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  1. Crash after crash

    That's why I improved my laptop I have more RAM and I have a new disk
  2. Crash after crash

    I have a similar game in almost every FM :-D in FM17 I have a similar save and for several seasons I didn't have any problem :-) I very like huge database... Sorry big database not huge ;-)
  3. Crash after crash

    I'm very sorry for late reply but now I'm back to home from work OK I send my save game on ftp "Save name is: GRA PRO" I would just like the game to be stable at any other save No matter what player I was looking for, after some time the crash will pop up. Once I had crash after the match and once while processing the data (on the old save on previous versions)
  4. Hi all and dear SI! I have a very big problem as well as many other players in the world, very "popular" crash dump in FM 18 My crash (game ver. 18.3.3) it most often appears when I want search players in the search window. I checked consistency of files on Steam, reinstalled DirectX and nothing helps I'm enclosing my DxDiag and this Dump. I have the latest graphics card drivers. DxDiag.txt FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.17 11.32.00).dmp
  5. 18.3.3f1074698 Crash

    I have the same crash it most often appears when I want to search players in the search window :( I checked the consistency of files, reinstalled DirectX and nothing helps :( I'm enclosing my dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  6. Unemployed GM

    I have the same problem and I hope it will be fixed in version 1.5, I spent on vacation in a 2 year in game and after 2 years I was hired by another club from the Lithuanian league. I started the game not as an unemployed person but I took over the Tigrai Kaunas club.
  7. Hi! Are you planning to release a new update with new leagues for FM17?
  8. Hi all! I have a very big problem that prevents me from playing. I can't find new job in game. I play on TBL Rosters 9.4, I started the game on early start date and I choose club Tigrai Kaunas from Lithuania. I managed the club for two years, I won the league and I was in the semi-finals. After second season I resigned from Lithuania with the intention of moving to a stronger league, But for two years I can not find a club! There are layoffs in the lower British, Finnish leagues but no job offer for me! For me it is a bug that prevents the game Can someone help me with this?
  9. Crash Dump in FM 16

    My version of the game is 16.3.2 and... I have checked 121 files editor data. The first season in the Tajik League passed peacefully, Before the season I removed several leagues. Now I have half-season in this league, exactly 12.08.16. I don't want to lose this game
  10. Hi All! I have a crash dump in the second season of the game and I can not delete it I tried to verify the integrity of files, change skin, Nothing helped Who's help me? I have a lot of other leagues in the game, but a few pre-season removed
  11. I still waiting for Polish League in EHM hahaha
  12. Message from Riz, to me: The release of FM is usually a busy time for us, so we had to move the EHM update release but it is coming as soon as we can release it. Shouldn't be long now. The next update is a smaller update to allow 2016 start dates for custom databases with a few smaller fixes/tweaks. The next update after this one should be a bigger one again.
  13. You're right! Where could be better advertising? Many people would certainly would be tempted to EHM you need write to Riz to think about it in the next patch
  14. Maybe Riz prepares for us big update? Maybe someone knows what will happen in the new update?
  15. I wrote few days ago to Riz a message asking when released the new update, Riz replies me: Riz Remes Replied: October 14 · Report Doing fine thanks, busy as ever though. We are planning for the next update shortly but there is no date set yet for it. So we wait patiently, because it can be a major update