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  1. Hi, I can't seem to get Sunderlands background working? It's the only one in the league not working but unfortunately is the team I'm managing so bit annoying 😂
  2. Any chance you have that save game available to upload please?
  3. Have they fixed the reputation/higher jobs being offered? Starting in the second division of certain countries is really off-putting and will lead to it being a breeze tbh if you can be in the premiership within 5 years 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. This would be save breaking for me tbh. By all means take advantage though, its still not exactly an easy challenge 😂
  5. Can't wait to get stuck into this again. I completed it on FM19 (It says FM18 for some reason in the HOF?), but wasn't really feeling it for FM20. This years edition though I'm recharged and ready to go....
  6. Starting this save, but I holidayed to the end of the season before taking over (mainly so I could get rid of most of the leagues to allow my machine to actually run the game 😂) - Newcastle lost in the play off final so I took over the day after that - 105mil transfer budget but going to completely rehab the squad with the aim of winning the champions league with at least 4 Geordies in the team and 8 homegrown players (in an ideal world, 11 geordies but that might be pushing it)
  7. Hi all, Is anyone aware of a database with the Saudi takeover implemented at Newcastle? Struggling to get into a game atm so think that could be fun
  8. Hi guys, If anyone fancies a game, I'd be looking to play a once/twice a week maybe but using the 06/07 database by the fm mad scientist via patron etc. I'm AVID_GOONER on Steam 👍🏻 Steve
  9. I'm not a big contributor on here, but recently started getting an absurd amount of shots and on target with minimal minimal goals. Had 64 shots in one game, over 30 on target and won 3-0. Not arguing the result, just the stats. Had 33 shots with 14 onT in most recent game and drew 0-0... in 2 recent games I had 61 shots, 32 on target and scored 3 as well. The stats are daft, but I assume this is from a recent beta update or something?
  10. Nice, in the Championship as well so total rebuild required. I started that first Newcastle one that was posted but then the tycoon chairman was trying to sell before we'd even got 3 months in :/ Am going to holiday to January with this save and then I might takeover at that stage - will be interested to see how Newcastle are doing in the league by then
  11. That hurts my soul 😂 Gk ➡️CBs➡️FBs➡️DM➡️CM⬅️AML/R➡️ST
  12. What?! 😱 Madness! Sub keeper is in number 1 spot, and subs bench is in positional order every game 😄
  13. Very pleased to have finally finished 🥳 I think I'm going to look at something opposite like the Dafuge challenge for FM20 to have a game building a team
  14. IT'S DONE!!! Celebration music can be found here... Ahem... Anyway, having started this save on the 5th March, 2019, on the final part of my travels, this game began as a way to kill time in airports, and on long flights/bus trips/trains etc. 20 days, 23 hours, and 49 minutes of game play later, and the challenge is complete! (I can finally move onto FM20 now 😂) §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ It's been 4 seasons since my last update as I won the world cup with England, and then I took over Brazil and over two seasons was searching for a club team to start a project with. I tr
  15. It's getting so close now I can almost reach out and touch it.... As an aside, never mind the Confederations Cup, it's the bloody AFCON that's been doing my head in on this. I've only got the Copa America and the AFCON left to get, so I'm looking now for a club team that can be a real project, though I got turned down for the Brazil job which was highly frustrating. After being unemployed for a season and being turned(my reputation has taken a hit and is down to 75%, despite being 2nd on the all time HOF only to Tuchel....), I took up the England job after the Euros, and decided to
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