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  1. When I look at your tactic, I see the wide open spaces of your right flank and wonder if you could get more out of it.

    The cwb is great, but imagine if you had someone playing in front of him, tucked in, such as an IF, a WM, or even a Ramdeuter?

    This would give you 2 attacking options on the right flank and would balance nicely with the left flank. The AF(a) would lead the line and this would allow your best player to be more influential in the AMC slot, whatever role you choose for him. 

    The end result might be that the AF(a) might perform better in a solo role, and I know the AP will benefit from the space.

    Good luck anyway.

    1. Bedese


      I really like that idea, but it's not something we could use right now.

      We only have one person who can actually play on the right wing in the entire squad, and he's a 30 year old with horrific stats all round.

      Once we get a RM/RW in an intake, I'll try it out, but until then we'll have to stick with what we've got :D 

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