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  1. Ok, I've had a play around with this. If your country is in Europe then change Gibraltar's continent to none. This will then have your country replace them in the Euro qualifying groups from the start of the game (so in the same group as Germany, Poland, Scotland etc). As for the World Cup qualifying groups, I believe they are hard coded so your country will not be in them at the start of the game. However, you can make them appear in later world cup qualifying by taking another European nation out of FIFA. What I did was to untick the box in the editor for San Marino to be a FIFA member. San Marino are still involved in Euro qualifiers but will not be involved with World Cup qualifiers.
  2. Have you tried knocking out 1 of the smaller European nations out completely i.e. Gibralter/Andorra/San Marino? Not deleting the country but changing their continent to none instead of europe?
  3. I've had Bournemouth taken over by a Thai Tycoon on my West Ham save. Only recently noticed though as they bought Sahko off me for £8 million You'll have to retire as me though unless fancy running both sides! Club: Bournemouth Game date: 07/10/2017 Takeover date: 05/05/2016 League Position: 18th in the Premier Division (Game in hand though) Leagues Loaded: England down to L2, Italy Serie A only and Spain La Liga only Database size: Large https://mega.co.nz/#!SUNUkTyK!JonwlCNATVlk0x7pRw4qf_GVJfKCz9g5UfgjKKwjf9E On another note I'm pretty sure Brentford have a ton of money in the Championship (got promoted to the Prem last season and spent very little before getting relegated) too and are also in Europa League as they were FA Cup Finalists
  4. I've yet to really try him in CM. I've brought him on there as a sub but he hasn't really done anything to impress me. He was very disappointing in my second season and only managed 6 starts as a winger. He's moaning about wanting first team football now and I'm considering selling him. Noble and Pereyra are 2 of my best performing players so he's not getting a look in at CM at the moment. On a separate note is Andy Carroll causing anyone problems? He keeps missing training for me and then moans when I fine him. I'm trying to sell him but because of his massive wages its difficult to find a buyer!
  5. I had no funds in January. Didn't particularly affect me much though and I don't think Demel even got called up. Song is a big miss but the others you can get by without for a couple of games
  6. Just finished my second season with West Ham and I'm doing great! I made a couple of small edits before beginning though; edited Kouyate to play CM (which he does for us anyway irl) and improved Valencia's jumping and heading slightly (which is shockingly underrated imo). 1st season saw us scrape 4th thanks to Man City only picking up 1 point from their last 2 games (Southampton and Palace) where I managed to beat Palace and lose to Man Utd in those last 2 games. 2nd season saw us finish 3rd. I've done nothing in the cups mind and got knocked out by Athletico Madrid in the 1st knockout stage of the Champs League so I'm currently trophyless I'm using a tactic which I found on FM-Base (http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-15-tactics/179480-christianeriksen-beautiful-play.html) but I'm not using the latest tactic but rather using version 5.1 of it which someone (raykillerz I think the username is) has tweaked. This tactic is brilliant! Its a 4-1-2-2-1 attacking/fluid formation which is excellent at home. Its not so great away, especially against the big teams who will often carve your attacking intents wide open so I do play around with the tactic then but have yet to come up with anything particularly solid. This tactic has scored me plenty (88 goals 1st season before the hotfix (conceding 53) and then 78 goals the 2nd (conceding 37)) so its very fun to watch and it fits the playing squad excellently for West Ham too. 1st season my starting 11 was usually; ----------Sahko/Valencia Jarvis/Zarate------- Morrison/Amalifano ----------Noble Song ------------Kouyate Cresswell Reid Tomkins O'Brien/Jenkinson ------------Adrian 2nd Season after a couple of transfers (Leali, Pereyra, Richards all on frees, Guidetti 200k and Crisetig on loan); -------------Guidetti/Sahko Jarvis/Zarate------------Valencia/Morrison -----------Noble - Roberto Pereya -----------Crisetig/Kouyate Cresswell - Reid - Tomkins - Micah Richards ---------------Leali Cresswell has been amazing for me and so has Noble. Morrison was great 1st season as was Sahko but both faded during the second season which eventually saw me go for Valencia on the right and Guidetti up top. Pereyra has also been a revelation for me and now worth £26.5m! Basically I've had no transfer budget to spend until Jan 2016 either, I sold Maigia in the Summer 15 to help fund the above mentioned transfers in and thats it. I bought Ajar (£1m) and Balanta (£6m) in the Jan 16 window and thats it. Moved into the new stadium now and also had a takeover (consortium who invested in youth but no real boost in finance). Earned a bucketfull of cash from the Champs League the season before and am now looking at £47m in the bank with a £17m transfer budget. Just released Nolan and sold Downing to clear 100k of the wage bill too so I'm about to do some shopping! Here's some screenshots; Tactics - http://i.imgur.com/gLBj2gK.png Instructions - http://i.imgur.com/3j6DE0g.png League 14/15 - http://i.imgur.com/xHJWNRz.png League 15/16 - http://i.imgur.com/cWCmMJN.png
  7. Playing as West Ham I have had a striker come through the ranks who is pretty darn good, but not exactly a world beater. He is a bit of a favourite of mine as he always tends to preform in the big games scoring in a few finals including the winning goal in my only Champions League final victory. So first of all Spurs put in a couple of bids around £20million for him. The first I reject out of hand only for them to come back with a similar off. This time I negotiate asking for around £1 billion simply to put them off (About £200m up front with several alloments of £200 based on 1 international appearence, 10 league goals, a small amount of league appearances, and £200m over 6 months). Anyway they've come back with this offer worth £812 million! I'm not sure what the in's and out's are of the deal are as my Chairman has stepped in and accepted it (Who can blame him?!). The thing is Spurs aren't even that good and haven't even qualified for the Champions League in years. They tend to spend quite a bit most seasons with little to show for it. They aren't owned by a Tycoon although a 'Local Businessman' did takeover about 6 years ago. They're finances are classed as 'Rich' but that's probably because its the pre-season and they do have a decent amount of sponsorship. Surely they haven't got the money for this to come off? This must be a bug, right? Screenshots Heres the bid http://img547.imageshack.us/img547/4899/massivebid.jpg Heres the player http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/8919/mutlul.jpg
  8. Liverpool got relegated in my first season. They then proceeded to finish 3rd in the Championship and lose in the playoff semi final to Blackpool. They sold most of their side apart from Gerrard, Carragher, Reina, Henderson and Downing and made about £100m in net transfer profit. In my 3rd season they came 2nd and therefore got promoted. In the 4th season they got relegated again. They have little to sell on now though and once their £25m kit sponsorship is up they could be in real trouble. http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/2200/trolloloolllol.jpg
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