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  1. I love the skins especially the light one but one more question, I remember that last year you have made different scoreboards option which were beautifull. Is that something that we can expect this year also or it is not possible in fm18?

    every day I come here looking for download link...
  3. Will there be a light version of the skin?
  4. [Guide] How to add a Manager Picture in FM2010

    I tried this for fm 2017 and it doesnt work... Can anybody help me?
  5. [FM17][SKIN] Football Manager 2017 Base Skins

    I mean I managed to edit the transparency of main screen... But I failed to edit transparency of inbox screen
  6. [FM17][SKIN] Football Manager 2017 Base Skins

    I tried... many times
  7. [FM17][SKIN] Football Manager 2017 Base Skins

    I really like how this looks but I didn't figure how can I add background to this skin... ? also my letters of goal scorers are black.... i can't see who scored =D
  8. it would be great if the fmc skin is available for regular mode (not classic) can I somehow make it available or can somebody make fmc skin?
  9. will there be more updates for this skin?