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  1. Arguably the best prospect that came throught the academy at Southampton during my tenure has moved on to Swansea in a £14.000.000 deal. Interesting move, although I'm sure the £49.5k a week played a factor in the decision. The national side also beat England to win the International League.
  2. Nice one, congrats! It's been quick work.
  3. We have moved up slightly in the rankings. But bad news on the league front. Which has lead to this.
  4. UEFA Competitions Round Up Spurs take the Europa League after a penalties win in the final. And the Champions League goes to Madrid for the second year running. Porto and Leverkusen made a run to the quarters but otherwise the lineup was fairly standard. Dybala wins the golden boot with 13 goals. And three Barca players make up the top three players in Europe,with Messi, of course coming out on top.
  5. Yes, get in!
  6. Fairly standard month, beating Bayern 6-2 and...wait..WHAT?!?!... Great win!
  7. Two yellows inside a minute? Frustrating stuff.
  8. Some miscellaneous stuff from around the league. 31 year old Juan Cuadrado wins player of the yea with a very good season for The Old Lady. Dominguez of Palermo takes the golden boot with 20 goals in 30 games. Interestingly, the top three are all from South America. Another Palermo players claims an award with Zivkovic. Gerson and Coric round out the top three. Rafa wins manager of the year. (Obviously it should have been me....) Juve dominate the TOTY with five players among representatives from Milan, Roma, Lazio, Napoli, Inter and Palermo.
  9. Oh how I'd love to get through a day in five seconds. Takes me ages with my laptop but there you go. If you ever decide to part with it. I have a vague recollection of an incident with a certain Latina singer....
  10. Added both to my list, cheers. How many Daves do you have??? I think it's going to be a mix of youth and experience. We'll likely be battling for midtable (which I'm fine with) but I'd like to have some seasoned heads to ensure that we don't get dragged into a dogfight again.
  11. I'll have an auld browse through them tomorrow and see what I can find. Still not sure what tactic I want to go which is another decision that needs making!