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  1. Disable first transfer window doesn't work, can someone from the developer confirm this and release a fix?
  2. Please consider an update for this public beta before the full update release, so that we as user/buyer can test and confirm that all the bugs reported have been fixed.
  3. Will there be an update for this public beta ME so that we can test whether all the bugs that been reported have been fixed?
  4. Public beta testing with new ME is out now! So more new testing right @knap?
  5. Anyone else have tried this tactic? Good defensively also for this tactic or more like an all out attack tactic?
  6. Want to ask others, what is the best league megapack right now bar Claassen? Cheers!
  7. Can confirm they been dominated Malaysia for the last past years. Top facilities, new stadium and poached others top players from the league "Bayern" style.
  8. Noticed a new nightly build in steamdb. Hopefully new ME patch coming soon!
  9. Unfortunately yes, for me at least i think.. is there any way to fix this?
  10. Hi bossland, thank you for the skin. Do you know how to fix in the home page, when i set up all the panels (team stats,player stats..), why it keeps changing to default when i move to other page? Thanks!
  11. Hi all, Malaysia Researcher (If there's any?), can you add 17 years old, Malaysian wonderkid, Luqman Hakim Shamsudin.. https://www.transfermarkt.com/luqman-hakim/profil/spieler/541749 KV Kortrijk is missing him as player in future transfer. He recently listed in The Guardian, Next Generation 2019: 60 of the best young talents in world football list. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/oct/10/next-generation-2019-60-of-the-best-young-talents-in-world-football Thanks!
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