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  1. i can also confirm that i have 2 DMs and my IWBs come inside slightly ahead of them, creating a box where my 2 DMs are more narrow and my IWB slightly wider. i just watched the video and thats exactly what yours are doing.
  2. i read this on your blog and to be honest without seeming too much of a brown noser i thought it was so concise i didnt need to ask questions. The only question I have is I believe you do alot of analysis in your first season post preseason so competitive games. you analyse your tactics and then work out your changes from there (i would imagine the game is slower at the start of your career than it is a 2 seasons in as it would be for most people). The thing that surprised me about your post was that it seemed that this analysis on the way you're playing was well into your save. how much are
  3. It's also worth nothing that Pep has literally done this with Bayern Barca and Man City, he isnt trying to do it with Wigan and he probably couldnt. Even though you can achieve success with a high line being a weaker side it should be much harder as a weaker team.
  4. exactly, sometimes the fullbacks provide the width sometimes the central midfielders sometimes the winger. sometimes its fluid (abidal, iniesta, villa/walker, DKB or Bernardo, Sterling) and sometimes its more fixed (delph or zinchenko or danilo, Silva, Sane). its purely dependent on the players he has. so for fm you have to interpret this for your own squad. only way to achieve the more fluid version is to switch tactics during the game i guess?
  5. I’m not sure this is what everyone is trying to achieve to be honest the inside forwards haven’t stayed wide and unless I’ve completely misunderstood it’s the fullbacks who are providing all the width when wouldn’t we want them closer to the am centrally? I may have misunderstood the screenshot but it doesn’t seem right to me
  6. jeez. hes playing as man utd which youre allowed to do last time i checked. its still an achievement. pep should go manage braintree town and see how he gets on in real life
  7. seconded. this is bang on. all season you have been defending in a 4-1-4-1 and attacking with a 3 man defence, always with the right fullback whether its Walker or stones acting as a 3rd cb in attack. to be honest i think its all very much dependant on the players avaialabe. in midweek when zinchekno played full back his qualities lead to an inverted fullback and sane on the wing is much more of a traditional winger than sterling when he is on the left.
  8. i was literally about to reply with this! although this season with the return of mendy we have seen sterling move to the left and bernardo or mahrez occupy the right flank.
  9. love the thread ozil, comes close to my all time favourite 3-4-3 thread. you mention promoting players straight from the youth side to the senior squad and you have a few players (Fernandes, Xadas and Grimaldo ) who are now part of the first team. how do you decide who to "cull". i often find with a strong side like yours once i get 2/3 years in i have a world class first 11 with an average age of around 23 but also wonderkids with an average age of 19 ish. its a problem i often find and i end up loaning the younger players to top european clubs rather than them only playing a handf
  10. obviously its easier to say this in hindsight but i completely agree with you re. how the team should have lined up. the team and system you have come up with based upon bielsa is not only more suited to their best player but also tactically a system which brings out the best of the other players other than maybe aguero and dybala. only issue i have is that i dont think sampaoli was trying to replicate this 3-3-1-3 system bielsa uses. i think he was trying to play the 3-4-2-1 formation he played i just think it was completely wrong. he used it for sevilla mutliple times (with players much
  11. would this be like Peps Last year at Barca, Cesc and Messi?
  12. these threads have been my favourite this year. especially this one. i find the false 9 role quite frustrating, i have given up and begun to use an Attacking midfielder who arrives late into the box and is heavily involved in build up play, i know this is the inverse of a false 9 but it just works so much better in game. hence why i am so interested in this thread. great stuff.
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