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  1. Looking for some help developing a 41212, to be utilised by my Derry City side. It is a formation I've always liked and it seems to be making something of a comeback irl, but one I have rarely used on FM. Attraction is the midfield options and getting to play 2 strikers. Having had the best years of my football watching life over the last few seasons watching HTFC I am very much in the Klopp/Wagner/German style camp when it comes to my thoughts on how football should be played, so I am looking for endless pressing, high line, high intensity football. Attached is the formation I have come up with, along with the following instructions: Out of Possession Higher Line (Would prefer much higher but this is a compromise based on being Derry without super quick CB's!) Higher Line of Engagement (same compromise reasons as above) Use offside trap Use tighter marking Extremely Urgent Pressing In Transition Counter-press Distribute to full backs (Would eventually prefer CB's but this is a safety compromise as loads of sides play 2 strikers and FB's should have more space) In Possession Play out of defence The theory is that it starts as a 41212 but morphs into a 3412 in attack. HB slots into the backline making a 3, FB and WB provide the width. I have gone with a WB-S and FB-A just to try and provide a bit of variety, rather than having two Wingbacks potentially doing the same thing on both sides. The 3 in front of the HB I am open to suggestions. I envisage the Carrilero being a general workhorse who will cover for the overlapping FB. I'd rather have a RP than a DLP but no chance of getting anyone suitable for that role at the level I am playing at. I am unsure on the AM, I see him creating and scoring in fairly equal measure so I have him on attack so he gets in the box, otherwise just 2 men are likely to be in there at most. AF is the bloke I see scoring most of the goals, with the PF being a menace but still scoring a few. Any thoughts on the roles selected for this formation? I'm pretty comfortable with the instructions getting something along the lines of the style of football I want (without going too OTT) but any thoughts on the whole thing would be most welcome.
  2. Interesting little experiment, no idea why you think we (Huddersfield) play route one football though. We might be having a horrendous season but that couldn't be further from the truth. We're probably one of the easiest on the eye teams in the bottom half of the Prem, we just can't score.
  3. Jordan Rhodes was an out and out poacher in his Huddersfield days at least. Never did anything of note apart from stick the ball in the net 40 times in 10/11. Looks useless these days but he never had the pace and/or strength to play as poacher at the top level and it seems like managers have tried to change his game so he could play up top on his own and ruined him.
  4. I'm trying to recreate the 4231 employed by David Wagner at my club Huddersfield. It's more or less the same as Klopp during his Dortmund days, characterised by the gegenpressing tag. A very good article on our tactics has been written here - http://outsideoftheboot.com/2016/09/23/analysis-how-huddersfield-town-are-top-of-the-championship/ The only thing I'm struggling with (and disagree with the article on) is the double pivot. Arron Mooy is very much a DLP as the article would suggest, however the article describes Hogg as a box to box midfielder, which I take issue with, in FM terms at least. I don't know if anyone has seen our recent TV games but Hogg seems to be a sort of mixture of two FM roles, a half back and a ball winning midfielder. When we are in possession in our own half Hogg will drop into a sweeper area, the CB's split and push wide while the fullbacks push right up the pitch. He'll sit there as the deepest player offering a passing outlet to the CB's/keeper and play low risk passes. Once we move through the 3rds he'll push up and sit in front of the CB's offering protection. So far, so half back. However, once we're out of possession he'll charge round the midfield trying to win the ball back as quickly as possible, which a half back doesn't do on FM. Any idea how I could try and nail this role in FM?
  5. Presuming I have suitable players, can anyone see any glaring faults in the following 433/451 GK (Left) WB - S CB - D BPD - D (Right) WB - A HB DLP - S CM - A (Left) - IF - A DLF - S (Right) - IF - S Control, Fluid, short passing, lower tempo, close down more, stay on feet, play out of defence. Idea being that the half back drops in to the back line and the wing backs push on almost making a 343 in possession. Shouts based on wanting a patient, short passing game played on the deck. I'm having decent success with this but always looking to improve things and learn.
  6. That's the thing, if it's because the Chairman is a bit of an idiot then I agree it should be in the game and it's a good thing as there are definitely plenty of them IRL. Just more curious as to whether this is the case or this kind of thing is normal at this level, as 90% of my FM time is spent managing my own team, Huddersfield Town.
  7. 90% of Conference Premier clubs are full time, and we shouldn't have a high rep in the league at all, it's full of much bigger ex Football League clubs like Bristol Rovers, Grimsby and Torquay etc. Media Prediction is 12th.
  8. I started a career game as an unemployed sunday league manager a few days ago. Ended up getting the Tamworth job in November 2013, who were at the time 3rd bottom of the Conference South. Their expected position was 4th, and the board still expected me to reach the play-offs that season, which was a reasonably tall order but they did have some decent players and the 2nd highest budget in the league (About 11k a week wage budget), as well as being professional in a mostly semi-pro league so it was just about doable from where they were when I took over. I did actually finish 4th and then won the play-offs, so took them from 3rd bottom to promotion in 7 months. I was then given a 13k per week budget for the Conference Premier and tasked with achieving a mid table position. Given that the budget was more or less slap bang in the middle of all the teams this was fairly easy. I overachieved slightly and ended up finishing 8th, without ever really threatening the play-off places. Still, this is Tamworths highest ever finish. Just playing through pre-season for season 3 and the board have cut my wage bill to 11k per week and the minimum expectation is promotion?! Given the budget is now less than last season and probably in the lowest third of the league, and that Tamworth have never been so high why the ridiculous expectations? I can live with the budget cut as finances aren't great (mainly down to not having any decent cup runs, keep getting drawn away to higher placed teams in the first round!) but the expectation of promotion just seems ridiculous. Is this normal, or do I just have a moron for a Chairman?
  9. Managing Gillingham on CM 97/98. 442 reigned supreme in those days!
  10. No, I've had an email about 5 hours ago saying they will send my code within an hour. They are useless.
  11. Also got problems with CJS keys. My main game code still to appear. Absolute garbage.
  12. Do you know of one that streams video properly? Should have mentioned that I have tried this, but every software I tried just judders and is jerky as hell. Maybe a wired home network instead of wireless would solve this.
  13. That doesn't utilise the PC for processing speed though, which is what I am trying to achieve. I know I can transfer save games between PC and Laptop.
  14. I've been contemplating buying a new laptop for FM, as the limitations on speed and screen resolution start to annoy me after a while. I would much prefer to play on my pc which is far more powerful than any laptop, but as I use the TV as a monitor this isn't always practical when my gf want's to watch bake-off! What I would really like to do is set the game up on the pc and play on the laptop. This way I'd get the best of both worlds - The superfast processing of my pc and the ability to sit on the sofa and not hog the TV. I've tried this before by setting up a network game on the pc as an unemployed manager, joining from my laptop and taking over a team, then sending the pc manager on holiday. All seems well but the game crashes after about a week, everytime. Does anyone have any tips or does anyone from SI know if this will be possible on FM13?
  15. Stuck inside because of the snow in England I had an idea this afternoon for creating a new European wide league structure. I know Super Leagues have been created before but I'm not sure if any like this have been made or if it's even possible. Basically I am looking for advice... Here's my idea; European Super League Prem Division - 20 teams, the usual creme de la creme. 3 relegated to... European Super League Division 1 - 22 teams. 4 relegated. Here's the difficult bit. I then had the idea of a series of regional feeder leagues. So... British League - England, Scotland, Wales, Nothern Ireland, Ireland Western League - Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium Central League - Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic Scandinavian League - Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland Eastern League - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary Southern League - Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Isreal Each league would have as many divisions as the amount of teams dictated, each with 22 teams (until the last 1 obviously). 3 up 3 down with play offs ala the English league system. I'm unsure on the best way to promote teams from the regional leagues to the Super League. I thought some sort of play off system. Also not sure how the leagues would reorganise themselves after relegation/promotion to and from the super league? Complex isn't it! I think it would be great though. Reckon its possible?
  16. Hows Huddersfield got on? Seen them in the top flight a few times but have they won owt? Been in Europe? Famous managers?
  17. Any idea when you'll start to get final versions of the tactics up?
  18. Cheers for the reply. Rhodes has no pace but good movement and finishing, while Afobe is completely the other way. Wickham should have done better though, his stats had improved massively (nearly to the point of England recognition) and is as complete a striker as you'll get at that level but he didn't pull up any tree's. I do like the fact that goals come from all over the park though. I am also managing England and have played the 4231 wide quite succesfully. Rooney seems to like it, although Caroll is useless - 15 caps, no goals. One thing that I have noticed which I don't know if you've had feedback on, it seems to go to pieces the minute anyone playes a 442 wide or narrow diamond. I go from bossing possesion, to being bossed myself.
  19. TBH - What kind of striker would you recommend using for the 4231 wide formation? I am playing a game as Huddersfield and I've been using this tactic, now in season 3. In the first season I won the league but my star striker, Jordan Rhodes only got about 15 goals. 2nd season I came third (lost in play-offs) but I had managed to snag Connor Wickham on loan from Chelsea. While his stats suggested he was too good for the league, he only did ok, managing around 15 goals too. 3rd season, and I've bagged Benik Afobe on loan from Arsenal. He's very fast (19,19) but approaching Xmas has only got about 4 goals. Goals seem to have dried up all together in season 3. I had the most goals scored and fewest conceeded in season 2 (yet somehow managed to not go up!) but this season I am absolutely bossing games stats wise, but creating few CCC's and few goals.
  20. Would you class running the English Prem down to Blue square prem as 5 leagues in this figure?
  21. Whats the maximum number of leagues/players I should load of up for a long term game? Intel i5 750 Quad Core @ 3.7ghz 8gb DDR3 ram @ 1600mhz Windows 7 64 I know i have a powerful system but I'm never sure how far I can push it without it becoming too slow.
  22. I also had all these problems last night, and have had problems on and off all week. It really is a joke - Does the boxed copy use ByteShield, as I got mine from GetGames.com? Seriously thinking about requesting a refund and buying it on steam, I've never had any problems with that.
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