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  1. On 14/05/2019 at 15:08, r0x0r said:

    I'd suggest the reason why it looks like only one thing matters is because there was no test where the training, youth facilities and youth recruitments of the clubs (and maybe their reputation?) were changed. That's why Turkey have a better rating than England but there are better English prospects. Our clubs act as a multiplier on our youth rating. 

    I agree! All those things matter (from my personal, unrecorded experiments, they - including reputation - matter a lot), but those are all things that the player can impact through playing the game. For the purposes of this at least, I was only interested in seeing how important the factors you can't change are.

  2. On 15/05/2019 at 19:07, enigmatic said:

    From personal experiments (with FM17 but presumably still applicable) the effect is larger than Youth Rating (similar to clubs in that respect I guess...). Got an amazing golden generation of Chinese teenagers with their reputation set to 10,000 followed by not much afterwards as their reputation plummeted when they didn't win things

    My personal experiments have found similar things :) 

  3. Youth Intake Day!


    The quality isn't too shabby, but what makes me happiest about this intake is all the different nationalities - 10 different countries are represented in total! That's a very accurate mix of the demographics around the area, and I'm chuffed to bits about that :D 



    I can't say his name, but he's going right into the first team between the sticks.



    Likewise, Nana will slot into the team immediately at LB.



    An interesting one. Our current CAM Nidai Atas has been superb for us throughout his time here:


    But Atas is rated at just 1* CA, and is now 30 years old. Aldridge will get his chance before too long.

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