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  1. Where do you think I've been these past few months.......
  2. Well done @withnail316 and @Makoto Nakamura!
  3. His marking and positioning could do with a bit of work.
  4. Boom! Quite emphatically too which is uncharacteristic.
  5. Na, they can join in the laughter at your misfortune too.
  6. The old fraudulent charm could not be refused.
  7. The guy who looks like he should be on a watch list has landed in the south of France after frauding his way into a job. They won a Ligue 2 title way back when and have a 10,000 capacity stadium, should do us for a while! Time for Claude van Fraude to fraud his way up France.
  8. Finished a month or two late but finished nonetheless! I echo everyone else really, the HakanGunnar world domination is over but not forgotten. #sorrynotsorry
  9. Decided to throw my hat in the ring to get back into FM so here we go... (Yes, I forgot to remove Irish, although that will hardly have an effect.) The Hammers it is!
  10. Caught up on this Mexican domination! You got some insane young players and I like the narrative with it. Brilliant!
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