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  1. Hi Knap, im using 4231 104p , most of my goals are from midfielder score from throw in (bug) ? Any adjustment to setup striker to score more goals like pre 19.2 ME?
  2. This basic 442 good for lower league teams? Or you can suggest another tactics knap?
  3. Hi Knap, are this !FM19BEOWULF4231KnapPressP103.fmf are still good in this 2.0 new ME? You noticed any big difference in ME so far?
  4. Great news about the hairstyles. Looking forward to the next update! Thank you for giving us hope regarding this regen issues.
  5. Hi Knap, which one of your tactics is more to possession based tactic? Is this the one?
  6. Anybody tried this yet?
  7. Yes, beta tactic doing great with my Monaco team earlier. I notice this year many tactics are going with 4-2-3-1/4-5-1 setup. Are 3 strikers tactics not strong enough this match engine?
  8. Hi Knap, whats the different between SUS and ALLCUPS? Thanks looking forward to test it.
  9. Hello, with new update v1.2, after i select Instant Result button, the popup window don't appear. Any help on this? Thanks
  10. esca

    [FM16] Evo FM 2016 Skin

    Left for me.
  11. esca

    [FM16][Skin] YACS2

    Any update on this skin bossland? Can't wait for it.
  12. esca

    [FM16][Skin] YACS2

    any update on this skin mate? will it be released?
  13. esca

    [FM16][Skin] YACS2

    Your Background Selector is superb man. Thank you for this wonderful skin. Looking forward for more updates from you.