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  1. Hi all. Little update from myself. The above update will be the end of the series on SI forums unfortunately. I find myself with a hugely reduced amount of playing time recently and keeping up with the blog posts to a reasonably standard had caused playing the game to become more of a chore which I really didn't want it to become. This will still be my main save this year on FM so if I find myself with more time and ability in the future, I will definitely update everyone! Thanks to everyone for the comments and likes, ~Chrisofclubs
  2. April & May 2026 So. Hardly a blistering end to the season but an incredibly season nonetheless! We carried on in typical Vila Real fashion and finished the season off with 4 draws. I was quite unhappy with the last 3 results but considering the 5th placed finish, I can’t be too hard on the team. We will go through the entire season in the end of season review! A 5th placed finish in our first season in LIGA NOS is incredible. We have European football for next season whichever competition that will be. I’m hoping the Europa conference because this will give us much nee
  3. February & March 2026 4 wins, 4 draws in another really good period for the club. We are starting to stabilise now as a good LIGA NOS side. We currently lie 4th but there is a lot of ground below us that we can see and not much above. We cannot finish below 15th now and with each game, this gap will close. Anything 10th and better will have been a really good season in my books. We are playing some really good football, hitting teams on the break and by the looks of it, really frustrating to play against. I have checked the rules for the European competitions and b
  4. January 2026 Only the 6 games this month as the Benfica game was rearranged to allow them to win the Allianz Cup. Nevertheless, some amazing performances. I think we’re starting to see that we are much better than a ‘struggle to avoid relegation’ team and that next season, we can really start to make some moves even with the team that we have available to us. I don’t want to do too well this season and force the board to upgrade the stadium as I would really like better training and youth facilities before we go spending crazy money on stadiums. It’s going to be a tough road ahead be
  5. October, November and December 2025 A real mixed bag for these three months. This is still above how I expected us to be performing in our first season in LIGA NOS and I think a lot of that is down to the slight tactical tweak. I am seeing a lot more production from the wide players and I believe the widening of our play combined with taking off ‘work ball into box’ is allowing them more freedom to distribute the ball quicker and riskier. The loss in the placard was unfortunate but our group in the Allianz cup meant that we had almost no chance of progression. We have a tough Ja
  6. August and September 2025 Wow. First 2 months into LIGA NOS and we are unbeaten in the league with some huge results in there. I really don’t like doing too well the first season into the top league and this is dampening the joy of this month but I must admit, we are executing the smash and grab counter attacking tactic very well. We are defensively very solid whilst hitting teams on the break. Our wingers have been much more effective since we made the tactical change in the summer. Even Fernandes has been performing better. Bernas has stepped up his game as well and is even chippin
  7. Pre-season and transfers A really positive pre-season set of fixtures. Won the games we were supposed to win and lost narrowly to Crystal Palace. The draw at home to Boavista was a good indicator of where we’re at as well. A few new names on the scoresheet as well as some old names but you’ll have to wait and see which ones of the new names will be joining us permanently! Tactics This will be the tactic for the season. Going forward, for the next few seasons, we will be the underdogs going into most games. I’ve decided to stick with the fluid counter attacking mentalit
  8. End of season review Competitions Taca de Portugal Placard Knocked out in the third round by Casa Pia of the league below. Not a great result and we should know it! Next season we really need to finally get past the third round! Allianz Cup Knocked out in the second phase. I’m less annoyed about this one to be honest as we put up a really good fight against Farense of LIGA NOS. We competed really well and this gives me hope that we can really avoid relegation next season! League Well. Lots to say here and all of it is positive. We had a RIDICULOUS number
  9. May 2025 – The run in A very fortunate victory at home to Tondela puts us in a great position! Chaves winning 1-5 means they keep the pace but Oliveirense only managing a draw at home to bottom placed Covilha is great news for us! Lukas Lampert scored the only goal of the game in which we were the better side. We struggled to finish any chances in the first half. Diego Caetano was a beast in net, saving a penalty and 2 clear cut chances towards the end of the first half. Joao Victor at left back remains a liability giving away a penalty and being caught out of position numerous
  10. April 2025 Well, this is shaping up to be a hell of a run in. Everyone in the top 5 has lost this month including ourselves. No longer unbeaten but strangely top of the league with only 3 games to go! Its been a pleasing month overall. The comeback against Sporting Covilha was a great result but the poor performances against Arouca and UD Oliveirense shouldn’t be overlooked. We should be clear of 2nd and 3rd place by now and if we don’t get promoted, these two games will be looked at in much more detail. Despite sitting top of the table, I’m yet to see any particularly great for
  11. February and March 2025 Another 2 unbeaten months. A really special period for the club which, despite 4 draws, sends us into the promotion spots and into 2nd in the league. Despite the positive results, I still think we should have had more. The draws against Academica and Benfica were incredibly frustrating. Our strikers haven’t been as consistent as they were in previous seasons and if it hadn’t been for Jorge popping up with a few goals here and there and the signing of Baia, I don’t think we would be in the LIGA NOS promotion hunt this season. We are unbeaten in the league
  12. January 2025 + Transfers Another unbeaten month for the team! A great month in which we saw a few new faces! 8 points from a possible 12 sees us slide down to 5th in the league but we have widened the gap below us and narrowed the gap above us. Its incredibly tight at the top of the table and we are only 3 points off top placed Chaves. Key match – Vila Real 1 – 1 Leixoes Frustrating not to get the win but Baia’s first goal for the club against the team directly below us in the table was great to see. We seem to be digging deep when it matters and our ability to just no
  13. October, November & December 2024 A fantastic period for the club! If we skip over the 3-1 loss to lower league Casa Pia to knock us out of the cup, we are still unbeaten in the league. The only team, I might add. We have climbed our way up to 4th in the league despite being the draw kings. Youth have played a fantastic part in these few months and have provided us with needed depth. Shout out to Joshua Kyere and Francisco Costa who have come in when Hitalo wasn’t playing so well. Costa has a few goals and assists to his name for this season and is developing nicely. It’s really
  14. August and September 2024 Well. I don’t think I’ve ever had 6 draws to start a league season but here we go. The last few seasons, we have started really slowly and then around January – April played really well. I’m hoping that after this unbeaten start, we carry on in the same fashion! Overall, I must admit I’m happy with the results. It doesn’t look great on paper but we are unbeaten, through to the next round of the cup and we haven’t been conceding many. The form of the strikers has been a concern but I’m sure they will crack on and start firing soon! Key match – Varzim 1 –
  15. Pre-season and transfers First of all, lets talk about the fixtures. There will obviously be players that you don’t recognise here and we will cover those in the transfer’s section. The friendlies went fairly well. We should have beaten Fafe but we had a lot of trial players and youngsters playing to keep fitness for the Allianz Cup. The Allianz cup went expectedly. We smashed Penafiel with 3 goals from set pieces, 3 assists from Martelat and a debut goal for 16-year-old Abulai Co. We looked totally out of our depth against Farense which is fair enough because they are an establ
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