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  1. of course I did a search and still found no actual answer. why would I ask if I can find an answer. instead if trying to ask me to find, why not u post an answer. surely it will help more. no?
  2. how did u manage to do this? able to have a step by step instructions?, many thanks.
  3. how did u manage to do this? do u have a step by step instructions?
  4. hi good day to all. not sure where to put this.. since this is a transfer so I shall leave it here. I want to start the game after the full version release as people commented that I could remove the transfer embargo on Chelsea via game editor. I have bought the game editor and is trying to remove the xfer embargo but it don't seem to work. can anyone advise please? moderators can u help me out with this? one main joy I get from fm is playing my Chelsea and doing the transfers. can't wait to get started. thanks.
  5. hello. i have bought the ingame editor. however, where is the option for me to remove all transfer ban?
  6. at where did u find this option?
  7. any idea where we can see what has been corrected and improved? as of 5mins ago, im still seeing people posting about the same issues and bugs.
  8. with so many bugs, can FM solve it in time for the official release? as with every FM release, i am always excited and eager for the full release. However with this version, i am reading many many match engine issues which makes has caused me to lose some interest and dread the 19th Nov. Hopefully by then FM would have solved those issues to get a more realistic experience. ive seen threads of the same bugs being posted and yet, moderators are still asking for the pmk files which was uploaded by many players at different threads. can they just acknowledge there's a real problem and solve it? funny how they spend so much time (and years) to develop the game but the bugs are never ending. i dont need more aesthetic crowds or outfits as a manager, but a more realistic match engine. please do something about the game.
  9. Good afternoon fellow FM players. I want to start my career in chelsea but am facing a transfer embargo. are we able to remove this embargo right from the get go? many thanks.
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