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  1. I think I've cracked it - I don't think the individual items were set up so they defaulted to the colours set in the Details panel. I've set them up now and it has worked!! Thanks very much for your advice, I was going round in circles assuming everything was already in place.
  2. Really simple, stupid question: I'm trying to edit a team's kit. Currently they are red shirt, red shorts, red socks. I want to make them red shirt (i.e. leave as is), black shorts, white socks. However, when I change the shorts or socks colour, it changes the shirt too, so I've ended up with black/black/black and white/white/white rather than the combination I am aiming for. I know I'm missing something really simple but can't find what it is. Must have tried half a dozen times without success after thinking this would be a two-minute job. Any pointers greatly appreciated.
  3. So it's best to start from the top, because I will need to move Trapani out of Serie B, and so promote a team from Serie C into B, and then remove Catania and Sicula Leonzio from Serie C, so now I need three teams from Serie D and so on?
  4. How do I remove the Sicilian teams? Do I only need to do it for the active leagues (Serie A-C) or would I need to remove them all from the lower divisions too?
  5. You're welcome @krakonico, I'm grateful for your advice. Apologies if I seem to be repeating questions, I'm trying to (a) get things clear in my head and (b) make sure all the information is in one place. So my next questions are: How do I identify the extinct European nations? Is there a field I can filter on? How do I go about clearing the European competition teams for the international tournaments? @Wolf_pd, thanks, my plan is to have Sicily completely separate from Italy. Also, what's the best way to create multiple save points as I edit the database? I think I'll
  6. Just to be clear, my experience with the editor is limited to clearing all the injurues in the database, and in the very distant past adding myself into the game (who hasn't done that at some point, right?) - other than that, absolutely nothing, so any advice you give, please pitch at idiot level. My crazy plan is to make Sicily a separate league and cup competition. I mentioned this in the 'Simple questions...' thread and got some good advice from @krakonico and now I have my plan. The goal is to create the below: Lega Sicilia A-D 4 divisions of 16 teams Goal differ
  7. Is it possible to extract data from the editor into Excel? (I'm not looking to upload back into the editor, just want to create a working file)
  8. Thanks very much - that's exactly the sort of thing I was looking for as a framwork. I had a rough plan in mind but I clearly need to do a lot of research to create this. When I do start editing, would it make more sense to start a thread on here or just carry on in this thread? (I assume the former?)
  9. Is there a step-by-step guide to creating a whole new league structure? (On FM20) The idea I have in mind is to create a Sicilian league and cup competition, so that the Sicilian clubs play in this but not the Italian league pyramid.
  10. Stupid question perhaps: Excluding the newer roles, I assume that this is all valid back to games like FM15?
  11. If you go to your Store wallet, it should be in there and you can then apply to your save (if my memory serves me right).
  12. When I try to upload my highlights to Youtube, the video produced is a couple of seconds of blackness only. I've had this issue on two separate laptops. I usually watch the matches in 2D and want to upload the goals in 3D. When generating the video, the pitch and stadium are shown in 3D in the preview but the players are still represented by the 2D discs, but then the video on Youtube is just blackness. I'm guessing that I've missed a setting somewhere, so hopefully this will be a simple fix... Thanks!
  13. What are the criteria for the National Hero achievements? The description says "You have won promotion from the bottom to the top division in a nation" but does that apply to countries where there is only two divisions (e.g. Netherlands)? Therefore, could I get "Dutch Hero" for winning one promotion? Also, is it possible to earn this multiple times, e.g. "English Hero", "French Hero", "Brazilian Hero"...?
  14. Great read! As a Braintree local, I've been tempted to try this. Not sure it could match up to your save though!
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