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  1. Let's hope, this is the main reason I did not play much touch this season, game breaking for me and it still is.
  2. tieio

    Cheat Training for FM-09

    This post is 10 years old... I not only do not have those files anymore, I am 4 computers later.
  3. It is really starting to get annoying that no one is replying at all to this. Why is this gigantic issue not being fixed? Seriously @Lucas Weatherby please say something?
  4. Have you used the In Game Editor at all? Did you load any database changes at all? Did you use the real names fix from certain websites? Go into game status and see if there is a number beside the database changes. Should be 0 if it is like you describe, but I have a hunch you may have loaded in the real names fix, which also diables it.
  5. Just saw this is not fixed on the update... is there some reason why? This is a HUGE loss to the game not being able to use a match plan on instant results.
  6. I can't think of any reason for him to dislike me, he is well treated. I also found that once I advanced a day I could sign Peckitt, strange, must have been his agent prior who did not like me. This seems a little off, there is no reason at all for Bartlett to dislike me.
  7. As title, player asks for a new contract, I agree but when I go to offer him one it says he is not interested in negotiating with me. I even tried replacing his agent to no avail. Whitehawk.fm uploaded to saves, player is Joe Peckitt (while you're at it, maybe figure out why Tim Bartlett also refuses to negotiate)
  8. So, are you saying fantasy draft is the only way to get the invitational achievement? For Domination, game uploaded, Accrington Stanley.fm
  9. Lucas, you say all other achievements are now working, but, it is not true. I have 7 of us trying to get these to work, the following do NOT work at all Spread The News - Nothing ever pops up on how to share anything, ever. We are all signed in properly to our social media platforms, I have my Facebook linked and I have never been prompted to share anything. Invitational - We have tried this 1,000 ways, maybe you can tell me how to accomplish this one? 7 of us have tried with varying hosts just to get this to trigger but it does not. Video Director - you addressed this one and our newest find; Domination - did not trigger despite having just won my 4th consecutive title, this is also true of 4 of our other players, Jacob is on his 5th straight and still does not have this achievement
  10. tieio

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    Just poking around at teams on the beta with updates, saw some nice updates in there, great work! I am curious about Ovie Ejaria, after the U20's with England I read several reviews on him, he is Liverpools 5th highest rated prospect behind Gomez, Grujic, Woodburn and Alexander-Arnold, so I thought he would have a decent PA, but he is consistantly around 135. Also it says he is lauded for his versatility to play all across the midfield, but he has no rating at MR or ML. I trust you know these guys well, this is more of an inquirey than a nitpick. I'd bring up Ojo for the same reasons as well, but I don't wish to overwhelm.
  11. Any word from anyone if this is being looked at for fixing? I have not been playing much touch because of this bug. Just played a few and still no subs when i use my custom match plan. Tried it on my ipad and same issue exactly. @Lucas Weatherby?
  12. Did you download a transfer update from a website? That is the exact amount of changes in one of the large transfer update files I seen recently. There is certainly database changes so that explains everything. This is not a case of a game loaded with nothing added, the game cannot add things itself or make database changes itself. It did in pre-release for a while but that got fixed on release.
  13. But Double Hat-Trick worked, not sure I understand why it was removed?
  14. You did not use the pregame editor to fix things up? Did you use the unfaking files posted in various places?