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  1. no i do not have a save prior to any of that. hence why i took a screen shot of that main issue which is clear as daylight to see. its not like i know in advance its going to bug out, to say oh i best create a backup save. but the next time it occurs i will try to create a save. and due to memory i do not keep more than 5 saves at a time. 4 are different saves entirely now whilest 1 is reserved for current save and then most recent which is typically 1 week prior to current save. once ive slept and got back on the game i am in the transfer window and seeking a couple more signings so its possi
  2. unfortunately the earliest save i now have is late December which is well beyond where it happened
  3. unfortunately i dont have the safe file anymore it overwrite and i am now several months on from where it was
  4. so ive found an issue whereby without going on holiday when a player gets a work permit rejected the continue button is becoming ''Must Respond'' but there is nothing to respond to I am able to bypass this by going on holiday for 1 day. but i HATE going on holiday. as it resets the progression for staying at a club. perfect example every FM i have never been able to get stay at a club for ?? amount of years purely down to going on holiday for even a single day to bypass a bug like this. furthermore i dont get why ''youth/development'' players are given the same work permit requi
  5. so ive noticed this every season and thought it may have been a build up to the '22 world cup, but it is now after the 22 world cup and still coming towards the end of the year (post world cup) between December 31st - March 20th there is absolutely nothing showing not even the existing fixtures this goes throughout all of the squads except now i cannot even select u23s or u18s schedule, to fill in any empty gaps with friendlies to raise money. during that period there is several 1 week gaps where all of my teams have absolutely no fixtures some 2 weeks and there is no international duty s
  6. When you have pre-agreed a transfer for a player without a contract, when the time comes to be able to apply again (before they join) but they are already agreed and cost already taken you are being charged again whether the work permit goes through or not. example i had agreed 30million worth of transfers and now a week prior to them joining i had been able to apply for work permits again, once again they were rejected and once again the transfer fee has been deducted from balance meaning i have now paid 60mill, for players agreed at 30mill. further more most of those transfers have clau
  7. So I'm not sure which category to put this in at it doesn't technical fit one so I thought other, if I'm wrong please move it to the correct one. I'm on Season 3 of my Save, in the previous season i was in Europa League and all players u23 trained at club was eligible but now in Champions League the rules in ''both'' competitions only show ''Only registered players are eligible'' nothing about players u23 trained at club. Now I'm days away from the first match in Group stage where we entered at and some of the players U23 trained at the club that were NOT registered are available bu
  8. Incase it happens again tho as its a Journeyman save does that happen with all the unregistered players for you or just O'Connell
  9. i did but i override it when i force transferred to west ham and it worked that way. just thought i'd bring it up incase anyone else has the issue and as it will probably also happen in all the other saves which i havent progressed with but they all use the original setup to save time waiting for humungous database to setup
  10. Hi so i am in season 2 have just moved from Chesterfield to West Ham in the middle of the transfer window and have signed a few players but i am not able to register them, i click the squad registration button and it just takes me to the squad screen. i try selecting the squad registration number and well it is not there, the option to set squad numbers is but not to register the squad, i have already had to face 2 of the 6 top 6 clubs Tottenham (cup) and Liverpool and still have to face Man City and Arsenal before the window closes. i have also noticed there is no squad registration date on t
  11. no nothing. limited space on my ssd, and i havent figuered out how to use one of my other drive locations for the files i would normally use
  12. if i press start game it uses a small database and 12 leagues loaded from 5 nations. i NEVER use a small database and i have no idea what leagues are loaded. i get that i can add leagues later but will they not apply until the start of the next season. which means im stuck to using whatever leagues loaded until the rest are added
  13. Hi so i went to start a new game with the new update. but everytime i press advanced setup i just get a blank screen, it wont let me add or remove any leagues etc attatched below is exactly what i get I have tried this with and without official Gibraltor and Canadian leagues loaded but no other database stuff.
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