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  1. oh god a light version of this would be dream come true amazing work mate
  2. New Nation

    I can not find that could someone upload their file (nation.xml)?
  3. ULTIMATE LEGENDS & STARS 1880 - 2018

    What id going on with this I would love to play this DB I was always a fan of something like this
  4. I like it I would love to see something like this in full version of the game
  5. My humble skin - Early Version Released!

    God bless you
  6. My humble skin - Early Version Released!

    can you maybe make possible for those who don't like atribute boxes to have regular attributes?
  7. My humble skin - Early Version Released!

    looks really nice Maybe you could make it available for downloading as a beta version
  8. My humble skin - Early Version Released!

    it looks great when will it be available?
  9. I love the skins especially the light one but one more question, I remember that last year you have made different scoreboards option which were beautifull. Is that something that we can expect this year also or it is not possible in fm18?
  10. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    every day I come here looking for download link...