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  1. I'm currently in L1 and have a striker who is 6'1" and has strength of 18, along with about 12/13 for jumping reach and heading. His ideal role is target man but I play him as a DLF - A up top on his own in a 41221 as I don't want long balls hit towards him. Whilst being supremely strong and reasonable in the air he's obviously not a giant. What type of crossing would you recommend as being best? Currently on default but perhaps this could be an area of improvement.
  2. What would be the difference between Counter press on and pressing at default and counter press off and pressing ramped up to max?
  3. No the season finished as normal first week of may, this is the end of season 23/24, the one after Qatar. Its also the first time its happened.
  4. Quick query - I am managing Bath City in season 23/24 in a save I started in the beta. We've just been promoted to League 1. The season ended and after about a week I got a news item asking me to pick my squad for a pre-season training camp, which started straight away. This was the first I'd heard of it. The players went on that and then have never stopped training all summer. Training is handled by the ass man if that makes any difference? What's gone on here any ideas? Also, why is terracing banned in my save in L1 and L2 in England? No deal breaker but I cant use most of my ground.
  5. This. I think people get fixated on AMC's not being natural at CM and similar with wide players being natural at AML/R but not ML/R. 4231 as it is in the game gives you the broadest selection of natural players to pick from. In reality 4231 is probably the most prevalent formation going, but it doesn't line up anything like it does on FM. I watched Huddersfield play archetypal 4231 gegenpress under Wagner for 3 years, yet it was far more 2DM's and the 3 in the midfield strata, but on FM Mooy wasn't trained at DM at all, none of our number 10s were natural at CM and Kachunga on the right wasn't 'capable' of playing MR, only AMR. I think its a fault of the game User interface, it makes people chase green circles.
  6. I think the championship is where it gets difficult with lower league sides on a roll, you see it in real life. Burton, Yeovil, Luton, Rotherham...all made it there in recent seasons and then find it very difficult. Its where the big clubs and decent players start. So given your wage bill and where you've come from personally I would doubt you have the players to be playing a heavy pressing game against championship opposition? A higher line of engagement with a standard line of defense is also leaving a big gap between your CM's and defense. I'd try and formulate a tactic that's a bit safer and concentrate on staying up if I was you.
  7. Just taken Bath to L2 in 22/23 after a 2 season stay in the National League, with the save I started on beta day. Reluctantly released Brunt at the end of 21/22 after he missed half that season with Injury. Nobody picked him up and he retired, the guilt still hurts.
  8. One of the features I want every year is a ground editor. TBF, I think FM does a decent job with lower league grounds, there's a lot of variety and they look decent 6 foot giant footballs aside. Its the big modern stuff that looks rubbish. 'Wembley' looks like it was built in about 1970 and I've just played the world cup in Qatar and half the grounds I played in were proper English Goodison Park types grounds.
  9. It's not worth doing anything at this level other than replacing players. There's literally 100s of players you could replace him with in any given transfer window of similar if not better ability, and hardly anyone at this level has the sort of potential that make them worth persisting with. And even if they did, they wont reach it with Guiseley whilst training part-time and playing crap opposition. Get in the best 'peaked' solid players you can and worry about improving kids when you are pro and probably in L2 at the earliest.
  10. Thoughts on this? Working ok so far, 3rd in Vanarama South in October but just looking for any obvious improvements I've missed. Could do with scoring more goals as I'm seeing a lot of single goal victories but the defence is pretty tight. LLM so the idea is nothing fancy, work hard, get it wide and get the ball in the box. Brunt is the only viable striker at the club (first window transfers off) and can literally do nothing but be a target man. Harvey is the best player by a country mile so looking to get the TM feeding him chances in and around the box. Surprising how deep a TM - S drops though... Will eventually try and swap the CM - D for a DLP and try and play more football.
  11. Put my graphics in and reloaded the skin and...nothing. Am I being a numpty or is this not working in the beta?
  12. Sky Sports should have a reporter in the SI carpark, purely so an FM fan can wave an erm, 'adult toy' in his face.
  13. Agree with this, it does get a bit daft. On my save Pep left City who were winning the league every season to go to Chelsea, who were in and out of the CL. Seemed daft. One of my main problems when having a long term game at the top level is nobody ever sticks around anywhere long to strike up a proper rivalry. You never get a Wenger to your Ferguson, because managers either move around too often or get harshly sacked for coming 2nd. It happens lower down as well, particularly in the championship. You get a lot of managers leaving championship clubs for other seemingly very similar championship clubs. You'd expect to see people moving from smaller clubs in a league to bigger clubs for example swapping Luton for Derby, or moving up leagues, but for example moving from mid table Preston to mid table similar rep Wigan doesn't make much sense at all, yet it happens.
  14. Looking for some help developing a 41212, to be utilised by my Derry City side. It is a formation I've always liked and it seems to be making something of a comeback irl, but one I have rarely used on FM. Attraction is the midfield options and getting to play 2 strikers. Having had the best years of my football watching life over the last few seasons watching HTFC I am very much in the Klopp/Wagner/German style camp when it comes to my thoughts on how football should be played, so I am looking for endless pressing, high line, high intensity football. Attached is the formation I have come up with, along with the following instructions: Out of Possession Higher Line (Would prefer much higher but this is a compromise based on being Derry without super quick CB's!) Higher Line of Engagement (same compromise reasons as above) Use offside trap Use tighter marking Extremely Urgent Pressing In Transition Counter-press Distribute to full backs (Would eventually prefer CB's but this is a safety compromise as loads of sides play 2 strikers and FB's should have more space) In Possession Play out of defence The theory is that it starts as a 41212 but morphs into a 3412 in attack. HB slots into the backline making a 3, FB and WB provide the width. I have gone with a WB-S and FB-A just to try and provide a bit of variety, rather than having two Wingbacks potentially doing the same thing on both sides. The 3 in front of the HB I am open to suggestions. I envisage the Carrilero being a general workhorse who will cover for the overlapping FB. I'd rather have a RP than a DLP but no chance of getting anyone suitable for that role at the level I am playing at. I am unsure on the AM, I see him creating and scoring in fairly equal measure so I have him on attack so he gets in the box, otherwise just 2 men are likely to be in there at most. AF is the bloke I see scoring most of the goals, with the PF being a menace but still scoring a few. Any thoughts on the roles selected for this formation? I'm pretty comfortable with the instructions getting something along the lines of the style of football I want (without going too OTT) but any thoughts on the whole thing would be most welcome.
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