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  1. Thank you very much for this wonderful post. I had absolutely no luck with possession tactics so I tried this gegenpressing tactic with Heidenheim too. Got promoted first season, finished 1st. Had problems with the attacking tactic (many balls over top of defenders, so I only used the positive one) I have just seen your training guide and wondered what do you do for pre season? One thing I noticed: my U19 players are criticising the training (too much pace / strenght training)
  2. You should definetly play David Otto as CF because he is loaned from Hoffenheim and the rest of the team is not. Or alternatively buy every player from ManCity and maybe try to get the man himself, holy pep, to join your team.
  3. @Experienced Defender do you have any advice when playing against 3 at the back? Been struggling really hard with the 4-1-4-1 Wide I thought of changing to a 4-4-2 to have 2 strikers vs 3 defenders
  4. I set up my OI and wonder why it doesn't get applied in game. Does anyone know why? Am I doing it wrong?
  5. Hey this tactic is working really well for me, but I wonder, do you also have PI's for the other positions?
  6. First of all, thanks for your willingness to help So I played some games with actually quite good results. What I noticed was: - The goals I conceded were mostly long range shots. - Grillitsch (MEZat) lost a lot of balls because of dribblings so I switched Skov to this position and put Bruun Larsen to the AMR position. Skov had better dribblings and even scored well with his - 16 long shots - - I decided to train Skov as MEZat because I think he is well suited for it and rotate Grillitsch and Geiger as DLPsu. - The DLFsu Dabbur got bad ratings (6.54 after 5 games) and wasn't really involved in play. Could changing him to CFsu help him getting more involved? Or maybe he's just on a bad form? - The IFat (Adamyan because of Kramaric injury) is working really well, scoring a lot of goals ( his 16 pace is helping him a lot ) One thing I have to ask: Does "play for set pieces" affect the tactic negatively or why would you not tick it? Would the players try to get one all the time and disturb the flow of play? I'm really interested in the reasoning
  7. Thanks for your time. Could you give me an idea? At this time I'm open for everything
  8. So I wanted to start a long term save with Hoffenheim The board wants attacking and high-tempo pressing football. AND the goal is to qualify for the europa league. My assistant manager suggested the Tiki-Taka style so I tried exactly that (tiki taka preset) with a 4-1-4-1 DM formation. I started 3 seasons but always got sacked before or in the winter break. There were games where I domintated but only won 1:0 or 2:1, there were LOTS of draws, mostly 0-0. So my goals for/against was something like 17:17 after 17 games. So now I'm asking here for help with creating a tactic. The assistant manager suggests Control Possesion, Tiki Taka and Catenaccio I choose these players as my starting 11
  9. is the editor installed on the same hard drive/ssd as fm 20? Had the same problem because I installed it on a different drive
  10. beta manager – FC Bayern.fm here is a save file as bayern manager players above 23 that I put in second team arent allowed to play because they are above the maximum allowed age
  11. if the player will become 19 years old in the same year as the competition (U19 Bundesliga for example) starts, he is not allowed to participate. the rules say that players born before 1.1.2001 (for the 2019/2020 season) are not allowed EDIT: sorry I forgot that I am using a custom editor file In the base game it says no players over 19... but the "official" rules are as I wrote above
  12. there is a missing "background color" for 6th place because 6th means at least Europa League Qualifying also 16th place color should probably be a little more diverse than 17th and 18th?? at least in my taste in the rules tab there is a little "i" on 6th place saying it is dependant on the DFB Pokal winner, that's correct as it could be Group Stage or Qualifying, but it should also be on 7th place as it could be nothing or Qualifying
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