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  1. Hi guys. This material skin has seemed to have improved things for me https://www.fmscout.com/a-material-skin-fm20.html @Jack Joyce
  2. Yep. I have raised this with them since FM 17. I have even offered to ship my computer directly over to SI HQ.
  3. How will this be related to CPU problems? I have upgraded my CPU THREE TIMES. Yet, I’m still lagging. We have more than enough capable systems to run this smoothly. This is very frustrating that after 3 years this is still not resolved.
  4. Hi. Once again, another year, another FM, same match engine lag problem. I am lagging within the match engine, the 3D match stars is on 5 stars. I have been raising these lag issues since FM 2017, since 18 and 19 we have found fixes to overcome the lag problems, but even now in FM 20 those fixes we tried in 18 and 19, are not working in FM 20. DxDiag.txt
  5. Thanks for your suggestion, as I was awaiting your reply I tried going to control possession in a 4-1-4-1 (with wingers) and it has stabilised Wolves, I have played 5 games and have drawn, even coming up against Man City, I’m just finding hard to score, we’re scoring at least 1 goal per game, and that does not come from in the first half.
  6. If you could! I normally use gegenpressing system and have no problems with it, just recently that system no longer works for me. Used to work well at clubs like Palace, Bournemouth etc.
  7. I’m currently testing out this tactic with Wolves, but I have so far played three games and have failed to score in all three, and have also lost. If you could give me tweak suggestions to make this tactic better. https://www.fmtrendgames.com/tactics/fm19-nuno-espirito-santos-3-4-3-tactic-wolves/
  8. Jack Joyce has replied to my thread asking for DxDiag. Respond to him in my thread
  9. Simple. Add commentary in FM 19 will take the game to an whole new level. Sick to death over hearing the crowds over and over same noise.
  10. Hi Neil, I have tried too play on the new data analysis camera angle and it certainly improves the lag. It does not stop it but there is definitely a big improvement.
  11. Default TV. Medium, Crowd on low, shadows on off, happens on very low/low too. It's happening constantly whether it's 3D highlights or not. Getting 60FPS within the match engine. 5a0556e100f86_graphicsconfig.log DxDiag.txt
  12. @Neil Brock I am getting a stable 60 FPS in the match engine but while I'm lagging it still stays 60 FPS? I have also tried disabling steam-overlay.
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