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  1. I am getting crash dumps while trying to enter a match. I thought it was because of the panel mod and I removed it but it still happens. How can I fix this? If it matters; I am using classen database and I have some kits, logopack and a couple of squad views installed. That's it.
  2. Need a tactic that will get me out of the relegation zone in Turkish League. I am predicted to go down so keep that in mind. My squad is built upon 5-3-2 WB meaning I don't have any wingers. Any tactical suggestion without wingers works. edit: don't bother 5-3-2 is broken, impossible to defend and attack
  3. Yes. Today I tried again and this time it worked. I watched the video when the game was minimized. After a while I exit the game and after remembering the video I went looking for it again. But it somehow disappeared. I searched the computer and it found shortcut of the video but of course it didn't work because the file was no longer there. I don't know how is that possible. This time I recorded again and I thought maybe the game deleted it after exiting? So I moved the movie file to desktop. The file is now safe but still this was weird.
  4. Not sure if this is the place but I recorded a highlight (not a goal or a full match, just a highlight) and exported it. Game said "it is saved as a movie to documents>...>uploads" but there is nothing there. Is this a bug or I just can't find it? Tried to search the computer but still can't find any videos.
  5. Alright I cleared cache and preferences also verified integrity and updated graphics driver. Staff search screen no longer lags. Thanks.
  6. Just 5. I filtered more without any problems before the update.
  7. Game works fine but when I try to search staff with attributes it lags heavily. When I leave this screen it's fine again. It started with 16.3 Also it seems it does not sort by wages properly. + When a goal is scored, if you try to rewind it in 2D Classic, players don't show. Just green pitch. Also started with 16.3 My save is 16.2 by the way. Continuing my 16.2 career with 16.3
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