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  1. OK, I finally fixed this problem. All I did was restart my PC and everything is in order on. For once, I nearly got a heart attack!
  2. OK, I am playing both Football Manager 2016 and Football Manager Touch 2016. Everything was fine yesterday but today when I try to do a cloud save for both games, the option is not there. It simply disappeared. I really do not know what happened. Is anybody else facing the same problem? I can't even upload any cloud save. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the kind reply. Then it is just too bad!
  4. OK, I bought Football Manager Touch 2016 with all the DLCs on Steam. I tried to search all over the Internet for a live editor for Football Manager Touch 2016 but could not find one. I downloaded Football Manager Editor Live (FMEL) but it does not work with the touch edition of this game. Is there an editor for this version like FMRTE? Please advise. Thanks.
  5. OK, every time when my finances hit nearly $2 billion dollars, the board always invest around $300 to $700 million to a so called investment fund. When this is being done, my balances always show a negative value because the game sees this as a dividend expense. This issue has been going on for the previous FM versions as well. As the sale of players get even higher and inflation being taken into account, can I request SI to raise this limit? Is it even possible? Reason being, when I make a loss (actually this is not the case, but the funds being transferred to a dividend account shows as an expense), I am always afraid that I would not pass the Financial Fair Play. Every season, my finances state that I am about to fail in this area but somehow miraculously, I managed to pass it. I guess the Financial Fair Play does not take the dividend expenses into account. Thanks and have a nice day.
  6. Actually that is not entirely accurate. It will last until your computer cannot take it anymore. So it depends on how powerful your computer is and how much space it has. For example, in todays high powerful machine, it could last 5,000 or 10,000 seasons. When you go that far, the limitations is on your PC. In the future when more powerful computers are built, it could last 100,000 or even a million seasons. So it has an end. It depends on the specifications of your PC.
  7. I added you on Steam. My Steam username is Blanchflower and currently at Steam Level 245.
  8. Under Review

    Yes, I can confirm that this achievement is working now. Great work guys!
  9. Under Review

    Has this bug been fixed in the latest patch? A response will be much appreciated.
  10. Under Review

    This bug has not been fixed with the latest patch. Am I right to say that? I won the double again after the latest patch but the achievement is still being locked.
  11. Under Review

    Thank you so much for the acknowledgement! I also want to add that you guys are doing a great job in trying to eradicate the bugs.
  12. Under Review

    So did you guys receive my saved game? An acknowledgement would be appreciated.
  13. Under Review

    Hi, I have managed to upload my save game on the fttp just before the FA Cup final match against Tottenham. The name of the file is "Manchester". It is last modified on 12/12/2015 17:10. Please look into this and give me a reply. Have a good day!
  14. Under Review

    Thanks for the kind reply. Right now I am in my 3rd season with Manchester United on January. I won everything in my last 2 seasons but the achievement still did not unlock. However when I get into May, (it would take me a few days) I will upload a save just before the FA Cup final. I would also like to add that this is clearly a bug and you can easily reproduce this. For example if you check on the Steam page, you would find that 0% of the users have yet to unlock this achievement. Isn't this strange? Thanks and I hope to upload a save soon.
  15. Under Review

    Unfortunately, I don't have the save.