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  1. Might be a dumb question, but have you tried writing the name of the club and press enter? Works for me. Without pressing Enter, it doesn't display any team name.
  2. Congratulations SI, the ME feels very smooth and also 3d graphics in general and player movement has improved a lot. Well done guys, thank you for your work.
  3. Thank you Kubi Even the new database folder ? I'm asking because my ........... stopped working since the 18.2 update. Should I create a new folder ?
  4. A minor issue: my FM is updated with 18.2.1 version, but I have no 1820 (or 1821) folder in programsx86/steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2018/data/ Also, in previous editions inside the data folder, there was a db folder with the several updates, but now I have a database folder and inside this on the db folder with the 1800 and 1810 folders. Something is not right here, correct ? Some help, please.
  5. Okay its not, thank you Kubi Although my target was more current wonderkids to use in fm15. would an fmf file from fm17 work with fm15 ?
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a pack of current wonderkids to add to fm15, can't seem to find one, neither here nor steam workshop. Does anyone have an fmf file ready to place in the fm 15 editor data folder ?
  7. Kubi, can you confirm that this year new sounds go to user/documents/sports interactive/football manager 2018/simatchviewer-pc/sounds ? thank you
  8. Forget it, my bad, the arrow is working Thanks, I will look around for that topic in which you explained how to add more ratings
  9. Oh, by the way: this year which file do we need to edit in order to change the player match ratings ?
  10. Michael, another year, another big thank you for your work Just a question: the bottom left panel display match stats and although there's an arrow to change to another option, the arrow doesn't seem to work. I was just about to look in this topic if this was something mentioned.
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