Europa League group stages. The furthest they have gotten previously has been the EL Playoff round and the CL Third Qualifying round. As you can see the average age is extremely young, at only 20 while we only have one 30+ year old in the squad. The next oldest is 26.... THE SQUAD A good amount of positive personalities as well as a strong core of Norwegians to call on. Africans also populate the squad and there is even an American joined by a Georgian. (sounds like the first line of a bad joke....) We even have an Indian! Sayouba and Skjonsberg are the only two with international caps. The board left me with the following expectations which I find fair enough. Financially, we are healthy with over a million in the bank. LET US BEGIN!
  5. Fantastic progress!
  6. I'm doing up a list now, mainly looking at training facilities, youth facilities and youth recruitment. Then I'll have a look at the histories to narrow it down further. I've loaded Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland as playable. Only have the top tier loaded but cheers for the thought! I'm alright with that. Don't want the processing to take ages because of having to have the big nations loaded as well.
  7. Think I'll load up the top leagues in Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Faroe Islands to get some decent Scandinavians. Later on in the save, will the other European nations still be competitive in Europe if their leagues aren't loaded as playable?
  8. I think I fancy a Scandinavian save, any suggestions for teams?
  9. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll have a think on them all.
  10. Tottenham - Still bottling titles 40 years on! At least the final had some goals for you as the ending of the much desired Hammers stint. Ah Carra and Neville, I don't think that commentary box was big enough though...
  11. But his teeth have remained perfectly white. Please tell me they haven't won the title yet. And looks like I'm just in time for the second half!
  12. I'll have a poke around.
  13. 16 is my first FM and my laptop broke pretty soon after I got the game so I haven't had many saves! Just a short one with Watford before the laptop broke, and one with Southampton/Sampdoria as well the Irish one. I'm up for anything really, just looking for ideas and seeing if anything catches my eye. I certainly won't be competing in the Europa League with a league one side though.....
  14. Any ideas for a save? Anything at all, I'm looking for something to start up now or after my exams in a few weeks.