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  1. I'm in the game database as a youth coach (a very bad one, which shows how realistic this game is lol) but It's wierd to be a manager in the game and see another 'me' elsewhere. How about having an option of choosing an existing profile, with his past clubs, name, age, etc. and play it from there? EDIT: typo
  2. On a non league team (Edinburgh University to bemore specific), their 3 goalkeepers have 10 - 9 - 9 games respectively on 22nd of September. Unless two of them have been playing as an outfield player, this isn't possible (no player has more than 10 games)
  3. I joined a team in Malaysia with four games to go (4th position), I get them to 2nd, we got promoted and the board, such as the star player, praised the previous assistant manager (a coach since I joined). This could somehow make sense if they praised the former coach, since I only did 4 games, but this is very likely to be a bug.
  4. Tote Gomes (Estoril-Praia): dispite his debut with the first team playing as a left full back, his natural position is center back. Rodrigo Fernandes (Sporting Lisbon): one of the main positions he plays on the youth national teams is defensive midfielder. Tomás Tavares (Sport Lisboa e Benfica): last season he made a lot of games as a left full back on the U23s
  5. This is a language issue that happens since forever. Pretty much all the data analysts present on the game are actually performance analysts. Those two roles are very different as the data analyst role is more related to the sport science department and performance analyst is more related to the scouting department.
  6. Futebol Clube Penafiel Staff: Tiago Sousa (Listed as director but he is the Head of Youth Development) https://www.zerozero.pt/coach.php?id=21971 http://www.fcpenafiel.pt/formacao/#1550588105394-1de82a7d-7dde Marco Pereira (Listed as director but he is the Head of Scouting) https://www.zerozero.pt/coach.php?id=32182 José António Reis (Listed as Head of Youth Development but he is a director, vice-president to be more specific) http://www.fcpenafiel.pt/orgaos-sociais/ http://www.fcpenafiel.pt/formacao/#1486452654779-d739c769-372f5719-609e Telmo SIlva (He is not part of the U19s staff this season) Person lacking in U19s staff https://www.zerozero.pt/coach.php?id=31660 Overal Wages (staff): Brutally overrated
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