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  1. Please just remove the achievement like has been done in the past with non working achievements, this would be the right thing to do at this point. The new game is almost out so there is unlikely to be a fix in time prior to the new game and people who want to get all the achievements should have a chance to do so.
  2. Worst thing is, there have been achievements in the past that did not work and they simply removed them... I have no idea why they are not doing this for last seasons broken ones and this one.
  3. Can't get the achievement either (Video Director), if it can't be sorted the achievement needs to be removed, last year had two broken achievements, there are not many people who care to get 100% achievements for games but the ones who do cannot with your games right now.
  4. Please add a choice on tutors and clean sheets to the stats menu for leagues. Thanks.
  5. VERY disappointed clean sheets is still not in the stats, how will I know if my keeper is in the running? This really needs to be added. Also not being able to choose tutors, this also should have been added. I am tired of bad tutoring matchups ruining my young players. Other than those 2 things, so far so good.
  6. Game: FM 16 Type of Game: Any Age: 38 Timezone: GMT -7 (MST) When can you play: Any time Steam Username: tieio
  7. I consider "gained a little" and up to be a success. Having said that, I would estimate that it "works" about half the time at best. The number of falling outs is certainly unrealistic in my opinion.
  8. Been trying to get this one myself, I had a decent one but it seems like 2 striker formations that are not flat 4-4-2 are just nerfed to death.
  9. I only have a couple lingering wishes: 1. Please let me pick my own affiliate team. 2. Include an unlockable to give a player a new position instantly.
  10. Please make the magic sponge so that when you use it, the player is at least immune to further injury for a short time? Key player out for 9 months... so I buy the thing and heal him, very next game, out 7 months! That was a waste of my money. He isn't even injury prone.
  11. Another 1 star PA son.... if you are going to have unlockables people pay for, the very least is that they should be beneficial. Please make the generated son be at least a potential useful player but I would expect for the money to be able to get as potential key player. Yeah, I know you can get one for free after time but I enjoy to get one right off the bat to try and boost my weak squad. Please stop making this player be relative to the youth academy and make him be a good potential player at the very least for those of us who pay extra for it!
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