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  1. under review

    Yes, it is finally working! Great job, guys!
  2. under review

    Hi, thanks for the reply. So is this achievement removed or fixed? I checked my Steam page and the achievement is still there. Thanks.
  3. under review

    What they mean is FMT 2018. No more patches to be made on FMT 2017. We just have to live with this.
  4. under review

    When will SI remove this achievement? I am waiting for nearly 5 months and nothing is done.
  5. Anyone from SI care to reply?
  6. Hi, Alex. Any news on when SI will remove the broken achievements in FMT 2017? Thanks.



  7. 2 min 22 sec to complete a week is actually impressive. One of my friends tested it on a i7 4910MQ and it took more than 1 hour!
  8. Look at these 2 threads: A few months back, "Back of the Net" achievement was not working for the main game as well as for the touch version and you guys removed it. So when will you guys remove the "Starting at the Bottom" achievement and "Splashing the cash" achievement? I have been waiting for a couple of weeks now. Hope to hear from you soon.
  9. I want to run all leagues, with a large database, with detail level set to a maximum. Will a laptop with a i7-4910MQ @ 2.90GHz processor, 32GB of RAM and a NVIDIA GTX 980M graphics card be enough for this? And yes, the OS is Windows 10 64-bit. Or should I go for the i7-7700k processor. is the 4910MQ enough? Thanks.
  10. OK, as you guys know, FMT 2017 has got a few achievements which are not unlocking. The question is, will SI remove these broken achievements via a patch soon? Or has SI stopped caring about FMT 2017 and working towards FMT 2018? The achievements for the main game has been fixed as SI has removed them. Good work! But what about FMT 2017? Will we soon see a patch before FMT 2018 comes out in November 2017? I am referring to the Steam PC version by the way. Thanks.
  11. No, I tested it by using FMRTE and it is possible to hit 320,000.
  12. OK I am managing Manchester United and I did a little experiment in terms of the capacity. Using FMRTE, I noticed that I can increase the stadium capacity to 320,000 but when I tried increasing it to 350,000, after a few game days, the capacity reverts back to 85,000!! I even increased the population of Manchester to more than 20 million people but to no avail. So the question is, is the game coded to have a maximum stadium capacity for any 1 club no matter what you do? Not possible to edit the capacity to 400,000 or even 500,000? However if one goes by the traditional route by asking the board to expand the capacity, the city council will eventually block the expansion. For Manchester United, (without using FMRTE) I believe the maximum capacity possible is around 120,000.
  13. Hi, Alex. It has been nearly a month but the achievement, "Splashing the cash" has still not yet been removed from FM 2017 Touch. However, the "Back of the net" achievement have been removed. Will FM 2017 touch have another update in the coming weeks? Thanks.

    1. Alex Pitt

      Alex Pitt

      Thanks for the reminder, I'll chase this up next week.

    2. Blanchflower1


      Thank you so much for your persistence. :applause:

  14. Thanks! Much appreciated!