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  1. Let's hope, this is the main reason I did not play much touch this season, game breaking for me and it still is.
  2. tieio

    Cheat Training for FM-09

    This post is 10 years old... I not only do not have those files anymore, I am 4 computers later.
  3. It is really starting to get annoying that no one is replying at all to this. Why is this gigantic issue not being fixed? Seriously @Lucas Weatherby please say something?
  4. Just saw this is not fixed on the update... is there some reason why? This is a HUGE loss to the game not being able to use a match plan on instant results.
  5. Any word from anyone if this is being looked at for fixing? I have not been playing much touch because of this bug. Just played a few and still no subs when i use my custom match plan. Tried it on my ipad and same issue exactly. @Lucas Weatherby?
  6. I know the youtube video (Video Director - You uploaded a video to YouTube) one does not work at all, so scratch that off the list for everyone, but I want to know who has these and how they did it; - Spread The News - You posted a status update I have both twitter and facebook signed in and I have never seen an update I can send to either of these. How did you get this one? - Invitational - You invited a friend to a Network Game I have invited people to my games, they join and this has never triggered. Is there a specific way to make this one work? and less so... - Immovable Object - Your team hasn't conceded a goal in 30 consecutive competitive matches Ok, I know how to get it, but really? Hard to imagine anyone getting this one.
  7. Update came and this is still not fixed? Getting sick of not being able to use my custom match plans.
  8. tieio

    Editor in FM Touch?

    Oh people don't need to be prudish, I will not break the rules and link it but you just google "football manager real time editor" and you will find what you are looking for.
  9. Just came in to post this and found this thread, I am also getting no substitutions with instant results using a match plan. I am using a custom match plan, I do not have it ticked for assistant to pick team but when I use my match plan no subs are made. I have attached a pic of my match plan.
  10. tieio

    Players from North America?

    I am looking for players from North America. I have no clan (yet) and the available players thread is full of UK players. Are there any players from North America with interest in playing FM18 or FMT18 online? I have managed to find a small handful but most are kids who want to play every day for many hours a day, I am an adult with a job and this is not feasible, so please if there are any adult players who desire to play FM18 or FMT18 online and live on the same continent, please message me or add on Steam: tieio
  11. Just noticed no one has managed to get this to work at all, not a single user has managed to upload a video to youtube on this years game. https://steamcommunity.com/stats/624090/achievements/
  12. It was after a match, it has never worked. I have tried it now 11 times, each time trying a different quality setting and sometimes trying to just upload one goal highlight as it is the smallest. No variation seems to work and the result is always the same.
  13. Because no one has answered you, just so you know you are not alone.
  14. I just had this exact issue and pressing Shift + R does nothing, had to hard crash the game.
  15. I am having this exact issue right now, that same confirmation popped up in the background but the overlay is still above it trying to encode the video.