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  1. Please just remove the achievement like has been done in the past with non working achievements, this would be the right thing to do at this point. The new game is almost out so there is unlikely to be a fix in time prior to the new game and people who want to get all the achievements should have a chance to do so.
  2. Worst thing is, there have been achievements in the past that did not work and they simply removed them... I have no idea why they are not doing this for last seasons broken ones and this one.
  3. Can't get the achievement either (Video Director), if it can't be sorted the achievement needs to be removed, last year had two broken achievements, there are not many people who care to get 100% achievements for games but the ones who do cannot with your games right now.
  4. This post is 10 years old... I not only do not have those files anymore, I am 4 computers later.
  5. I know the youtube video (Video Director - You uploaded a video to YouTube) one does not work at all, so scratch that off the list for everyone, but I want to know who has these and how they did it; - Spread The News - You posted a status update I have both twitter and facebook signed in and I have never seen an update I can send to either of these. How did you get this one? - Invitational - You invited a friend to a Network Game I have invited people to my games, they join and this has never triggered. Is there a specific way to make this one work? and less so... -
  6. Oh people don't need to be prudish, I will not break the rules and link it but you just google "football manager real time editor" and you will find what you are looking for.
  7. I am looking for players from North America. I have no clan (yet) and the available players thread is full of UK players. Are there any players from North America with interest in playing FM18 or FMT18 online? I have managed to find a small handful but most are kids who want to play every day for many hours a day, I am an adult with a job and this is not feasible, so please if there are any adult players who desire to play FM18 or FMT18 online and live on the same continent, please message me or add on Steam: tieio
  8. Don't have a clan yet so I did not want to post in that thread until we do. Looking for some other players in North America interested in an online game. No idea yet on how frequent or anything, just want to see if there is anyone out there interested before starting anything up. Lots of Euro games but most are impossible to join with time zone difference and connection slow downs, so I am hoping to bridge the gap. Thanks.
  9. It has to be a bug, I also cannot select tactics for U23 or U18 at all
  10. I just made it to the premier league with accrington, who had no U23 and upon the drawing of the checkatrade trpohy I now magically have a U23 team. Prior to this the option never appeared.
  11. Please add a choice on tutors and clean sheets to the stats menu for leagues. Thanks.
  12. VERY disappointed clean sheets is still not in the stats, how will I know if my keeper is in the running? This really needs to be added. Also not being able to choose tutors, this also should have been added. I am tired of bad tutoring matchups ruining my young players. Other than those 2 things, so far so good.
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