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  1. I had the awful habit for a while where in the pre-match screen I'd make some changes and because of bad click and drags would move the GK to an outfield position. 

    I caught it before starting the match most of the time, when I didn't it was always full on panic. 

    I maintain that the clicking/dragging on that screen isn't the best. Kind of hard to snap players into the correct positions. 

  2. 1 hour ago, enigmatic said:

    Board decision making can sometimes leave a lot to be desired, but selling key players to bigger clubs even though they didn't need the money is exactly what last year's Champions League semifinalists Ajax did.

    True, but it's worth pointing out that de Ligt/de Jong definitely wanted to go to top leagues. Would they have been happy to stay at Ajax another year? Possibly, but I don't think it was just a case of Ajax looking to cash in. 

  3. 5 hours ago, oi_oi_ginger_roy said:

    I think this is totally un-realistic if you ask me.......


    ......i mean Arsenal, 2nd?

    As an Arsenal fan I must admit, we are pretty OP in the past few years. It takes very little work to win the title within the first 3 years.

    Also seems like Arsenal get a much more significant budget than they would IRL. I know Pepe was a massive layout, but the net spend was still relatively low. 

  4. I've seen things like this quite often actually. In my saves it usually happens when a player demands a transfer. If the club is foolish and try to milk as big a transfer fee as possible, they'll end up rejecting several excellent bids hoping for something even better. Then the player gets mad and they end up selling to the next decent offer that comes in.

    I've seen it with Asensio - bought him for 20 million. Happened to me with Federico Chiesa as well. He wanted to go to Madrid, but I'd rejected a measly 60 million offer from them (he's worth much much more). By that point though they'd had enough and he had to settle for Monaco who offered 40 million with FAR less wages. 

    Kind of a buggy thing in the game IMO. While you can see the logic - all realistic deals break down due to stubbornness from the selling club, so the club and player is forced to accept a 2nd tier club. Doesn't happen IRL though really. 

  5. Generally I'll start by clearing all the coaching duties and then set them all myself. You can do this by going to the Training screen, then at the far right at the top selecting 'Coaches'

    From there click on "Edit Coaching Assignments" at the top right. 


    Here you can clear everything and reset yourself. If you "ask assistant to assign" he'll likely put back the same duties as before. 

    I try not to have each coach on more than 2 duties, I think it spreads them too thin and eventually will get an inbox item "this coach is coaching too many categories".

    The more coaches you have in each category the more stars you get (also depends on the quality of coaching). If you have a small staff then focus on the areas you want to make the most of (possession or defending, etc.)

    This screen used to be up front last year, they've hidden it behind another button which I'm not crazy about this year, but works the same way. 


  6. If anything I'm finding it easier than last year so far. Maybe I've just unwittingly created a solid tactic.

    I do think there remains an issue with players reaching the byline and shooting from ridiculous angles. Especially when there are one or more unmarked players for a simple cut back or square pass.

    Does this happen in real life? Absolutely. Does it happen as often as FM? Nowhere near it. In fact, if players attempted some of these shots IRL I could see them being benched, or at the very least would get an earful from their teammates. I also appreciate that many situations in football happen at a much greater frequency in FM, it's just the nature of a computer game. Hitting the woodwork far more than the real life average is a good example. But this continual failure to play the only logical pass in these situations is getting very tiring. No player IRL would shoot from OUTSIDE the 6 yard box within 2 yds of the byline, they just wouldn't. 

  7. One pattern I've noticed is that when players are driving inside from either wing 45 degrees to the goal, more often than not they'll take the shot on from ridiculous angles that rarely happens IRL. 

    I'm talking outside the six yard box on the touchline. Unless you're Roberto Carlos you don't have a chance. No player realistically attempts that shot when one or more players are free for a simple square pass. It's immensely frustrating when it's happening multiple times a game. I have yet to see a "sweaty" goal even though the opportunity is there at least once a game, usually more. 

  8. 1 hour ago, plcarlos said:

    Switches and High risk passes are crazy - I re-watching a match to take notes to upload along with the PKM.... I'm on page 2 already and it's Just past half time!

    I'm trying to Capture a few issues:

    High risk switching play - One of these got me a goal (I am also noted my own near misses)

    Wide play vs Central play - Less of an issue, but I do have clear example

    Insane counters

    Keepers hitting long (Clear open player was available)

    Trying to work out if striker movement is good, Kane looks like he's in a 10 yard box during the final third (He is involved in build up in the middle)

    Watching the reply and noting is taking longer than the game did


    Maybe it's just me, and I've only played 8 games total, but every match the ball is being pinged back and forth at a terrifying pace. 50 yard passes back to back to back with many of them finding their target. It's a bit all over the place, I guess it could be my tactic, but it seems extreme. 

  9. On 18/09/2019 at 06:00, herne79 said:

    It's all personal choice but imo largely irrelevant because we still need to scout players properly in order to get a feel for their hidden attributes, which are every bit as important as the visible ones but remain hidden even with attribute masking off.

    Attribute masking on or off doesn't tell us how professional a player might be, how consistent he is, injury proneness, whether he'll wilt under pressure, what his potential might be and so on.  The only way we can find those things out is through scouting, so if they have to be scouted anyway attribute masking becomes kind of irrelevant.

    It's funny, I've been trying not dwell too much on what I learn about a player's hidden attributes from the Pros/Cons section of the report.

    Not that it isn't useful or valuable information, but too many times I've held off on signing a player because they were inconsistent or injury prone. 

    When I have gambled on this type of player, their "issues" are rarely so bad that they're detrimental to the team. They may just require a bit more micro managing which is fine. 

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