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  1. Didn't Chelsea get a transfer ban at the start of FM2020 even thou they where waiting for the appeal process decision.
  2. First season they need so many important signings, if you think there so easy then post your results with this so called elite team , as I said I can think of at least 10 more desirable teams to go than Manchester united. Anyway Manchester United aren't up for debate weather they are an elite team or not, it is the match engine is displaying more variety in goals variation and strikers are scoring more significant numbers.
  3. I take it as a complement that you think i've built a really strong starting eleven, but I wouldn't consider Manchester united as an elite team to go from the get go, I could think of 10 teams better to start with than Manchester united, I just picked a team at random for the new patch and I can think of so many more desirable teams to go to be honest.
  4. Goals are more varied now for sure, strikers can now score on a regular basis which I like, just checked Ronaldo goals for the season and hes scored 40 goals, much more realistic imo, all my goals are been shared and spread among every attacking position with my striker scoring the vast majority, match engine is back to reality imo but am sure some will disagree. Rashford scored 48 goals in a season for me as an advanced striker position on this new patch so users saying strikers still cant score or 1on1's are still being missed is purely tactical imo, or there sample size is just far to small.
  5. Nothing more truth than this statement, am absolutely done with how Si do business, never will I ever buy a football manager game before its final patch, in the past it was bearable but the current state of the game is unforgivable in my eyes.
  6. I just decided to opt out of the beta as the current official patch is still better even with the problems it has, am not really one for posting pkm's etc anyway so its not a loss to Si anyway, I was just hoping for a more enjoyable game experience which sadly it couldn't deliver, at least on the official patch central play is effective and strikers even with all the missed 1 on 1's can score on a regular basis.
  7. Lightyears is a complete exaggeration, only difference I see is a lot less clear cut chances and wingers actually crossing 2 times out of 10 attempts instead of 1 time out of 10 attempts. Oh and almost forgot that they have completely destroyed Attacking Central Midfield position. Just for reference sake in case you think I haven't given the beta a chance, I played a full season with Bayern Leverkusen and won the league on goal difference.
  8. Beta is no better, worse FM ever, to many problems with the M.E since the get go, doesn't ever seem like its going to be at a good level considering its nearing its last ever update, lost all faith in Si and bitterly disappointed.
  9. Clear cut chances are completely broken in this game, I just had 9 and all of them saved, I could accept this happening one in a million, but this happens all the time! these where legit clear cut chances as I watched every single one of them being saved, its not like its awarding clear cut chances and there not.
  10. There is no valid argument as to why a public beta available to everyone wouldn't improve the product, the reason its only available to pre purchase customers is purely economical, being honest would give you a lot more respect among users.
  11. Well like any job in life, if someone isn't happy with the job being done, they have a right to question said job being done, especially when they are paying for the privilege.
  12. Just like you've been pulled up for questioning the feedback from users that have invested there good hard earned money, and I haven't been questioned about my feedback because my best interest is always football manager, and unless you have been playing this game since championship manager 2 then you aren't really on my level.
  13. thanks for my input? you really are delusional aren't you.....and for your information ive devoted more time and money into this game than you've had hot dinners, if am not happy with a product or how the product is getting run I can voice my opinion for the worse or good.
  14. To say there is no mentality in real life football is ludicrous, of course you can tell a player to be more defensive or more attacking in game of football.
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