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  1. Just out of curiosity did you play this season right through without saving and taking a break? always found saving and going to sleep mid season always broke my concentration and momentum.
  2. My season in England started early july, but it didnt really effect my team performace wise as we coped with it pretty well, fixtures are just all over the place then a mid break around november time to december. At first i never knew what was happening untill i seen a recent thread on this forum discussing the Qatar world cup, then it all made sense.
  3. Not a bug. Corner routines where manually changed by si staff for whatever reason right after beta when full game was released. Centre backs did not have stay back by default on attacking corners during beta.
  4. In FM everything you have just said doesnt apply, because FM isnt real life and the main objective is to win everything, and with Tierney in my team id say that gives me a better chance, also depending on the team is also improved. Selling and investing is really up to debate on who you sign and what not. Can improvement can be made without selling? id say most definetly.
  5. Which is why the Celtic board have no ambition and why am the manager of Chelsea and not Celtic. I dont sell my best players at any price.
  6. I wouldnt even sell him for that, hes worth double that to a team like arsenal, quality left back with all the right attributes to be the very best, any aspirition to win the c.l with Celtic hes a must keep for me.
  7. I know they still happen heres Alvaro Morata scoring alot, and i wouldnt say he has anything amazing about his finshing stats, just said its alot rarer. Cavani scoring 50 in the French League doesnt really provide anything substantial for obvious reasons.
  8. Lautuaro martinez is banging them in for me at the moment in a 4231 formation, but i have had some problems with strikers scoring and hitting really poor patches, gone are the days of easy 50 goal a season top strikers from previous fm's, still possiable thou just alot rarer.
  9. haha dont get me wrong kepa give me good service and hes actually got pretty good stats, but i just wanted the giant that is Courtois back.
  10. I dont normally have regrets,but i did regret not activating Courtois min release clause and sticking with Kepa at the start of the 3rd season, ended up ending the season with my backup in goals cause Kepa just couldnt keep the ball out the net, well finally bite the bullet and sold Kepa to PSG and payed 127 mil for Courtois, worth every penny thou imo.
  11. was tempted to start new save to get VAR in england for realism sake but ive just invested to much time into my chelsea team and doing really well so ill just wait till i get bored.
  12. To be legend you would need permanent status at the club, how this is achieved i have no idea.
  13. Are you legend status with standing of 100/100? i have never seen human manager listed as icon, only favourite or legend, theres no inbetween as far as i know, if ur not legend staus with 100/100 then surely its also based on duration at club as well. Am chesea and zouma and hazard both 59/100 permanent standing listed as icon, kante has 100/100 but not got permanent for whatever reason and only listed as favourite personal, so permanent has everything to do wih it, which is why u never see human manager as icon, because by the time human gets permanent they have 100/100 so go straight to legend status, you can test this urself giving human manager 80/100 pernment and you will be icon. Would really like more insight how the system works, how is permanent status awarded etc, so many unanswered things regarding these parts of FM.
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