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  1. Searching for the wisdom of the Braintree

    Great read! As a Braintree local, I've been tempted to try this. Not sure it could match up to your save though!
  2. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    I have a small list: The ability to control player tutoring (just a drop-down, like for PPMs, rather than the conversation needed in FM) The ability to start a game with fake players 75% zoom! This was great on FMC15, but disappeared in FM16. I'm still using a laptop with 1366x768 resolution and it makes everything a little chunky on 85% zoom The ability to retire squad numbers - if this still exists, please point it out because I've completely missed it! (I know this is very niche) A few more staff roles - I miss being able to build a backroom team No more interaction! It's fine as it is Thanks!
  3. Talk to me about touch

    If you're playing on a PC rather than a tablet, a lot of marris09's reservations don't apply. You can select more than 3 leagues and add all the graphical upgrades too. I personally prefer FMT, but I miss the ability to build a backroom team and player tutoring (or rather, control over the tutoring). The rest is much the same, and I find it gives me the same pleasure that the older FM versions and even CM versions gave me.
  4. May I ask why there's isn't a 'Contract Extension Bonus' for FMT owners? Is it because getting FM17 gave away a free copy of FMT17 and Steam can't tell if you paid for FMT17 or not (or something similar)?
  5. FM15 very slow to load

    Thanks for replying so quickly. I've removed the facepack I was using and will see what difference that makes. I checked my antivirus but couldn't see anything FM-related.
  6. The title says it all really, FM15 is very slow to load. Slower than FMT17 at the moment. I've really noticed this in the last month or so, therefore I don't think it's related to an update or anything. Basically, then game opens and then spends about 10 minutes cycling through the 'Loading' screens before finally reaching the start menu. Once up and running, it runs perfectly, it's just the initial load that is very sluggish. Can anyone suggest an explanation? Would having a lot of kit/logo packs slow this bit down? Could it be due to having all my save games in the Steam cloud? (I'm really clutching at straws here!) Other than that, I don't know what is different from when the game was newly installed.
  7. I'm still playing FMC15 as I have a save with FC Volendam which is 20 seasons deep (and going). I still start the occasional save in FMC15 because I think that version somehow got the balance absolutely spot on for me. I've got an FMT17 save which I dip in and out of, but I've found the last two versions a little difficult to love. It may just be that SI have made the AI smarter and I just struggle to string together the results like I used to be able to(!)
  8. It's worth doing as it gives you some kind of idea of the movement you want to see in your tactic. That way, when watching the highlights you'll be able to identify whether the players are doing what you want or not.
  9. What's the difference between direct passing and risky passing?
  10. Rome wasn't built in a day

    That's really tough. I think FM17 more than any previous version punishes overachievement.
  11. Great, thanks for explaining 👍
  12. A couple of (potentially) stupid questions: I can see a v3.2 mentioned, but can't see a download link anywhere after v3.1 - is 3.2 available? Do I need to download the kits separately? Thanks in advance!
  13. Opposition Instructions

    'Apply advice' means that you take the Assistant Manager's suggestions, so if you ticked the box, made changes and then clicked 'Apply advice' it will reset your changes to what the Assistant had previously suggested.
  14. FMT17 Save Updates Thread

    Great, thanks very much
  15. 17.3.1 update

    I don't think the update is available yet - there's no mention of it in the main forum and Steam should update automatically as you say.