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  1. I never liked bugs in video games. Almost every game has a bug, except maybe ping pong. Is it possible to create a software to find and eradicate bugs?
  2. Any official reply about this from the developers?
  3. Hi, my budget for a new laptop is around Singapore $1,200 which is about 680 British pounds. This is the specifications: Processor: i7-8750H at 2.20 GHz 6 cores RAM: 8GB Graphics: Intel UHD 630 graphics plus GeForce GTX 1050 The question is, I know that this laptop can run FM 2019 easily but how many leagues can it run and can I choose a large database? Thanks.
  4. My budget is USD $400. The processor speed is actually 1.10GHz but the burst frequency is 2.20 GHz for the N3450.
  5. My budget is currently $400 USD. I am looking to buy a second hand laptop. This is the specification: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3450 @ 1.10GHz Intel(R) HD Graphics 4.0 GB of RAM Windows 10 64-bit Can it run FM 2019? I will only be playing about 2 or 3 leagues simultaneously. Thanks.
  6. I noticed that when I start a new game and after a few matches, I can see myself at the leaderboards. So my guess is correct. If you start a save game from the beta, you can't see yourself at the leaderboards. So you should start a game from the official release of FM. Hope this information helps everyone.
  7. That could be the reason. I used a save from beta. Can anyone else confirm this? Do anyone see their name on the leaderboards without using a save from the beta? Is this a bug?
  8. I could see myself in previous editions of FM. No, I don't use any database edits or licensing fixes. The only edits I make is from FMRTE.
  9. OK, I never use the in-game editor but have used FMRTE. In previous versions, I can see myself at the leaderboards when I click "show yourself". But for FM 2018, after playing one season and winning everything, I can't view myself at the leaderboards when I click "show yourself". Nothing seems to be happening. I can view other players including those who use hacks to hack into the leaderboards and give themselves high scores. But not mine even though the only editor I use is FMRTE. Please advise. Thanks.
  10. Hi, Alex. Any news on when SI will remove the broken achievements in FMT 2017? Thanks.



  11. 2 min 22 sec to complete a week is actually impressive. One of my friends tested it on a i7 4910MQ and it took more than 1 hour!
  12. I want to run all leagues, with a large database, with detail level set to a maximum. Will a laptop with a i7-4910MQ @ 2.90GHz processor, 32GB of RAM and a NVIDIA GTX 980M graphics card be enough for this? And yes, the OS is Windows 10 64-bit. Or should I go for the i7-7700k processor. is the 4910MQ enough? Thanks.
  13. Hi, Alex. It has been nearly a month but the achievement, "Splashing the cash" has still not yet been removed from FM 2017 Touch. However, the "Back of the net" achievement have been removed. Will FM 2017 touch have another update in the coming weeks? Thanks.

    1. Alex Pitt

      Alex Pitt

      Thanks for the reminder, I'll chase this up next week.

    2. Blanchflower1


      Thank you so much for your persistence. :applause:

  14. Hi, thanks for your quick reply. I tested the "Splashing the Cash" achievement and even bought a player for 80 million pounds. But the achievement still did not unlock for FMT. Much appreciated and hope this information helps.

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