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  1. I haven't seen a low cross in about 3 versions of FM. No idea why that option is even in the game when it doesn't work.
  2. I'm struggling like never before. I was one game away from getting the sack but have managed to turn things around and now we're on track to finish 7th which isn't great. If we don't get Europa League I'm pretty sure I'll get sacked.
  3. I'm back for another year of Athletic. I plan to play this save all year so I should get a good 20/30 seasons.
  4. How do the foreign player rules work in Ukraine? Are they fairly relaxed?
  5. @Pavi I used Aduriz in this system as a poacher, next to Williams as an AF. Aduriz was horrible at the start of the season, I think he got half of his goals in the last 15 or so league games. His stats definitely flatter him, he was a very frustrating player.
  6. LaLiga Santander Very decent first season at Athletic. Champions League football will be great for boosting the reputation and the bank balance. Barcelona was unstoppable and got to the CL final, unfortunately, they were beaten by PSG. Real Madrid and Atletico also got to the semi-finals so it was a good performance from the Spanish sides. Unfortunately, Aduriz retired at the end of the first season so it'll be hard to replace his goals. As a result, I have purchased quite a few young strikers for the long term. I also let Mikel Rico, Balenziaga and Raul Garcia leave at the end of their contracts. Transfers Rafa Álvarez - £10m from Barcelona I'm really excited by this guy. Great to take a young prospect from Barcelona. He will be a key player in the midfield for many years to come I am sure. Enrique Alfaro - £500,000 from Gijon. Looks as though he could be a decent wing back. Love his physicals and he's nice and tall for a 16-year-old. I hope his technical attributes improve but I am sure he will become a first-team player in the coming years. Iñaki Martínez - £400,000 from Osasuna. I like the look of this guy. He has a couple of nice attributes in nice areas but is still a bit raw. I have plenty of young strikers on the conveyor belt so we'll see if he makes it to the first team. I'm sure he'll be a useful player for us. Miguel - £500,000 from Getafe. This guy looks okay. Not sure if he'll make it into the first team in all honesty. He has a lot of developing to do. Pepe Aguirre - on loan initially, but will join permanently for £1.8m from Getafe. I think this lad could be brilliant. He will be trained as a striker. He has some really nice attributes, I love his first touch, technique and his physicals. Improving his personality will be a priority, but a key player for the future hopefully. Youth Intake Eneko Calvillo What an absolute gem. He is going to be world class. 6'5", 17 flair, 16 off the ball and a professional personality at the age of 16? Yes, please. He has the potential to be one of the best players of his generation. Jon Garmendia He is quite raw but I can see him having the potential to be a first team player for us. Very consistent performer which is always a bonus. Eneko Dulce I love his physicals. However, his technical and mental attributes need a lot of work. Aims for next season Losing Aduriz is a big blow, so top 4 and qualification for the Champions League is the target. I feel we have the quality to potentially get to the quarterfinals of the Champions League, let's hope we get an easy group.
  7. Sad to see that this thread has died down. Anyhow, I have taken over as Julen Guerrero in what will be my final save of FM19, so it should be a long one. I shall update at the end of every season.
  8. After what feels like hundreds of reloads, I've started as Lewes. Let's go.
  9. What's your opinion on the XPS line? I just picked up an XPS 15 from Dell Outlet for £900 with the following specs: Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ 16GB DDR4 SDRAM 512GB PCIe Solid State Drive NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics I'm hoping this will be more than adequate for FM and will last me a good couple of years. I just hope I receive a good unit since I know the XPS line is known for it's QC issues,
  10. I'm having some trouble since the latest update. Is there anyone here that might know why the 'last starting 11' tab is now blank? It worked absolutely fine before the winter updates. I think I've found the relevant code in the club overview.xml but I have no idea what to change. Could somebody help me out, would be much appreciated.
  11. Definitely Goretzka, plays for Schalke. You can get him on a free at the end of the first season.
  12. Could someone post the Chelsea team please Much appreciated.
  13. Is there any way I can make the faces from my facepack the same sizes as the regen faces?
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