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  1. Worst thing is, there have been achievements in the past that did not work and they simply removed them... I have no idea why they are not doing this for last seasons broken ones and this one.
  2. Yeah no one can log into youtube on the game, this has been like this a long time. I hope to be able to get 100% achievements this season, still ticked there is 3 that cannot be had from last season.
  3. It was suggested I post this here, as like last year there are achievements that cannot be got as of now. As I said in this post I linked below, last year should never have been allowed to not be able to get all the achievements, please fix it this year...
  4. Can't get the achievement either (Video Director), if it can't be sorted the achievement needs to be removed, last year had two broken achievements, there are not many people who care to get 100% achievements for games but the ones who do cannot with your games right now.
  5. I emailed that email and they said Apple has to deal with refunds, they can do nothing. I tried to refund with Apple and they told me I have had it too long so they will not refund it. This is very upsetting.
  6. I have this set from the start always and I still get friendlies in the preseason on Tuesdays and Thursdays made for me.
  7. That's right, and you can't play on an iPad and a PC as I do every season... weird they say they can't make it work on 20 Touch but it works fine on 19 and even 18 still on iOS 13.
  8. What a disappointment. This is why I buy this...
  9. Didn't even think of that... but thanks!
  10. EDIT - NM, it triggers after the season has ended completely. (after CL final)
  11. Let's hope, this is the main reason I did not play much touch this season, game breaking for me and it still is.
  12. This post is 10 years old... I not only do not have those files anymore, I am 4 computers later.
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