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  1. The end of our fairy tale - La fin de notre conte de fée Squad overview S14 - Ligue 1 (1st) - Champions League (Winners) - Coupe de France (Qtr Final) For several editions in FM, I have been playing almost exclusively with youth. I was determined to get into this Hall of Fame one day, but until today I never succeeded. I never had the courage to persevere and usually gave up after about ten seasons, despite always having a challenging career. Now the moment has finally come, after a first attempt in Italy failed with Taranto. That it worked out this time is thanks to the choic
  2. The end of our fairy tale - La fin de notre conte de fée S14 - Ligue 1 (1st) - Champions League (Winners) - Coupe de France (Qtr Final) Squad - U19 - Out on loan - Transfers Transfers An important change in goal. Vincent was sold after 7 seasons as first goalkeeper to our big rival AS Monaco, where he would keep the bench warm. Jabnoun started banging on the door, and after two excellent seasons at FC Lorient, he was labelled a 'wonderkid'. He and Abu-Badu, also a wonderkid, would eventually alternate throughout the year. Ligue 1 After several seasons of narrow
  3. I'm sorry for the amount of posts, guys. But I just can't keep this season to myself: Not only did we beat P$G for the first time ever, leading us to a potential first Ligue 1 win, we also reached the CL final after some impressive games of the boys. Really didn't think we'd get past City, but Gaspar opening the score so early was the ideal scenario for us to lean back for the rest of the game. Bayern München lost 3-0 to Juve in Italy, but managed to do the impossible scoring 5 goals at home. This makes them our opponent in the CL final... We do have fond memories of them:
  4. Did we... just... beat them???? In Paris???? First time ever we win against them, if we lost we would be equal again. This can't go wrong anymore, we have to win the league this season: You should consider your retirement Mbappé
  5. They had fooled me in the first match, good one boys. Now quit joking around!
  6. What an exciting season! We went into the second half of the league as number one, but lost at home to Monaco allowing P$G to jump above us. Now we are back in first place after they drew 1-1 in Bordeaux... Will this be the year we finally beat them?
  7. On another note, we managed to secure a very important win in our CL campaign this season. We're in a tricky group with Chelsea, Milan and Hamburg. We already drew against Chelsea in London, but lost in Milan so we could really use this win. Now top of the group after 4 games! (click) Downside of this is that we had to rest some important players in the game just two days before this against 3rd placed Lyon. We suffered our very first loss this season because of this, such a shame (2-3). P$G on top again now of course... I hate them
  8. Sometimes I really don't get the system of wonderkids. Roos is our newest one labelled as such. I mean, he's a very solid player for us... But nothing more than that, I'd think?
  9. @steve.rushSuch a shame you need to sell your youngsters. Once you get into the Ligue 1, those financial struggles are gone. Keep it up!
  10. Third game of the season, love it. Will this be the year we finally beat P$G? They drew at home against city rival Paris FC. Let's go!
  11. Thought this was worth mentioning, World Cup 2034 in our pre-season. Surprising result: So proud of my boy, Özkan! Him and Uyanik were deadly up front for Turkey. They beat France, with Bamba as a regular starter. Özkan was extremely important as he scored against Argentina and scored against Germany, also providing an assist. Congratz, well-deserved after beating such a top countries!!!!
  12. S13 - Ligue 1 (3rd) - Coupe de France (Semi Final) - Champions League (Qtr Final) Squad - U19 - Out on loan - Transfers Transfers Majewski left for Caen on a transfer-free basis. He didn't get to play that much anymore and was allowed to leave, he didn't seem far from his potential and that was insufficient for our current level. Jabnoun was chosen as Ligue 2 goalkeeper of the year at FC Lorient, Corradi in the third division. Because we have two very good goalkeepers, they have to stay there for another year. The Belgian winger Dewitte was also allowed to gain experience in th
  13. Might sound weird, but I liked things better when I was crying about giving a player €400 p/w in stead of 350 These contracts are just getting out of hand and are just way out of line for our club, even for a quality player as Carment.
  14. We do love some bratwurst! After knocking them out of the CL in the first KO round two seasons ago, we do it yet again Özkan (our newest wonderkid) is really starting to earn his stripes.
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