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  1. Going for another block of stuff that I've collected for a while. ___________________________________________________________________ Phrasing is off, it should be the other way around. This is a tricky one with complicated variables, but still. Cur: {manager} recebeu uma série de perguntas tais como {question} e {question} de vários órgãos de comunicação social ({press list}). Fix: {manager} recebeu uma série de perguntas de vários orgãos de comunicação social ({press list}), tais como {question} e {question}. Not sure if this is translation or an actual bug, but this sentence should have ended with whichever club's Chiquinho is most interested in talking to. Instead, it's got a space. Mistranslation from someone who doesn't know FM. Coach was translated as a manager, which makes sense in a literal sense - but not football-wise. "Coach" should indeed mean "treinador" in real life, but language rules need to be adapted here. Cur: #/# Treinadores Fix: #/# preparadores Very minor because it can still be understood, but "rodar" is not the best translation for "twist" there. Rodar is more like spinning in a natural way. Cur: ao rodar dolorosamente durante uma sessão Fix: ao torcer-se dolorosamente durante uma This is a bad one in various ways. Somehow, it feels that someone with very low English awareness has been changing strings that have been correct before... "realise their potential" has been changed from a correct translation to "understand their potential" in many new and old strings. They probably didn't know that "realise" could also mean something in the lines of accomplishing. Additionally - that string is about the adepts' opinion, and it was translated as if it's one person giving their opinion. Cur: Posso vê-lo a tornar-se um jogador chave se ele perceber o seu potencial. Fix: Podemos vê-lo tornar-se um jogador chave se ele concretizar o seu potencial. There have been many strings before where I've complained about commas being nonsensical and disrupting the sentence's flow. Here it's the other way around - this is a bit of a pain to read without punctuation. There is a whole lot of variables in play, so I can understand an unexperienced localisation worker didn't want to touch it. I'll work it around. Cur: da contratação concretizada {pelo} {new club} do {description} {do} {old club} {player}. Fix: da contratação concretizada {pelo} {new club} de {player}, {description} e ex-jogador {do} {old club}. Another one of those terrible commas. Translations for new FM20 questions are generally very good, unlike FM19. But this one got a misunderstood variable. Cur: pela onda de lesões {do} {club} na especificidade {do} {position} Fix: pela onda de lesões {do} {club} na posição de {position} "atmosfera" was translated too literally, and that "tu" feels a bit forced, it feels more natural if it's omitted... (Although this isn't a mistake per se, just my own feeling) Cur: A atmosfera é boa (...) no que tu tens a dizer: Fix: O ambiente é bom (...) no que tens a dizer. Legacy from last year, where someone made many several & serious mistakes in the translations for coach feedback regarding training suggestions. Those two words have missing accents, and it's pretty blatant. Although I think this used to be even worse and it is now partially fixed, but I might be confusing it with a similar string. Cur: Gostava de recomendar treinar o {player} como {position} com foco em desenvolve-lo para (...) mover para os espaços e explora-los. Fix: Gostava de recomendar treinar o {player} como {position} como foco em desenvolvê-lo para (...) mover para os espaços e explorá-los. Accidental typo, one of the exceptions in the tutorial headers. They are usually great. Cur: acontece no jogo é registados na nossa Fix: acontece no jogo é registado na nossa This is weird. These strings are really old and they were always good. Someone's changed it and messed it up. As it reads, it says that Sheff Utd proposed a loan TO Chiquinho, not FOR Chiquinho. But it needs to go through the manager first. It feels the change was made by someone who doesn't know much about football and/or FM - you can't ask players directly if they'll go on loan to you. Cur: {club} propõe empréstimo a {player} Fix: {club} propõe empréstimo por {player} Another situation where a comma should be there, but it's not - to counterbalance all of the extra ones? Cur: minha contratação recomendada {player's last name} Fix minha contratação recomendada, {player's last name} This is one that I think is pretty legacy. "Cultured" players are translated as if they're cultured in general knowledge, like they'd be great participants in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. The translation from English is too literal - I've never heard it like this. There is no good translation, to be fair... We don't have anything that represents "cultured" in that sense. I think I'll suggest "intelligent" for now, but please let me know if you've got better suggestions, anyone. Cur: culto Fix: inteligente Wrong preposition before the position variable, probably a literal translation without awareness on what the variable would bring. Cur: {prospective hiring} pode dar cobertura ao {current starter} no {position}. Fix: {prospective hiring} pode dar cobertura ao {current starter} na posição de {position}. Wrong verb tense for this translation, and this is an implemented mistake for FM20 somehow. I believe this was fine before? It shows up when we send our assistant manager to deliver the tactical briefing. It says that "I've been asking to" the Ast Man, but I just asked him once. It's also inconsistent with "reunião tática". I might have said something about this last year, I seem to recall it... Cur: Tu tens perguntado {ao} {ast man para tratar do briefing táctico. Fix: Pediste {ao} {ast man} para tratar da reunião táctica Incorrect commas in clickable buttons. This is a bad one. I don't understand this. Weren't pitch dimension translations good before? Either way, whoever translated this has no idea what a pitch is and left it ambiguously in English. Not a good sight. - Additionally, "long" was slightly mistransated. - There's a missing preposition. - Inflections for "de" were ignored before the competition name, but it should shift depending on the competition's noun gender. As it stands, using the neutral preposition everywhere feels awkward. Note that is in stark contrast to the header, which is great. Cur: Os regulamentos de {competition} (...). Os regulamentos de {competition} (...) metros largura. As dimensões de pitch propostas são longas, (...) Fix: Os regulamentos {da} {competition} (...). Os regulamentos {da} {competition} (...) metros de largura. As dimensões propostas do campo são compridas, (...) That comma I've highlighed... Seriously, that writer should trademark "The Flow Destroyer", haha. Cur: Só pode jogar numa posição, por agora. Fix: Só pode jogar numa posição por agora. Cur: Ponto Fortes e Pontos Fracos Fix: Pontos Fortes e Pontos Fracos I know perfectly who that writer was. This is a Brazilian person trying to awkwardly mimic European Portuguese - I've seen this kind of fuzzy grammar in language tests I've verified before. There's an accidental spelling issue later. Also an extra comma as it is now tradition. Structure is convoluted as traditional, as well, but it's understandable. Cur: Eu gostava de formalmente te dar as boas-vindas (...) vais receber um pack introdutório de boas-vidas, antes de finalizarmos Fix: Gostava de dar-te as boas-vindas formalmente (...) vais receber um pack introdutório de boas-vindas antes de finalizarmos Staff kept as "staff" in English when the game clearly translates it as "equipa técnica", so I guess this writer doesn't know FM at all? Besides, there are bad mistakes in both grammar (para) and spelling (atribuido) - it's not pleasant at all. The phrasal structure is also all messy, this is very very hard to read. I'm SURE this is new for FM20. I might be missing some variables here, I'm afraid... Cur: Eu sugiro que seja atribuido {ao} {staffer} para tratar de treino específico de táctica defensiva para {o} {youth team} {do} {club} para ter um melhor equilíbrio de carga de trabalho do staff. Fix: Sugiro que atribuas o treino específico de táctica defensiva {ao} {staffer} para a equipa {youth team} {do} {club} ter um melhor equilíbrio na carga de trabalho da equipa técnica. The fullstop was already reported above, but why is it "3 player"? Cur: 3 jogador da equipa principal. Fix: 3 jogadores da equipa principal I think this has already been noted and fixed, but just in case! This grammar would be correct in Brazil, but Portugal requires an auxiliary hyphen. We know who wrote this... Cur: Ultimamente tem se saído Fix: Ultimamente tem-se saído That comma breaks the flow, again... Cur: Os cruzamentos do ala foram uma ameaça constante, desde o início até ao fim: Fix: Os cruzamentos do ala foram uma ameaça constante desde o início até ao fim. ______________ There's 40 screenshots to go until I clear my backlog, but I'll take a break now.
  2. Tell me about it - translating a legal document took me 100x longer than football things. Is he the person who translated the new tutorials? Meanwhile I found something rather hilarious - I wasn't even mad about it, it was too good a gem. You understand what's wrong with this, right? :P It took me 5 seconds to understand - but then I exploded in laughter. (To be honest, I think that string was correct before...)
  3. I have the same opinion. I'm totally fine with accidental typos here and there, those could happen to everyone. I made one myself above, even if that was after a 11 hour long day of work+commute. (Still, typos should be weeded out in the QA process, not the other way around.) I'm also totally fine with inconsistency problems such as "tu vs você" , because when those are translated from a text database rather than through game experience, it's very easy to miss out on the correct context. What I struggle to accept is when it's obvious work from a clearly underqualified person that should have never had this responsibility. I've seen it all: Crass spelling mistakes that should have made those people fail middle school by themselves. Crass mistranslations from not understanding basic English expressions such as "realise his potential" or "looks to nullify". Brazilian-only grammar and vocabulary being used, clearly from a Brazilian native who is not aware of the differences between variants. Blatant misconcepts regarding variables. Chaotic phrasing that sometimes follows English too closely. Misunderstanding basic football concepts. Complete disregard for punctuation and grammar rules... In many situations it's multiple of these into one single string. The truth is that, based on writing styles, I'm definitely sure it's at least 2 different people that introduced those hundreds/thousands of issues. Maybe 3. On the flipside, there's also plenty of amazing text. (For English-only speakers who might be reading this, by typos and crass spelling mistakes, what I mean is the difference between i.e. "You're too ncie" and "Your to nice". It's obvious when it's an accidental typo and when it's a result of poor spelling skills.)
  4. Oh wow, I could feel my brain squeaking as I tried to understand that chaos. The source is a mystery. Either way, at this late stage I'm sure we're just unearthing more byproducts of what was a result of a temporary mishap. I trust that both SI and SEGA have fully identified the source(s) of this issue and have moved on to correct it further. It's easy for us, English speakers, to change the game's language and enjoy the game to its fullest - but there are many thousands of other passionate Portuguese players who can't afford that luxury. So, despite these situations, I'm honestly extremely thankful they have the opportunity to play a localised version regardless of its state.
  5. I've been calmly collecting screenshots for relatively minor things. At least not the kind that shoots my blood pressure through the roof. That changed a few minutes ago, and I'm crying on the inside. Yet another situation where a regular verb tense is hyphenated. I guess it's just luck that this FB page is inactive for a while or they'd feast on FM. The first time this happened, I got so seriously enraged that I took a break from the PT translation for a few days. Now... I'm just extremely sad that anyone who makes this kind of 3rd grade mistake is left unsupervised to write official and published text. Either FM or anything else, really, no product deserves this ignominy. I can only wonder how they got access to the database to begin with. It should have been "posicionarmos". Some of those options have that trademark convoluted and senseless phrasing and syntax that we've regularly discussed.
  6. Almost! 'Temporada' is a female noun, so you need to use the female ordinal indicator. Essentially ª instead of º, which is its male counterpart. The absolute correct way would involve a fullstop between the numeral and the indicator, but that's not important at all.
  7. In that case I'd change Jul A to: Ava Hab Ava HET is absolutely correct, can't think of any improvement.
  8. Judging Player Potential and Tactical Knowledge are perfect. Negotiating sounds a bit Brazilian but it's not wrong, nothing against it from my side. Judging Player Ability (and Judging Staff Ability) were mistranslated as the other way around - as if it's a player's ability to judge, rather than the scout's judgement on him. Every single minimally experienced football fan and/or FM player should know it doesn't make sense for players to judge others' ability, hence why it's surprising to see. Those two should be: Avaliação da Habilidade do Jogador Avaliação da Habilidade da Equipa Técnica (this is not perfect because it means staff in general, but at least it'd be consistent).
  9. Extra post: Whoever translated the post-update privacy and in-game advertisement notices is amazing.
  10. I'll try to find the source for that string you highlighted, but it's awful indeed. It's literally impossible to decode. EDIT I've tried to find that out and the problem is even worse than we thought. "Guarda-Redes do Campeonato" (League Goalkeeper) is actually supposed to be Cup Goalkeeper. It's -extremely- misleading. "Espera começar como um golo em todas as competições." means "Expecting to start as a goal in all competitions." I don't even mean the physical goal that players try to drive balls past in order to score. I mean goal, as in a scored goal. It's incredible. The second part of the string is misleading as well, because in reality this is just for cups and the translation means all competitions. The source is "Expects to start in goal in all cup competitions." which should be translated as "Espera ser titular à baliza em todas as taças."
  11. That is actually I actually consider that a mistake for the 3rd and 4th line (Judging Staff Ability & Judging Player Ability) Judging Player Ability was mistranslated as "Player's Judging ability" as if it's how skilled the player is at judging... The only way someone would make that mistake is if they've never seen FM in their life before, honestly. The same applies to Judging Staff Ability which was translated as "Staff's judging ability". The last one is also a bit Brazilianish. "Negocial" is technically correct for us but we seldom use it, unlike Brazil. It'd feel more natural if it was "Negociação".
  12. Actually I think all of those are fine except for the last one which we discussed above. I'd translate it to: A maioria dos defesas centrais que chegaram não parece que vá conseguir vingar.
  13. Thanks for the fix, you're absolutely right about my typo - and about the major restructuring the string requires. That's one of the things I had in mind when I mentioned 'poorly structured' on the original post but chose to avoid making substancial changes once again. Your future tense suggestion definitely makes a lot of sense. ('não conseguirão vingar'). The current tense would only apply if those players had been trying to stand out for a while - that doesn't apply to the youth intake.
  14. I believe I speak on behalf of every PT player in that your efforts are massively appreciated and we are extremely thankful. Some situations still fall outside your/our control but identifying patterns in what's gone well and what hasn't is definitely going to make a difference.
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