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  1. Just a little bit of a rant but intrigued if anyone else is seeing similar. I am completely dominating games yet drawing or losing as the AI scores with their only shot on target - almost every time! Just had 16 shots to liverpools 2... lost 2-1. Drew 1-1 with athletico after they had 1 shot on target. it goes on and on... argh!
  2. Goal A Game Strikers: Thing Of The Past?

    Sturridge played 28 games 0 goals in first season for the ai
  3. Cheapest place to buy FM14?

    sorry guys i have the code but how do i acivate the full game?
  4. Hey guys, I do a lot of games where I switch between clubs etc, but have found that on previous versions that despite winning a lot of trophies etc if I resign from a team I dont get many offers. For example, on fm13 I won the champions league 4 times with three different clubs, yet kept getting overlooked for jobs that I shouldve been walking into! Has anyone else had any similar experiences, and any idea if this has been improved on the new one? Steve
  5. So, I am in my 8th season as Southampton and have Ademilson and a regen who is absolutely world class. A couple of seasons a go they were concerned about wanting to play for a bigger club. I promised we would improve with champions league qualification. The next season I got 4th spot and also won the europa league. The following season I finish 5th but win the FA cup and Champions League! Now they want to leave as the club isn't big enough?!?
  6. British Knighthood!

    I've seen a friend get a knighthood on the game on fm09, he was in 2090 mind...
  7. Tycoon Takeovers

    Any chance you still have the save with the norwich tycoon?
  8. As the title says! Playing a game as Norwich on the new patch, trying to work out how best to play the big man!
  9. Hi guys, This may be nitpicking but a small issue that is really annoying me is the inaccuracy of statistics on this game (fm12). I have done a career game and worked up all the leagues, and enjoy looking at my accomplishments, but it keeps getting stats wrong! Example in point is that it says in a news report I won 3 leagues (only been there two seasons!) and 1 cup while at arsenal. In two seasons, I have won the league twice, and the carling cup twice, fa cup once, the CL once, the super cup and the club world championship! Also, on my biography it says I have won the manager of the month in the PL 3 times, I won it 6 times last season alone! As I said, it is only a small thing but it is rather irritating when it could effect my reputation aand chance of other jobs!
  10. I went 65 games unbeaten with Arsenal after taking them over in 2018/2019, then lost to bloody Birmingham
  11. hey, I have tried verifying and defragging the cache files for steam, but it come sup preparing to load fm then does nothing? Any ideas?
  12. the question is, is it possible? I'd love to be able to have a GB team for the European Championships and World Cup, but is it possible?
  13. Carlos Tevez

    Malaga get £27 mil in first season?