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  1. We're really fighting to stay up. After the first half of the season we are in a decent spot, but we're one of the many teams that are still endangered by the relegation spots. Hope we don't give things away!
  2. Update: Happy new year, Jeremy... Our insurance doesn't consider him to be that valuable tho:
  3. No, no, no, no... As the article suggests, this is probably the end of the 34 y o Bekhechi's career. He's been our star player for many years and was still of use as mentor and back up in the Ligue 1. Now he broke his lower leg, which means he's 6-7 months out. What a way to waive goodbye to our club legend
  4. Our very first foreign affiliate club: Jamaican side Portmore United! Will we get the new Leon Bailey in one of our intakes?
  5. Ligue 2 (1st) - Coupe de France (Qtr Final) Squad - U19 - Out on loan - Transfers Continued our good form of the second half of the season last year. We did however change formations for the first time after four seasons, it seemed better to use a 4231 with the players at our disposal. That way, of the five polyvalent guys in front (Bonin, Leblanc, Bokungu, Bekhechi & Barbier), 4 could always play. Calvet is getting older by the year and was moved one row back, he and Bijimine formed a rock solid duo. After twelve games were still unbeaten (screen), how unexpected. Our str
  6. Bekhechi is just like wine, he gets better as he's getting older At the age of 33 Jeremy became one of the star players in the Ligue 2, while he never even played in the Ligue 2 before his thirties. His personality & determination (19) also make him the ideal leader of our youngsters on & off the pitch.
  7. When are these poached youngsters generally speaking introduced in the game? I've had two in my 3rd season, while I'm now going to start the 5th season and still no sign of life.
  8. @Cheez3y Gratz!!!!! Great achievement Ligue 2 (8th) - Coupe de France (11th Rnd) Squad - U19 - Out on loan - Transfers Transfers: no remarkable outgoing transfers. Number of 'original' players were released to continue the rejuvenation. The talent is there, so it would be a shame not to use it. Our debut season we ended 13th in the Ligue 2, especially in the final sprint we distanced ourselves from the relegation places. The goal this year was to do better, we more than succeeded in hindsight. The decision to give a few young guys a permanent pla
  9. Best of luck, @Cheez3y!!! Really can't keep up with the speed some of you guys have playing this game btw A small update from my side: in our 4th season (2nd in the Ligue 2), we're establishing ourselves as a decent mid-table team. Not as much relegation fear as last year, 6 games before the end of the season we're closer to the PO spots for promotion than PO for relegation! Youth intake is about to come any day, very excited as a very talented Swiss midfielder is about to join our ranks according to the preview!
  10. Number 2 in the Ligue 2 denied any points! The referee wanted to keep on playing until Toulouse came back, luckily he thought it was time to go home after almost 100 minutes. Very welcome victory, this way we keep some distance from the relegation fight (10 points ahead after 26 games). Strong performance from half our back up team, because the list of absent players (including 6 starting players) was ridicoulous:
  11. What a week it's been for this kid! He just turned 16 which means he could play & I immediately dropped him in the team as our best CB was suspended. Just a few days later he gets a call up for les Bleus, our very first international call up for France! Soler must really have the potential to come a quality player.
  12. @Sn00gle Definitely not the winger you had in mind, unless you want him to send those crosses to everywhere except where you want them I'd say he is a central midfielder in a more defensive or supportive role, indeed. If he could improve his marking, he's an excellent DLP (Su/De) for your club. @Sokker14 There's no point in selling unless you need money. If he's not too bad and you're in the early stages of your challenge, you could maybe even sell him for more money than your current balance... It's also possible that you want to arrange a future percentage on a next deal, if yo
  13. Ligue 2 (13th) - Coupe de France (9th Rnd) Squad - U19 - Transfers Transfers: let some guys gain experience elsewhere and did our first real outbound transfer. Manu Cannet left for almost €90K to Valenciennes, where he would play with the second team for the rest of the season. He had a lot of potential according to my staff, but I didn't see it in him. I didn't know what to expect from this season. We were one level too high for the Championnat National, but I wasn't sure if we were going to make it in the Ligue 2. The season didn't start particularly well with three de
  14. The first goal in Bokungus professional career is immediately one for the history books. It was also a very important one, as it secured the victory against AS Nancy which was necessary for us not to come in third last place: It will be an unseen battle to stay in the Ligue 2, there's almost no difference between the 10th place & the 19th for us...
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