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  1. i think ive figured out why the leagues wasnt allowing me to add them at the very least i didnt realise that you now have to have atleast 1 team in the league, i dont remember it being like that before. with that now seemingly working. atleast ill find out properly once i get to divisions with sub division anyway, but singular divisions are working. i possibly have a workaround for the Scotland issue. its kinda stupid only being able to edit 1 nations rules per database. but alas if all goes to plan with this new workaround. i can use the default Vanarama National and dump any random 24 unused teams into that aslong as there is 24 once ive done the full size i want to do.
  2. So ive converted to Advanced Nation Rules database editor in an attempt to bypass the issue which i didnt want to do yet due to the amount of time to save, test and save each time. unfortunatly this didnt work but im gonna stay as advanced for now anyway as theres alot mor ability to structure better anyway. but i think i have found the problem im just not sure how to resolve it because from what i can see the Scottish Challenge Cup uses 2 guest teams from NIFL Prem, Cymru Prem, English National League (Conference) and LoI Prem. but there is no way to tweak it to select from 22 teams instead of the default 24 without removing english nation rules and editing scotish nation rules. which again defeats the objective as removing the nation rules for england would put the requirements for Conference back to 24 teams. and even once applied i cant then switch back to english nation rules. this is why the editor really needs the ability to allow editing of multiple nation rules. because otherwise some competitions just cannot be fixed. without having tons of seperate databases loaded and hoping they all dont clash.
  3. no sorry i saved over it. but i have run into another issue. instead of using entirely new leagues as ive opted for editing existing leagues (some of which) still dont detect) but a lot of faffing around wasting time moving and renaming leagues constantly till i find one that works. but thats not the main issue though frustrating. the main issue now is that im editing england obviously and all rules currently set in place are verified no issues. but upong loading the databse for a test run. Scotland becomes unseclectable due to Nationwide Conference 24 teams require, 22 teams found. but that is an english league and is set at minimum 22 teams. maximum 22 teams. why is it affecting scotland. i will attach the database im currently working on to see if you can figure out either issue or both. and i dont see why there would be a bug on multiple uninstall and reinstalls. Football Manager 2003.fmf I can't seem to get it to capture the error but im sure if you load that databse up youll see the same error. how exactly am i supposed to fix a rule in scotland when you can only have nation rules for one nation loaded ? and i can't change the conference back to 24 teams because that would destroy the objective of creating a 2002-03 season database. https://gyazo.com/ce3343c35f61d3a63e7824895c5ed9ab
  4. no that was just me playing about. adding/removing trying to get them to detect
  5. So im not sure whats going on as this is the first time ive tried to create a custom db this year. but all the usual routes to set one up are there until you get to actually adding custom created league/sub-division. further more it seems to be restricting me to default leagues only, if i remove any leagues they remove from the list(s). but still cause errors when adding certain parts such as. i tried removing vanarama north/south, with a restructured pyramid basically the same but some differences such as no vanarama n/s. (to replicate 02/03 format) name tweaks a few minor rule tweaks. now the editor will succesfully edit those things and verify the rules. but the errors come up in game as soon as i try starting to load the database. it will come up with missing teams, too many teams. etc etc. and not just in the edited country. Ive tried restarting the database creation attempt from scratch 3 times, as well as 2 further times after a uninstall and reinstall attempt. even though i only instaled the editor yesterday anyway. I also tried switching to Advanced editor and manually adding the leagues. but it would let me add them to the divisions list but not edit them. for the past 3 years the editor has got worse and worse and more restricted with each release. Its getting a total joke, i might as well just go back to older editors that havent got all these stupid unnescesarry restrictions in place. i mean what is the point of a database editor if you cant actually do what you want to do All default leagues removed to show the point. the created leagues are all set as competition level 6/tier 6. with Step 2 Leagues being the parent competition and and the other 3 as the sub divisions. non are selectable as single divisions. a sub division shows on the parent competition but the other 2 do not, and then non are selectable on the sub division part. the images have added back to front but the proof is there
  6. also to note this started happening just as the new update became available and since then.
  7. So i dont know whats going on. but progress/completion of some of the challenges has vanished. and there is now an error general error code 10000 with the store/dpwnloads meaning i cannot use unlockables (earned or purchased)
  8. no nothing. limited space on my ssd, and i havent figuered out how to use one of my other drive locations for the files i would normally use
  9. if i press start game it uses a small database and 12 leagues loaded from 5 nations. i NEVER use a small database and i have no idea what leagues are loaded. i get that i can add leagues later but will they not apply until the start of the next season. which means im stuck to using whatever leagues loaded until the rest are added
  10. Hi so i went to start a new game with the new update. but everytime i press advanced setup i just get a blank screen, it wont let me add or remove any leagues etc attatched below is exactly what i get I have tried this with and without official Gibraltor and Canadian leagues loaded but no other database stuff.
  11. I have tried various combos of leagues loaded and it crashes (Every Single Nation) (North/South America Only) (North America Only) Canada set as default nation. (this should perhaps be noted to avoid) having just the Canadian prem loaded it seems to be ok. so I can only play it with Canada the only loaded league ok. North/South America (with MLS) set as start date works fine.
  12. Hi so I have an issue, and before you ask for a save before it happened I have to say I do not have one, my game is on weekly auto save due to it being a massive expanded database and taking ages to load and advance. I am playing a journeyman save in season 2 atm well end of season 2 anyway. So season 1 2019 youth intake happened perfectly fine. Season 2 2020 I thought it was going fine in may I got the FC Osaka 2020 Youth Preview before any names are added, and I ket checking on a monthly basis until October when the final preview came in with full positives and negatives but ''list of players in youth intake is not yet available''. I thought ok this will update sometime in October or early November, but it is now 21 November 2020 and the intake has not happened and the preview has now changed despite the positives and negatives ''still being there'' exactly the same ones that were listed. it has changed to say 2021 Youth Candidates Preview. meaning I did not get my 2020 youth intake. as far as I can tell literaly every club in Japan J1-JFL has had their intake except a couple namely Osaka clubs. I will update if the intake does ever happen. but for now I have had to get the in-game editor activated aswell as fmrte to edit some youth due to relying on youth.
  13. Players are Immediatly complaining i have not sent them on a language course, immediatly upon joining before i even have the chance to click it. i am using an extended database but i doubt that would make any difference.
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