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  1. Thank you Knap, will try this later.
  2. Yes, beta tactic doing great with my Monaco team earlier. I notice this year many tactics are going with 4-2-3-1/4-5-1 setup. Are 3 strikers tactics not strong enough this match engine?
  3. Hi Knap, have u try this tactic for full game?
  4. Hi Knap, whats the different between SUS and ALLCUPS? Thanks looking forward to test it.
  5. Hello, with new update v1.2, after i select Instant Result button, the popup window don't appear. Any help on this? Thanks
  6. esca

    [FM16] Evo FM 2016 Skin

    Left for me.
  7. esca

    [FM16][Skin] YACS2

    Any update on this skin bossland? Can't wait for it.
  8. esca

    [FM16][Skin] YACS2

    any update on this skin mate? will it be released?
  9. esca

    [FM16][Skin] YACS2

    Your Background Selector is superb man. Thank you for this wonderful skin. Looking forward for more updates from you.
  10. esca

    [FM16][Skin] YACS2

    My favorite skin in FM2015 is back. Thank you!
  11. Hi swingmob02, can you share that base16_fmc-skin here?
  12. esca

    Scott Pratts FMC skin for full game

    any idea when you gonna release it mate?
  13. esca

    [FM15][Skin]YACS - by ivan

    Any idea how to fix problem where there are no player name under the shirt in line-ups preview before the match ivan?
  14. esca

    [FM15][Skin]YACS - by ivan

    Thank you for this great skin!
  15. esca

    Most popular skin FM15

    Yea, Ivan custom skin looks very nice indeed.