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  1. I hope that employment in clubs without General Manager will be fixed
  2. I'm from Poland hehe Is there any plans to add a Małopolska A-class? Because... A team from my native village plays in A class in Wieliczka. It doesn't change the fact that the update is brilliant
  3. I have little question. File Real World Cup 2018 works only at the 2018 World Cup or next WC group's be the same?
  4. OK, let's summarize. I can play normally in spite of these huge settings. Only I have to search the players as little as possible through the search window You have to forgive me but I love to play on such settings because I like to have the greatest opportunity to search for various interesting players
  5. Too bad and the most interesting is that while playing in FM17 on similar settings, the game is great I understand this, but despite the new game and recommended settings, unfortunately the error is still there
  6. That is the new game I have only 30 editor data files in the game and a database in tolerances
  7. The game even crashes when I have a database in tolerance and I do not have a lot of editor data files in the game. The game is a total failure, sorry.
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