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  1. SI is now interested on the disinterested player, the one that downloads tactics without meaning, the one that doesn't worry about the problems because doesn''t notice them. That is their market, no longer the fans of the old CM or PC Calcio, are the "new" that advances, that is idiots who want to win scudetto immediately in the first year with Benevento by reloading 200 games per season. Reason for which the old fans recently criticize the game every year, while the positive opinions come especially from new fans who have not known the old managerial games.
  2. I agree with you, since 2011 my ranking is this: 1) FM12 2) FM13 3) FM11 4) FM14 5) FM16 6) FM15 7) FM17 8) FM18
  3. Yes it's true, I wanted to highlight the problem of double pressing individual which obviously doesn't solve your problem. Regarding your problem, unfortunately lowering the closing down in that role is impossible, you have to change the role and use a role that performs similar functions with less closing down. In these years I have always used the anchor man (more defensive and less devoted to playmaking tasks) or a DLP/D with "tackle harder" and "close down less". In fact I never understood why a DM/D should have the default instruction "close down more" while the DM/S can be highly customizable. In reality the one who should provide a greater closing down is precisely the second more than the first.
  4. Regarding this, if you want you could change CM's default closing down by lowering the team's closing down and the mentality, there will be two types of closing down at the same time. It's a bug known by the developers but in two years they never took the trouble to solve it, it was more important to change (worsening) the game screens.
  5. Allow me to spell one thing to your great post. The problem of tactics overpowered with three strikers already exists from FM14, but until the March patch of FM15 the strikers set up to support were back to defend (even too much), and that's why any striker now doesn't provide any defensive support. If until March 2015, however, there was a logical explanation of why the tactics with 3 strikers worked well, now there is no longer any logical explanation of why these tactics continue to work well.
  6. It must be said that I have always held the same attitude towards the game and I continue to consider it as such, a game. This means not that I have very high standards, but that the game has changed (getting worse), at least in my opinion. And if after a certain gaming experience we continue to notice the same problems that among other things are perfectly known by the developers, it is logical that the disappointment remains and is certainly not a problem of approach to the game, but something else.
  7. It is necessary to consider at what level of simulation the game has arrived, and whether it has improved or worsened over the years. In my opinion it has worsened, considering that to have a successful simulation we need to consider the real data. I'm not saying that the game must be in all respects like a real football, but at least must try to get closer to this. And I'm not talking about the graphic component, but conceptual and statistical. For example, we have gone from 110/115 km runs on average per game of FM16 (data consistent with reality) to 140/145 km of FM17, something doesn't square... Someone can say that it is irrelevant for the purposes of simulation, as I have already heard. In reality, if a player runs from 2 to 3 km more than normal, it presupposes another type of approach to the game and another type of behavior in the pitch. We also have a disproportionate number of lost and recovered balls, which are 3 times higher than the reality. This due to many wrong passes and also to many controversial situations, where it often happens to see a player who drags the ball off the field while not being closed down by any opponent. And this is a long-standing problem, but after years it hasn't been minimally corrected. We can also talk about the behavior of players in situations of closing down, where before you could see a substantial difference from role to role (usually the defensive players were more cautious while those offensive were more ready to close down), now from FM17 are all on the same level, with a behavior like headless chicken that always go to close down the ball carrier and if unhappily the influence's area of a player meets that of more than one player of the opposing team, you can see the beautiful spectacle of a player chased by two or three of our opposing players. All these things can get tiresome in the long run, especially when instead of seeing improvements there are some worsening.
  8. But there are some important things to consider: 1- In reality if someone wants to propose such a tactic, to obtain decent results, must necessarily have an important defensive contribution from at least two strikers. However, this doesn't mean that you will not suffer in the defensive phase. 2- In the game, despite a non-existent defensive phase for the 3 strikers I noticed that anyway you can suffer a very few goals with a tactical system that in theory would be completely unbalanced. What does this mean? It means that the game, which is defined as a real football simulator, is actually quite an arcade.
  9. Only the fact that they continue to operate strikerless tactics or tactics with 3 strikers, shows that the ME continues to be unrealistic and must be completely revised. The strikers in the game don't play any defensive work, but casually even if we deploy 3 strikers we don't suffer particularly the lack of 3 players in the defensive phase.
  10. Thanks, but on the first question I couldn't solve. As for the match stats, these are visible only when there is an important action, i.e. only when the pitch is visible. It would be useful to have them available even between one action and another. I agree with you and knowing that this problem has been fixed with the new patch makes me feel better. As for the possibility to seeing tactics in the pkm, I wouldn't be thrilled. Certainly is much better to see them on pkms than during the game, but in any case I think that the opponent's tactics should not be known in detail. In fact, IRL we focus exclusively on own tactics and problems that can have regardless of the opposing tactics, also because we know only their line-up. And for the next game maybe they will be more ready against that particular tactic only by sensing the roles instead of knowing them in detail. And is what happens in reality, at the end of the game in fact you don't discover all the roles of opposing players, but you can get a general idea of them and what you saw during the match.
  11. The innovations aren't always positive, this is the case for example of the FM18 screens. If there was something almost universally and totally appreciated, this was the screens and their clarity, immediacy and cleanliness with information always just a click away. This year, unfortunately, it's not like that and to make it clear, I'll give you an example. Here on FM 17 I could have different information about the players, some very important as morale, physical condition and statistics like goals for example: With FM18 instead I can not have such a thing, if I want to see the morale of my players as I do? I can't get anything under my control... The problem occurs again during the match. On FM17 you could keep under control the statistics while the match continued, very important statistics such as completed passes, offsides, tackles and headers won for example. All this is very important to understand the match trend in a game like FM, where you don't watch the entire match: With FM18 this is impossible, to go to see those statistics must necessarily do 3 steps: Analysis/Match Stats/Match Stats. Both during and after the game, when on FM17 and in previous chapters it was enough to click on Pitch/split. Another innovation that I consider very negative is the possibility of being able to visualize the roles in the opponents tactics, something that didn't happen before. Here how it was on FM17 for example: This is obviously FM18: It is very bad especially for those who play network games, where the opponent's tactics are very clear and it is much easier to take some precautions. But in my opinion even in normal careers is not the best knowing the roles of opposing tactics, because you lose the fun to guess the opponent's moves, instead of knowing them by simply looking at his tactics. I hope you consider the idea of changing the things I've listed to bring them back to how they were last year, best regards!
  12. After reporting several bugs last year (the one on the corners with a man often alone on the second far post, the one on closing down in the individual instructions and in defensive midfielder role for example) and having seen that this reports are beautifully ignored despite the wording "info provided", I think it is useless to waste time reporting the game problems.
  13. In fact, as you said it should simply be about the types of crosses, if the crosses increases only because you insert the indication "whipped crosses" means that there is a problem.
  14. I still think that in a tactic clearly built not to exploit the crosses (inverted full backs, there are no wingers) 46 goals directly from a cross are definitely too many, is equivalent to more than a goal in three. Also because if I wanted to build a tactic that deliberately exploit crosses, I easily get an abnormal number.
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