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  1. Contradicting yourself there am afraid, on one hand your like just because the real world updates on a yearly basis doesn't mean our save games should, but then on the other hand your telling us our own save game is it's own world...which is it?
  2. Dolan was considered Preston best young prospect, performing well in the youth setup, and Preston have went on record saying the youth prospect's who where ready for a fulltime contract are extremely unfortunate to be let go, most likely due to Covid-19 financial struggles. He's went on to sign a professional contract at a more prestigious club like Blackburn, so please don't be so disingenuous towards Dolan talent as a 18 year old kid, which at this point in his career we have no idea how good he will become other than the fact he is considered a good young prospect, who has started 16 games
  3. Being unlucky is rarely if ever going to cost you a League title with a team like Liverpool, it would take lots of unlucky things to go against you. On pretty much most occasions the best team actually wins the league, Cup games on the other hand, you may just be having one of those games, where everything is going against you, every shot the opposition takes hits the back of the net, you make your subs and you get an injury. I have pretty much seen it all and been frustrated beyond belief. But believe me you will win more than you lose in these scenarios, you always only remember the bad time
  4. Only used the increase of 20 in PA ability to counter argument the fact that it wouldn't exactly make him world class would it, it would give him the potential to be a very good player granted. Also not suggesting Dolan deserves a increase of 20 points in PA ability either, and how many English young players in general have a potential ability higher than 148 to be more specific, because CA is the current standard, we are talking about potential.
  5. He doesn't need to be world class or win the Ballon D'Or to become a better player than he can become on my game, his PA in my game is 128, average to good player is pretty much his limitation, a 20 boost in PA wouldn't exactly make him world class would it.
  6. Who is this player, does he take corners or free kicks? my guess is he does, if not then does he have any other attacking midfielders in front of him, or does he have direct sight to your strikers. From my experience in a formation like 4-2-3-1, the DLP doesn't have a chance of that average rating, not a chance in hell, unless he's on corners and free kicks.
  7. Was improved slightly with the last patch, in no way has it been completely resolved, there's still issues within the match rating system, lets hope the final patch everything is back to normal, which going by past editions the final patch is always the final complete version with very few bugs.
  8. The loan system has been tweaked alot in FM21, i have also noticed that almost all top teams lock ' player can be recalled' before ive even made a bid for the player, this must be related to all the complaints Si have had regarding how easy the game is and how it's to easy to loan top players to smaller clubs with no negative effect.
  9. Yes you are correct but he still has a fixed PA number when i load the game, maybe i got a low roll on this one and maybe he can have higher on a different save with a different team, but how much higher i wouldn't think much if any to be honest, he most likely a -7, i got the roll of 128 PA in game , which is quite limited for him as a player to progress.
  10. Which is why i said can and cannot become, a wonderkid with 200 PA still has the opportunity to become world class, my player for example who has a PA of 128 will never become world class, no matter how good he performs for me because the game is restricted to fixed numbers.
  11. Understand my friend, cause like others have said players can play well beyond there attributes, i have seen it so many times a player with low ability playing well beyond there limitations, and i will continue to have faith in players that aren't exactly fancied by the game in terms of numbers, its just frustrating that my faith and eye for a good player can never be fully rewarded by the game.
  12. True nobody is perfect, not even the best scouts in the world always get it right, but i assure you in FM when Bojan was considered one of the best wonderkids, his PA ability was alot higher than 146, so researchers get it wrong both ways, but the current system is set in stone how good a young player can and cannot become, the system is very one sided.
  13. But yet in FM21 he has a potential ability of 146, quite low for someone that once upon a time was touted as being one of the best strikers in the game, yet Balotelli still has a potential ability of 180 in FM21 , which suggests to me that he never really made it to his full potential, either way the system does not work from a realism point of view, it works in keeping structure within the game that is all.
  14. Yeah your right, he's doing good and his stats are improving to a good level for the championship, just don't think he will cut it in the premiership, but you never know as you said some players play well beyond there level.
  15. Not one game... 14 starts - 12 goals - 4 Assists Because like i said i have faith in his attributes and ability, just a little disappointed faith and my judging of a players talent only goes so far since his full potential has already been foreseen by some random researcher that works for Sports Interactive.
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