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  1. Okay, I have now got the goal of the month in game 3 consecutive times and the achievement has not triggered. So, it is not possible to finish all the achievements this year and thus, I cannot get this game in my completed list, that is very poor. Also seems to be no way to get the Spread the News achievement, nothing ever pops up to tell me I can post a status on twitter and it is logged in. Can anyone address this?
  2. I have just got the goal of the month, I have got it a lot of times but the achievement for this never unlocks. Are there known achievements that are not working currently? I know we had a discussion about this at the start of the season but want to know what the update is, are all achievements working that you know of?
  3. It is quite the annoying thing, for sure https://steamcommunity.com/id/tieio/screenshot/807745271646393768
  4. So is this being looked at? There is still a bunch of non working achievements. @Connor Winks
  5. I contacted Steam support, they more or less laughed at me and said it is the issue of the game developers.
  6. So in my yearly pursuit to get all achievements in the game, once again there are a few that do not trigger or are not possible to get, - What A Goal! - Does not trigger - Video Director - I uploaded videos just fine, this does not trigger - Spread The News - There seems to be no way to achieve this one this season, the option to upload news has yet to come up despite many achievements in the game.
  7. Video Director will not trigger for me, uploaded videos just fine to my YouTube and the achievement is not triggering.
  8. No, I played on past that and it saves weekly, sorry.
  9. I offered my current player/Head of Youth Development a new contract just before he retired as player, he retired from playing just before accepting the offer and suddenly as he goes to accept his extension as a HoyD he need to be sacked to make room for himself? I now have no HoyD... he was sacked and not renewed. Save uploaded as "Aston United.fm" just accepted it in this, moving forward will show he gets let go instead of being renewed.
  10. Let's hope, this is the main reason I did not play much touch this season, game breaking for me and it still is.
  11. This post is 10 years old... I not only do not have those files anymore, I am 4 computers later.
  12. It is really starting to get annoying that no one is replying at all to this. Why is this gigantic issue not being fixed? Seriously @Lucas Weatherby please say something?
  13. Just saw this is not fixed on the update... is there some reason why? This is a HUGE loss to the game not being able to use a match plan on instant results.
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