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  1. I never liked bugs in video games. Almost every game has a bug, except maybe ping pong. Is it possible to create a software to find and eradicate bugs?
  2. Any official reply about this from the developers?
  3. Hi, my budget for a new laptop is around Singapore $1,200 which is about 680 British pounds. This is the specifications: Processor: i7-8750H at 2.20 GHz 6 cores RAM: 8GB Graphics: Intel UHD 630 graphics plus GeForce GTX 1050 The question is, I know that this laptop can run FM 2019 easily but how many leagues can it run and can I choose a large database? Thanks.
  4. My budget is USD $400. The processor speed is actually 1.10GHz but the burst frequency is 2.20 GHz for the N3450.
  5. My budget is currently $400 USD. I am looking to buy a second hand laptop. This is the specification: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3450 @ 1.10GHz Intel(R) HD Graphics 4.0 GB of RAM Windows 10 64-bit Can it run FM 2019? I will only be playing about 2 or 3 leagues simultaneously. Thanks.
  6. I noticed that when I start a new game and after a few matches, I can see myself at the leaderboards. So my guess is correct. If you start a save game from the beta, you can't see yourself at the leaderboards. So you should start a game from the official release of FM. Hope this information helps everyone.
  7. That could be the reason. I used a save from beta. Can anyone else confirm this? Do anyone see their name on the leaderboards without using a save from the beta? Is this a bug?
  8. I could see myself in previous editions of FM. No, I don't use any database edits or licensing fixes. The only edits I make is from FMRTE.
  9. OK, I never use the in-game editor but have used FMRTE. In previous versions, I can see myself at the leaderboards when I click "show yourself". But for FM 2018, after playing one season and winning everything, I can't view myself at the leaderboards when I click "show yourself". Nothing seems to be happening. I can view other players including those who use hacks to hack into the leaderboards and give themselves high scores. But not mine even though the only editor I use is FMRTE. Please advise. Thanks.
  10. OK, I am living in Singapore. I pre-ordered Football Manager 2018 a few weeks ago and got the Touch version as well. But something strange has happened. I am unable to purchase the DLCs for the Touch version on Steam because it says that the Touch version is not available in my region. But strangely in my Steam account, I have the Touch version despite it not being available in my region. Can someone from SI give me an explanation? Thanks.
  11. As the title says, when can I buy Football Manager Touch 2018 on Steam? I noticed that a few members of this forum has already got the Touch version. Thanks.
  12. OK, I am playing a long save with all the English leagues being loaded up to Level 6. I actually did a little experiment. I made Liverpool relegated for 6 seasons in a row and they reached the Northern Premier League (Level 7). As my save only ran leagues up to 6 seasons, I was hoping for Liverpool to come back into Level 6 of the English Football League System. I waited for 4 seasons but they never managed to get promoted back into Level 6. I even used FMRTE to make some of their players "Perfect Players" but still it did not happen. Then I changed the reputation of Liverpool to 8,000. When they were relegated from Level 6, their reputation hit rock bottom to 1. Then after 5 seasons of not seeing them, they were "miraculously" promoted back to Tier 6 of the English Football League System. Thus, I can now technically manage them. The question is, what criteria does the game decide in promoting clubs to Level 6 or for that matter in other football league systems around the world. Does the reputation of the non-league club play a significant role in this? Or is this completely random? By the way, I can't bear to do this with Manchester United because I am a hardcore fan of them. Sorry Liverpool fans! Thanks.
  13. Hi, Alex. Any news on when SI will remove the broken achievements in FMT 2017? Thanks.



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