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  1. Thanks for your suggestion, as I was awaiting your reply I tried going to control possession in a 4-1-4-1 (with wingers) and it has stabilised Wolves, I have played 5 games and have drawn, even coming up against Man City, I’m just finding hard to score, we’re scoring at least 1 goal per game, and that does not come from in the first half.
  2. If you could! I normally use gegenpressing system and have no problems with it, just recently that system no longer works for me. Used to work well at clubs like Palace, Bournemouth etc.
  3. I’m currently testing out this tactic with Wolves, but I have so far played three games and have failed to score in all three, and have also lost. If you could give me tweak suggestions to make this tactic better. https://www.fmtrendgames.com/tactics/fm19-nuno-espirito-santos-3-4-3-tactic-wolves/
  4. Hello, My suggest is basically what the title says add cut scenes throughout matches on managers for what they react to e.g a cut scene of a manager reacting to a goal, a foul, referees decisions or missed opportunity's basically if any of use play FIFA 17 and have played in a friendly match offline. You would have noticed manager cut scenes. Maybe this should be added to FM 18 because it would add greater experience and be more realistic as it would be if you was watching it on Live TV were they show cut-scenes of managers. I hope this suggestion is looked into or has positi
  5. Replied to your private DM :) 

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