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  1. Thanks for the kind reply. Yes, I used a Beta save. So I started a new game and now I can see myself in the leaderboards. Can I make a suggestion? In the future, can beta saves be also included in the leaderboards? Reason being, I completed one season of the beta and it took me about 12 hours. I thought everything would be fine. Now I have to start all over again. Just a suggestion though.
  2. Blanchflower1

    I can't see myself at the leaderboards

    I noticed that when I start a new game and after a few matches, I can see myself at the leaderboards. So my guess is correct. If you start a save game from the beta, you can't see yourself at the leaderboards. So you should start a game from the official release of FM. Hope this information helps everyone.
  3. Blanchflower1

    I can't see myself at the leaderboards

    That could be the reason. I used a save from beta. Can anyone else confirm this? Do anyone see their name on the leaderboards without using a save from the beta? Is this a bug?
  4. Blanchflower1

    I can't see myself at the leaderboards

    I could see myself in previous editions of FM. No, I don't use any database edits or licensing fixes. The only edits I make is from FMRTE.
  5. OK, I never use the in-game editor but have used FMRTE. In previous versions, I can see myself at the leaderboards when I click "show yourself". But for FM 2018, after playing one season and winning everything, I can't view myself at the leaderboards when I click "show yourself". Nothing seems to be happening. I can view other players including those who use hacks to hack into the leaderboards and give themselves high scores. But not mine even though the only editor I use is FMRTE. Please advise. Thanks.
  6. OK, I am living in Singapore. I pre-ordered Football Manager 2018 a few weeks ago and got the Touch version as well. But something strange has happened. I am unable to purchase the DLCs for the Touch version on Steam because it says that the Touch version is not available in my region. But strangely in my Steam account, I have the Touch version despite it not being available in my region. Can someone from SI give me an explanation? Thanks.
  7. As the title says, when can I buy Football Manager Touch 2018 on Steam? I noticed that a few members of this forum has already got the Touch version. Thanks.
  8. OK, I am playing a long save with all the English leagues being loaded up to Level 6. I actually did a little experiment. I made Liverpool relegated for 6 seasons in a row and they reached the Northern Premier League (Level 7). As my save only ran leagues up to 6 seasons, I was hoping for Liverpool to come back into Level 6 of the English Football League System. I waited for 4 seasons but they never managed to get promoted back into Level 6. I even used FMRTE to make some of their players "Perfect Players" but still it did not happen. Then I changed the reputation of Liverpool to 8,000. When they were relegated from Level 6, their reputation hit rock bottom to 1. Then after 5 seasons of not seeing them, they were "miraculously" promoted back to Tier 6 of the English Football League System. Thus, I can now technically manage them. The question is, what criteria does the game decide in promoting clubs to Level 6 or for that matter in other football league systems around the world. Does the reputation of the non-league club play a significant role in this? Or is this completely random? By the way, I can't bear to do this with Manchester United because I am a hardcore fan of them. Sorry Liverpool fans! Thanks.
  9. Blanchflower1

    Splashing the cash not unlocking

    Yes, it is finally working! Great job, guys!
  10. Blanchflower1

    Splashing the cash not unlocking

    Hi, thanks for the reply. So is this achievement removed or fixed? I checked my Steam page and the achievement is still there. Thanks.
  11. Blanchflower1

    FM Touch 17.3.0 No Manager history

    What they mean is FMT 2018. No more patches to be made on FMT 2017. We just have to live with this.
  12. Blanchflower1

    Splashing the cash not unlocking

    When will SI remove this achievement? I am waiting for nearly 5 months and nothing is done.
  13. Anyone from SI care to reply?
  14. Blanchflower1

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    2 min 22 sec to complete a week is actually impressive. One of my friends tested it on a i7 4910MQ and it took more than 1 hour!