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  1. Back of the Net achievement still not unlocking for touch version.

  2. Still no response?
  3. They hardly reply.
  4. The back of the nest achievement for touch version is still not fixed in the latest update. As for the main game, the achievement was removed.

    1. Blanchflower1


      should be "net" instead of "nest".

  5. The lack of response and failure to fix this bug in the latest update is very discouraging to say the least.
  6. This is still not fixed in the latest update!
  7. I tested this achievement by buying a player for over 30 million pounds but this achievement does not unlock. I even tried buying a player for 80 million pounds but the result is still the same. This bug is easy to reproduce by the way. Any comments or acknowledgement would be most welcome. By the way, no one on Steam has unlocked this achievement. This applies to Football Manager Touch 2017.
  8. Please take note that is bug applies to the main game as well as Football Manager Touch version.
  9. This is on PC.
  10. Just to let you guys know, the Steam achievement, "Back of the Net" is not working for both FM 2017 and the Touch version. Nothing is being done to address this issue.
  11. This bug is still not fixed.
  12. under review

    This bug is still not fixed.
  13. The lack of response is a bit discouraging.
  14. under review

    The lack of response is a bit discouraging.
  15. OK this is a pretty easy achievement to get. Just score a goal in a competitive match. However my team has scored lots of goals competitively and yet this achievement for Football Manager 2017 is not unlocking! This is clearly a bug. By the way, I have played over 20 competitive matches already. By the way, this bug exist on Football Manager Touch 2017 as well. It did not unlock. This bug is very easy to reproduce by the way. And no one on Steam has got this achievement.