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  1. On 05/10/2019 at 12:08, nie jem frytek said:

    Would be nice to see some update about players who left for higher divisions, what is Clifton Belle doing now, how many goals Baron scored for Blackburn he earned transfer to Southampton? etc. etc.

    Excellent idea! I should have been doing that all along. I'll get on it next time I load the game up!

  2. 22 minutes ago, BillHoudini24 said:

    Oh it wasn't you?! It's very rare to see a good deal dealt by the chairman. How are your finances looking right now? Can you invent some of it on the club?

    The Chairman went over my head, but got a better deal than I could when I tried to frantically negotiate with other teams :lol: 

    We've got about 4m in the bank now, which is absolutely huge money for a team at our stature. I don't really plan on upgrading the Training or Youth Facilities until we turn Pro, so I'm just going to try and convince the chairman to pump the money into Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment.

  3. Season Review!


    A really poor season by our standards, although I don't think it's necessarily unexpected. At this level, it's so much more important to have one standout player in an average team than a well balanced team, as one star man can completely take over games on his own against such weak opposition. We just don't have that player - we haven't since Clifton Belle (YP21a) left - and the board and media both expecting us to win the league is a pretty hefty ask, in my opinion. Our job is currently insecure, and we'd almost definitely be out of it if we didn't have 'such a tight control of wage expenditure' - not that that's stopped us from being 50k in the red!





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