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  1. Congratulations SI, the ME feels very smooth and also 3d graphics in general and player movement has improved a lot. Well done guys, thank you for your work.
  2. and the sound files go to which location ???
  3. Thank you. The patterns folder goes to documents\sports interactive\football manager 2018\ ? correct ?
  4. Might be, but with that same logic we wouldn't press conferences. You know, that stange feature that gives us the same questions a dozen times in FM, and a good portion of the time the questions are completely wrong for the situation.
  5. Thank you Kubi Even the new database folder ? I'm asking because my ........... stopped working since the 18.2 update. Should I create a new folder ?
  6. A minor issue: my FM is updated with 18.2.1 version, but I have no 1820 (or 1821) folder in programsx86/steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2018/data/ Also, in previous editions inside the data folder, there was a db folder with the several updates, but now I have a database folder and inside this on the db folder with the 1800 and 1810 folders. Something is not right here, correct ? Some help, please.
  7. Nice and the 'grass_01_mud' file should be deleted or stays in the folder ?
  8. And both textures and pitch folders are created by me or do I need to extract them from simatchviewer-pc ?
  9. If possible and if you have the will to do it, could you upload your pack and share it here ?
  10. Thanks. Then, the only thing missing is the pack to download Can't find any at fmscout or even using google (fm18 turf / fm18 textures) I get the message that the content from that link isn't available, the link may have expired .
  11. Okay, to have some order with all this, the correct thing to is: 1- extract simatchviewer-pc 2- extract mesh and textures folder to Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/ 3- extract files from any pack and place it in mesh and / or text folders Is this accurate ?
  12. Okay its not, thank you Kubi Although my target was more current wonderkids to use in fm15. would an fmf file from fm17 work with fm15 ?
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