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  1. Great, thanks for explaining 👍
  2. A couple of (potentially) stupid questions: I can see a v3.2 mentioned, but can't see a download link anywhere after v3.1 - is 3.2 available? Do I need to download the kits separately? Thanks in advance!
  3. 'Apply advice' means that you take the Assistant Manager's suggestions, so if you ticked the box, made changes and then clicked 'Apply advice' it will reset your changes to what the Assistant had previously suggested.
  4. Great, thanks very much
  5. I don't think the update is available yet - there's no mention of it in the main forum and Steam should update automatically as you say.
  6. What skin is that that you're using? Looks great!
  7. I raised this as a potential bug a little while ago and after investigating my save the support guys said there was no bug. Instead, they suggested that my board were being quite risky in order to hopefully push the club up the league. I think you just have to be careful and not blindly trust the budgets the board give you. They're probably fine all the while you're progressing and doing well but have a bad season and you may well enter a nasty spiral of financial problems.
  8. PS. I tried changing it so that I was no longer removing the English Leagues but it still crashed.
  9. No, though I I'm removing the English leagues, which might be the same kind of issue.
  10. Hi, Similar to other people's reports, my save is crashing at the same date - 21/02/2021. I've uploaded the save game as 'Marshdweller - crash on 21st Feb 2021' to the 'game-crash' folder of the FTP site. Any questions, please let me know.
  11. I had this happen to me on FM14, but luckily never since.
  12. I would definitely recommend making the transition to FMT - I still play the PC version rather than tablet/mobile but there is nothing I miss from the full fat version. I'm the kind who likes to get 15-20 seasons into a save and on the full version I would just run out of steam after about 6 seasons. However, I've got a FMC15 save still going in its 17th season alongside a FMT17 save just starting its 6th season.
  13. Excellent, thanks very much.
  14. Is it possible to transfer the graphics used for the 3D match engine from one version of FM to another? The reason I ask is that I think the 2016 Italy away kit is a thing of rare beauty and I would like to have that shown in the FM15 match engine. If it is possible, can someone give me some idiot-proof instructions as to how to do it please?
  15. Great, thanks for letting me know. I wasn't sure if that sort of recklessness was included in the game. Now I do, I'll be more wary...