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  1. Whilst I was playing my long term, I suddenly started thinking and realised that none of my players had had a concussion at any point in the save. I then checked player injuries in the scouting tab and noticed only players in leagues I was not running on full detail (I run the top 5 leagues in full for more variation in results) were picking up concussion. There were one or two training concussions in the top 5 leagues, but never in matches. At first I thought maybe it was because I was using some editor data, but I got the same results on a 'clean' save. Save was started without any database changes Top 5 leagues and the second divisions were loaded. Full detail for all relevant competitions for those teams: I simmed for about a month and checked the scouting list for injuries. Concussion was only outside the loaded leagues or a training injury: I checked the editor for other injuries with similair occurance ratio as a concussion, these were much more common and happenend in matches: I also checked with a hip injury, unfortunatly I did not make this clear in the screenshot, but these were the results: I then ran the same simulation again, but with detail level set to none This time, concussion did happen and were picked up in matches I don't know exactly what would cause this to happen, maybe the match engine just doesn't generate scenarios in which a player could get a concussion? During testing I did also notice, while comparing with a hip injury, that this has an 'over 28' condition in the editor, yet the injury was also happening to a couple of 22 year olds. I'm not sure if this is a bug, maybe the over 28 is just that those players have a higher chance of getting it?
  2. Liverpool just spend 84m on this Sudanese CB. He even generated at a Sudanese club and not somewhere in Europe with great facilities.
  3. Sponsorship income seems really high for a lot of the big teams. AA Gent for example were top of the sponsorship table with a yearly income of 71M. Compared to FM19 these numbers seem way too high, I feel maybe the yearly value is supposed to be the total value of the sponsorship? (And a save a bit further in the future where they got more sponsors, for better comparison) Maybe this is correct and I just know nothing about the sponsorship situation in the league, but compared to for example the Netherlands (which I feel is a similair league) and Portugal (which is a bigger league), it does seem way too high.
  4. So I noticed that one of my players got a red card in the UEFA Youth League and decided to check out what he did. In the animation right before the card he seems to just have the ball and the Tottenham player seems to try to tackle him. The whistle goed and he gets sent off! The text commentary says he went in with two feet, but on screen he doesn't even go down to the floor. Tottenham Under 18s v Arsenal Under 18s.pkm
  5. I did get the complaint about pre-season starting too late this time: Save from before pre-season (couple of weeks away, didn't think about saving until I got the message it started): Matthias Heymans - Schalke 2032.12.18.fm I didn't have any players with pathways where I have a save from when they signed, unfortunately.
  6. Yeah, I did notice they didn't complain this year. When I get to January again, I'll chech if they complain this time Grabbed the wrong file at first, but I'll mention it here anyways, it might help: Matthias Heymans - Schalke 2032.05.31.fm Matthias Heymans - Schalke 2031.06.03.fm I did recently delete a lot of save files to safe space, so I don't have a save from before Klitten signed anymore, but I'll check for that when I get to January again as well. I should have some signings from the summer with a pathway.
  7. So this is basically two bug reports in one, as they both have to do with the start of training after the winter break (in Germany in my case, I don't know if the same problem exists for other countries) 1. Everytime, no matter when pre-season starts, half my squad will complain about pre-starting too late. It's a minor hit on their morale, but they tend to be unhappy about it until somewhere in January or February. This doesn't really feel right, considering I have no choice in when the winter pre-season starts. 2. The game seems to count the winter pre-season as a new season and will update all promised playing times. So now if a player has the pathway squad player -> regular starter -> important player. Instead of being a squad player in the first, starter in the second and important player in the third, they are now a regular starter halfway through the season and an important player at the start of the second season. Changing them back to they're previous playtime often leaves players unhappy, because that playtime was promised to them in their contract. Save file (day before start of pre-season): Matthias Heymans - Schalke 2032.01.02.fm
  8. This might also be an issue in the full version, but it happend when I was playing the beta. In the match I had a substitution planned for: Häuser on for Torres. Whilst the change was pending, Gestich got a second yellow card. When the game send me to the tactics screen, it still showed the Häuser sub as pending and I brought off my striker Ion for my right back Fontes. I confirm the changes. Later in the match, I notice that Torres is still on the pitch and that Ion is now playing left back. I thought the changes just didn't go through so I made went to make them again. On the tactics screen however it did show that Ion got subbed off and Fontes on, with the time being the time I was making changes (around 74 minutes, whilst the sending off was 10 minutes earlier) changes. Ion was still on the pitch however and was also shown that way on the tactics screen (with a red sub arrow next to him, I forgot to take screenshots). When I tried to swap them around, the game counted that as another substitution (2/3), with the first Ion-Fontes sub being 1/3. In the end I used my remaining two subs to do Häuser-Torres again and another sub. At the end of the match it still showed a green arrow next to Fontes, now claiming he came on in 90+4. Wolfsburg v Schalke 04 Fontes no sub.pkm
  9. Just got recommend this guy by my scouts. Generated at Bologna with no second nationalities.
  10. My backroom staff suggested that I promote a young player from the u19's to the Schalke II. When I applied the suggestion, I got a message about the player being unhappy about being demoted to Schalke II, despite the fact that it's supposed to be at a higher level than the u19's. Save file: Matthias Heymans - Schalke 2025.10.04.fm Save file is from the 4th, the suggestion appears on the 7th.
  11. I don't know if this counts as a data or a league issue, but the vote for manager of the year takes place at the end of the season instead of at the end of the year with the rest of the 'of the year' awards.
  12. I started a new game and got plenty of second nationalities in my youth intake (including players born in the club's country with a second nationality). So maybe the fix isn't save game compatible? Would suck if that's the case, but that would explain it.
  13. I restarted. I think in the bug thread they did mention it was maybe a data issue, so maybe it's just not save game compatible, which kinda sucks.
  14. They're fine for me now. Might depend on your club/country though.
  15. I holidayed overnight last night to check on regen numbers. I looked at a couple of teams and all of them have way less second nationality u18. The English teams do better (probably because they're researched better and have more accurate percentages) Also all the players with a second nationality were always born in the country they didn't generate in. The French-Belgian guy at Genk was born in France, all the Australians at Dortmund were born in Australia and none the Ghanian, , Greek, ... guys at Arsenal were born in England. The Irish guys at Arsenal were born in England on the otherhand, but they seem to be the only ones at first glance. Which even if the percentages are accurate still feels off. I can upload the 2038 save if the guys at SI feel it can help.
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