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  1. Caught up and see that you've beaten Dinamo at the first time of asking! I mean, it wasn't like you had trouble with them before....
  2. Didn't look on here for a couple of days and what awaits my return? Nothing amazing.
  3. My Story by Lee Rothery

    Excellent start to life in the top flight!
  4. There's Norway I'd Go Oslo As That

    "Look who's back, back again, Keane is back, back again." was the sound that came through the dressing room speakers as Keane slid his way through the door. Players looked at each other bemused at what was happening. 'Gaffer, we saw you half an hour ago...' "Shhh Birger, don't ruin the moment." was the answer with closed eyes, as if Keane was attempting to fully immerse himself in the music. The players rolled their eyes and left the manager to get on with whatever that was.
  5. Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    I'll be following!
  6. [FM17] Project Brave - Youth Only at Paradise

    Caught up! Hopefully you can get the goalkeeper situation sorted. Working wonders in Europe as well.
  7. Come back and you've already finished second in Serie A with San Marino! The prospects are starting to arrive as well. Just another day at the office for you.
  8. The Elephants of Sicily

    Back to catch up on this! Looks like you're beginning to really pick up some momentum.
  9. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    I use Gyazo and can get the images to be non blurry. You just have to right click on the image and choose "Copy Image" and then paste it here. Just in case you prefer using gyazo.
  10. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    You can do that with Gyazo too.
  11. There's Norway I'd Go Oslo As That

    Aye, just a little inconsistent. I agree regarding second place, 10 points behind Rosenborg is probably a little too much with 15 games left. At any rate, I want to at least qualify for Europe again.