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  1. I mean his contract in the game is set to be expired at the end of the season, whereas IRL he signed like 4 years contract. Right?
  2. Hi @Simon Tipple, thank you for the explanation. Do you think there will be an update to the database for this issue?
  3. Yes, he didn't travel to Belgium yet but that doesn't mean he not signed to the club. The point is the player is available in the database 20.3, but suddenly missing in 20.4, that was the question at the first place. Sorry if this issue kinda confusing.
  4. Yup, can confirm that didn't work in 20.4
  5. Noah Okafor contract is set wrongly in the game. He just joined the club in January. https://www.redbullsalzburg.at/en/fc-red-bull-salzburg/news/saison_2019_20/welcome-to-salzburg-noah-okafor.html
  6. Already done that sir. Still no reply from the team. They also doesn't mentioned any deadline in order for the changes to reflect in the latest database( transfer/managerial ).
  7. Will there be any minor database change in the future? Funny because some of the players added in the 20.3 database, is missing in 20.4 database.
  8. Hi, Did you guys just delete the player from the latest winter database just now? Any explanation for that @BelgianResearch?
  9. Hi, thank you for create Luqman Hakim in this new winter database. I believe his previous club is set wrongly in the game. It should be NFDP. https://www.transfermarkt.com/nfdp-malaysia/startseite/verein/77943 And not NPNG. Thanks.
  10. Are the updates gonna release soon? If not, when is the deadline for data updates (transfer/management) change?
  11. Disable first transfer window doesn't work, can someone from the developer confirm this and release a fix?
  12. Please consider an update for this public beta before the full update release, so that we as user/buyer can test and confirm that all the bugs reported have been fixed.
  13. Will there be an update for this public beta ME so that we can test whether all the bugs that been reported have been fixed?
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