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  1. To be honest I'm not sure if this counts as a bug, maybe this should be a feature request or just a general discussion instead. But just in case it is a bug: When looking at the full names of my regens I noticed that only my Brazillian regens had two last names (paternal and maternal) and my Spanish and Portuguese (and some other South American countries where this is a thing) didn't in the majority of cases. This is a bit strange considering all those countries have the similar naming convention of the full name containing both the maternal and paternal name. Again I don't k
  2. Really like the file, but I've found an issue. I got a message that my Champions League mast against Man City was moved to a Saturday, because their U23's were playing a match. Looking at previous seasons, it looks like this isn't the first time this happend, with a couple of other Champions League matches being played on the weekend and one of the teams involved always had a youth team play on the day that team was supposed to play Champions League. This also gave me the added issue of having to play my league game that was supposed to be on that Saturday during the internatio
  3. I've been running a first quick test save for this with just a couple of leagues, but values in Belgium seem really low. Like Maehle went for less than 1/3 of the real life fee. And Genk sold their two best young defenders at a loss. I've only simulated a year so I'll check for other things in the long term.
  4. When a team sacks there manager at the end of the season (so end of May), they always wait until the end of June of even the middle of July(!) before finally hiring a new manager. This only happens when a manager is sacked at the end of the season. When a manager gets sacked or leaves at any other time it takes 2 weeks max before a replacement is brought in. If you apply for a job at the end of May/start of June you also won't get an inteview until somewhere around the 20th of June (maybe on the day the season resets?). This obviously gets really frustrating becaus
  5. Sponsorship income seems really off (I'm actually pretty sure I reported this last year as well) There is no way Mouscron makes more from sponsorships than some PL clubs...
  6. The Manager of the Year award gets voted on at the end of the season (together with stuff like Manager of the Season) when it should be voted on at the end of the year (together with stuff like Golden Booth). It gets awarded correctly at the end of the year, but the voting is wrong. I reported this last year as well and was told it would be looked at, but it seems to still be broken.
  7. (not sure if this should go in league specific or elsewhere) Ahead of my cup final, my message from the board mentioned that the season had ended. I'm not sure if this it the game getting confused about the regular season having ended, but not the play-offs or if this is just a standard message ahead of a cup final, with the game assuming the cup final takes place at the end of the season. Later on the message does mention our league position in a way that indicates that the season hasn't finished (which is true).
  8. On the 16th of January I had one of my players come in to ask about his playing time, I told him he should accept being a squad player and he agreed. On the 22nd of January he came back to me and said he was unhappy that his squad status had been reduced. (I would post screenshots of the conversation, but interaction history seems to have been removed) Save before the first conversation: Matthias Heymans - KRC Genk 2021.01.13.fm Save before the second conversation: Matthias Heymans - KRC Genk 2021.01.22.fm
  9. Dries Wouters: He's been playing at DM more than CB for the past couple of seasons, he should be a natural DM, and maybe even only accomplished at CB.
  10. Some initial things I noticed for Genk: Luca Oyen: He mentions in this interview that he was born in Nottingham, in game he is listed as being born in Genk. https://www.krcgenk-jeugd.be/nl/news/detail/1716/een-leuke-babbel-met-youngster-luca-oyen Daniel Munoz: It's pretty early, but maybe he should have some ability to play CB and DM? He's been playing there in real life and it would maybe add some realism to AI squad selection. Elias Sierra: He's training with the first team irl, in game he's still in the u21s. Sébastien Dewaest: I'm assuming there is no way for yo
  11. Liverpool just spend 84m on this Sudanese CB. He even generated at a Sudanese club and not somewhere in Europe with great facilities.
  12. This might also be an issue in the full version, but it happend when I was playing the beta. In the match I had a substitution planned for: Häuser on for Torres. Whilst the change was pending, Gestich got a second yellow card. When the game send me to the tactics screen, it still showed the Häuser sub as pending and I brought off my striker Ion for my right back Fontes. I confirm the changes. Later in the match, I notice that Torres is still on the pitch and that Ion is now playing left back. I thought the changes just didn't go through so I made went to make them again. On the tactics sc
  13. Just got recommend this guy by my scouts. Generated at Bologna with no second nationalities.
  14. I restarted. I think in the bug thread they did mention it was maybe a data issue, so maybe it's just not save game compatible, which kinda sucks.
  15. They're fine for me now. Might depend on your club/country though.
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