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  1. This is an amazing result dude! Absolutely incredible. Keep up the great work.
  2. incredible pre season with the qualifiers for the CL!! Unique chance to make it to the group stage
  3. DC: Cooper: good determination, good personality, reasonable attributes for dc, good concentration and positioning DMC: Green: good teamwork and work rate! Was having doubt because of his personality but maybe in a mentoring group you can try to change this AMC: Lake: woow love the attributes on this one, Passing, determination, vision, technique, he has it all! Try to retrain him as AMC IFL: Davison: i found this the hardest position to fill in, nobody sticks out really, he has reasonable crossing if he needs it, pace and speed FC: McMahon: was a close call with Catherall,
  4. The investments are already paying off! really like the info about the objectives, good and clean view! 53 internationals woow that is great dude!
  5. good season you had! would have been great to have an all winners season! Hopefully the intakes start getting some improvements
  6. good additions to the staff. Great first season, and your spending the money well i think also good improvements to the recruitment etc
  7. you managed to steer away from 0 points in the group phase! well done
  8. impressive qualifying rounds against bigger teams! next goal is the superleague?
  9. good job progressing the rounds! All homegames? nice
  10. goodluck dude! That transfer of Borge is a good deal mate!
  11. @OlivierLgood luck! Damn a downgrade to amateurism. Will be a fierce challenge bringing them back
  12. jep playing them now for 5 seasons @jmonfu i had a chinese tycoon overtaking the club, he invested 32m, so that was a big surprise. Everything can be upgraded faster than usual, so i don't complain. i am in Ligue 2 now and i am competing for promotion.
  13. @OlivierL some great prospects you have! nice touch with mapping them.
  14. already a good level of both recruitment and coaching! Will hopefully translate in some good intakes next years
  15. nice!! Tching Tching replay always good for gate receipts
  16. Nice streak! Accident de parcours against Altrincham. Keep up the good work
  17. @OlivierL make the red part of mancs proud again! Goodluck
  18. Good first season! Maybe switching tactics is the way to go, all depends of your best players available. But for the development of Gudjonson a 2 striker formation seems a good solution... Best of luck next season
  19. lot of negative personalities, in my save also. The striker gudjonson looks like a good one!
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