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  1. Summary: A legitimate goal, scored via Penalty Kick, was considered by the game as a save by the keeper. Description of Issue: A penalty kick was awarded to the user's team. It was successfully scored - the ball went into the goal, the commentary bar flashed in the team's colours, the team celebrated in the match engine, and there was even a replay - which I only have activated for goals. However, a corner kick followed, the goal was not registered in the match score, and the penalty was subsequently registered as a missed one on the "Important Events" post-match UI column.
  2. That rang a bell - so far, adding the division in the clubs' information was enough to make it work as they'd automatically be added to the division's info, but this time somehow it didn't. So I did it manually and it worked like a charm - thanks a lot.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm here with a question. I'm trying to create a league for a country that hasn't got a playable system, but when I try to add a division on the Nation Rules screen, my created league will only show up if I select "Contains Sub-Divisions" which shouldn't be the case. Not sure why it's happening - it hasn't before. Is it maybe due to the amount of teams?
  4. Hello everyone, This had been in my mind a few times before, but it came to me today. While looking for prospects, I noticed that a certain club got two newgens with the same uncommon last name. Out of curiosity, I went in to check their information and see if it mentioned any relationship. Of course it didn't - but considering the large amount of real-life family dynasties in football and that most people have relatives within the game, it feels like it'd add a new whole layer of immersivity if newgens could suddenly have cousins, siblings or children.
  5. I was creating my own scenario. I figured it out shortly after posting - Man City was stuck in the list of teams for the following year. Cheers for reaching out, though!
  6. Upon starting a new game, I cannot choose English and it tells me: "Team found in the English Premier Division with the wrong nation set" All the teams I've put there are English, does any of you know why this is happening?
  7. Butting into this topic even though I have no answer, but a question instead - I remember that in a few years ago, editing a file would be enough to let the editor mess around with countries. Is that gone and creating xmls is our only option?
  8. It'll help a lot if you increase the youth intake ratings for specific teams from those countries as well - and add those leagues to the game for good measure. Otherwise you're probably going to get 1 per year if you're lucky.
  9. This is a pain with nearly 100 players and 3 reserve/youth teams, not sure if I have the energy to. Thanks!
  10. I'm going to presume this is impossible unless told otherwise, buuut... When we duplicate a team, it's impossible to automatically duplicate -everything- associated with it, isn't it? Staff, players, stadium, links, reserve teams... My friend and I would like to play online and see who'd do better with the team we both support. :P
  11. That's because every single player NEEDS at least one position to be at 20, where they are the most natural at. So in your case you'll have to change central midfield to 20. I've been trying it out since I read your question and the moment I change any other position to 20, the editor stops forcing it into either CB or S.
  12. This feels like a better suggestion compared to what I had in mind, so I'll addu a few bits here! It's always felt that there was never enough newgen sidebacks / fullbacks / wingbacks, but that ends up being rather actually realistic. Most famous fullbacks have actually originally from attacking positions, and it feels like no AI team follows this - if they all automatically followed your idea, it'd be amazing.
  13. This suggestion comes as a result of long games feeling a bit stale in the visual side. It feels rather unnatural to look at every single club, and literally everything is as it was by the time the game came out, especially those that are constantly morphing in real life. So this is a list of ideas that would add realism on this matter. Updated away / third kits for teams every season (or most seasons, depending on tradition). These changes would be often extreme, as it would be common to experiment with different colours. Rise in merchandising sales.
  14. Hello everyone, As far as I can remember, the option to Resign has always been an immediate affair. The moment the user clicks the Resign option on their home screen, they're unemployed. I feel it'd be interesting if, in case the board's confidence on the manager was high enough, they'd engage in an interaction with the following points: Asking the player why they want to leave Possibly coming back with counter proposals or concessions, depending on how much they value the player Making it either easier or harder to concede the contract termination I believe thi
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