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  1. I am currently at Manchester United who prior to me taking over had very little cover for Luke Shaw at Left Back. Diogo Dalot ok as an emergency. Having considered this I brought Ben Chilwell and both he and Luke Shaw are considered important players. Having played 16 games this season both have started 8 games and last season they both played the identical number of games. All of the players in my squad are at least "Happy" with their playing time, however Luke Shaw and Ben Chilwell are both "Alienated". I see the both of them as important players and they are for the squad, in the number of times that they will play. They both play their fair share of important games (Champions League etc) and their fair share of less important fixtures. I would like to see added a feature that would allow me to speak to both players at the same time privately to discuss their unhappiness and explain that they are both "important" but they will play alternate games. If one of them gets injured then the other will be guaranteed to play every game. This should be able to help me to quell their discontent or at the very least help me not to unsettle the entire squad.
  2. Numerous times I have had a question relating to my league position and the league position has been wrong. Example - You are currently 5th in the league and in great form can you keep it going. I was 7th at the time!
  3. I would like to see more interactions with the board prior to budgets being set and being able to inform the board of potential targets. For example I am managing Manchester United and in the second season I was given £100 mil transfer budget, however the only player I wanted to attempt to sign was Harry Kane as I was happy with the rest of my squad. I would like to have been able to discuss this with the board but all that happens is your budget is dictated to you without any input from the manager (apart from what you expect to achieve!). In real life surely the manager will approach their respective board prior to budgets and make suggestion as to who they may have targeted to sign and the money that they are realistically going to need to make it happen. I am not suggesting that you will go to the board and say I want Kane, Messi, Neymar and Mbappe and the board will say no problem here is £1 billion! But especially at elite clubs I think this would be considered. Even if it meant sacrificing a transfer budget for that 1 marquee signing. Possibly if agreed the board may attempt to sign the player on your behalf.
  4. I often feel as manager that interactions with the chairman is limited. I think maybe 2 or 3 private open and honest discussions would be helpful. After pre-season - to re-enforce expectations for coming seasons, whether extra transfer funds are needed prior to end of transfer window with suggestions of where you intend to strengthen and reasons why. January - Talk about under performing/over performing players, where needs to be strengthened and funds to do this, also any players you may be looking to sell End of season - Talk about performance, whether expectations have been met and areas of improvement (if any). *Negotiate transfer budget (but unrealistic may affect relationship)*. Talk about players no longer in plans, areas to strengthen and potential transfers both in and out. Also I would like to be able to talk to the chairman to be able to request additional funds for a specific "marquee signing". For example if I am looking for a striker at Manchester United and my budget is £130mil but I really want to have a realistic chance of signing Luis Suarez, I should be able to speak to the chairman to negotiate if I can sacrifice some or all of my transfer budget to go for him. *All meetings should be strictly private and my telling the chairman that Wayne Rooney for example is no longer in my plans should not affect player morale.
  5. Also please get the licences for Dutch and German. Very disappointing that 2 of the best nations in the world are inaccessible
  6. To be able to search for players natural position. Searching for defensive midfielders and wing backs is very tough especially if you want better than accomplished for that role as a high number of central midfielders are accomplished defensive midfielders and full backs are accomplished wing backs
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