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  1. I did a quick test of your Fm21Beta tactic, only 3 games (first game was the Hamilton game) but looking ok so far....We also missed a pen in the 10-0 game
  2. Sorry if i'm being thick, but where is Mr L testing results, not just for your tactics but for all. Just curious. Also do you have a 5-3-2 tactic, couldn't see one in the spreadsheet. Cheers.
  3. Yeah he made it 10 years ago so he could test it thoroughly.
  4. Second season with West Ham, first in premership. First three league games. Sunderland at home 4-3 win (picked the wrong team) Blackburn away 3-0 win. Liverpool home 3-0
  5. Cool, i'm looking forward to these tactics. One thing though. I'm in my second season with West Ham, i won the championship last season, so with your new home and away tactics would i be better using away tactics at home as well till i get a better squad? (i'm asking in advance or you'll be swamped with questions )
  6. Come on Dave ya big tease release the tactic you know you wanna
  7. Not able to get it working. Might just need time.......What kind of wingers are people using?
  8. Well done Dave, looks like things are coming along nicley. Is it still your 4-2-3-1?
  9. Hey dave how's the feedback on the new tactic? I found if you swap man marking on the two center backs and center mids and then move 1 center mid back to Dmc and one to Amc (runs from deep often) works well, can't remember who mentioned this earlier.
  10. I agree Kugle. dudubrdx your man managment, training and injury problems must be awful if you've lost 15 straight games with those players, and i belive it would need to be all 3 of these things to be that bad.....either that or your just making it up?
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