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  1. EOS 2 WHALEY BRIDGE UPDATE Totally dominated the league again, this time with 1 defeat and 1 draw, I lost approximately 60% of my team around Nov / December time due to them all being on non contracts but that was a blessing in disguise as I could then bring in higher quality players, I was expecting them to take a while to gel together but they played really well from the off, I also won the FA Vase but that was down to getting a lucky penalty late on against Ashington if I recall correctly. The league cup was an interesting one as it was a close fought local derby (next town over) again
  2. After this season I think I'm going to knock level 11 off the loaded leagues just to speed it up a bit, my laptop is running like a pig with this set up
  3. Couple of bits of news, I am moving to a new stadium next season, I assume due to league requirements, also I am turning semi pro so I may be able to keep hold of some players
  4. Whaley Bridge EOS 1 What a first season, won every game except the first, which was a 2-2 draw with Altrincham Reserves, not confident I will do anywhere near as well next season as virtually every member of my squad is wanted by other teams
  5. I'll give this a go I like a long term build a club save, I've chosen Whaley Bridge because I'm from about 5 miles away and my dad was brought up in Whaley and used to play for them apparently here is my profile.
  6. Big choice here, I want to do the international part of the challenge the best chance of doing that would be with Croatia but that wouldn't really help me with the club side, tempted to take the Russia job so I learn Russian language to make it easier to get a job in Russia later down the line and then jump to a bigger international team later down the line. Don't really fancy managing Wales being English and all. EDIT: decided to take the Russia job for the reasons outlined above, p.s. I didn't apply for any of these they all just approached me at once
  7. For some reason it is saying my facilities are due to be completed before they are started, am I being an idiot and missing something really obvious here? Little things like this get on my nerves haha
  8. Thanks, I feel like the reason I'm not progressing as quickly as I would like is because I genrally only buy youngsters to develop and sell on for a profit in order to build up the facilities so I leave the club in a good place when I move on, I tend to treat every club as if I am going to stay there long term even if I am not
  9. Panetelikos Season 3 Update I feel like I have stagnated slightly this season, only getting to the quarters of the cup, had a collapse in league form towards the end of the season which resulted in me losing the league which I was very much in the race for. My youngsters are developing very well though so hopefully they will kick on next season, had to bring in mainly Greek players this season as I was short for the registration rules for Europe but they have surprised me
  10. Panetolikos Season 2 Update Not as impressive in the league this season although that could be down to Europe (which I did exceedingly well in slight improvement in the cup (I missed getting into the final due to a missed penalty IIRC). The finances weren't as decimated as I first thought because I completely forgot to take into account the incoming tv money. Very impressed with my transfer business also, the players I brought in mostly all played very well
  11. What a first season in the league, surpassed all expectations, a 3 way points tie just wow, didn't do so well in the cup, also somehow managed to ruin the club finances despite making a (small) transfer profit, a big rebuild is due in the summer as I'm having to let a fair few players go as I cant afford to renew their deals, can't see me doing as well next season, going to try and bring in some high potential youngsters on the cheap that will hopefully come good in a couple of years to try and win the cup
  12. I love a journey man save and need some direction so I'll give this a shot. Decided to start as Panetolikos in Greece (mainly because I think the badge is cool :-D) Here's my set up as well in case anyone is curios
  13. Stoke City 20/21 Season update Staretd really hot, challenging for the title up until about halfway through the season, unfortunately Lost in the FA Cup final 1-0 to Man City . Also got to the quarters of The Europa League.
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