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  1. There is already an post with screenshot + save files
  2. This is fixed in the latest beta and it looks exactly as u19 now
  3. beta manager – FC Bayern.fm here is a save file as bayern manager players above 23 that I put in second team arent allowed to play because they are above the maximum allowed age
  4. yes uploaded it. file name "beta manager – FC Bayern.fm" analyst report should be top of inbox
  5. if the player will become 19 years old in the same year as the competition (U19 Bundesliga for example) starts, he is not allowed to participate. the rules say that players born before 1.1.2001 (for the 2019/2020 season) are not allowed EDIT: sorry I forgot that I am using a custom editor file In the base game it says no players over 19... but the "official" rules are as I wrote above
  6. I'm not getting training emails for my b-team (Düsseldorf II, Germany) although the check box in training responsibilities is ticked First team and u19 is working though
  7. When clicking "Formation Analysis" from the inbox or from the analyst report, it directs you to a blank screen
  8. there is a missing "background color" for 6th place because 6th means at least Europa League Qualifying also 16th place color should probably be a little more diverse than 17th and 18th?? at least in my taste in the rules tab there is a little "i" on 6th place saying it is dependant on the DFB Pokal winner, that's correct as it could be Group Stage or Qualifying, but it should also be on 7th place as it could be nothing or Qualifying
  9. when I select my b-team in the development centre I get many options of clicking, when I click anything it directs me to the squad overview with only 2 options to pick from.
  10. can't select any b-team staff for "Match Day" and "Tactics" responsibilities. also can't take control of hiring, firing or contract renewal of b-team manager. however all of this is possible for the u19 team.
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