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  1. Striker movement is the worst part of FM20 for me. So frustrating.
  2. Movement of the striker is just awful. Central play is poor even if you gear everything towards it tactically the ball will still go wide way more than it should. I'm usually pretty positive and before I'd put in some proper time was happy with the ME after the hot fix, but the more I play, the more repetitive I find it with positions and roles not being represented with any difference in terms of movements you see.
  3. I think the most frustrating thing is that by all rationale the ME should get better every year. This feels like a pretty big step back from previous ones. It's just dull.
  4. They dont plan ME patches? They start working on them at some point which constitutes planning. Ultimately at some point they stop working on FM20 and focus on the next game. I think it's fair to know if that is the case.
  5. SI should be in a position to say whether or not they plan another ME patch. They're either working on something that they're planning on getting out or they're done and focus is now on 21. I completely get not committing to time frames for expected patches, this isnt like that though. They'll know whether or not there is a plan for another patch and lots of people are holding off on their career saves on depending on this information, positive or not.
  6. I imagine that it is more to do with and ME changes as quite often it impacts tactics quite a lot.
  7. I agree with this. Everything outside the ME is genuinely the best most immersive game ever. This ME just hasn't cut it though and it's a real shame.
  8. Er, yes it has. The beta patch match engine is very good.
  9. The ME pre hotfix was an absolute mess and the worst for a long time. I'm enjoying it since the hotfix though. Players are playing how I have asked them to. I am seeing a variety of goals and the match stats seem fairly balanced. Hopefully the actual patch adds to what is already a good current ME.
  10. Most of the time wasn't that by angry Chinese people due to language issues on the game?
  11. I didn't really see City's ratings last season, I think what people really wanted is Pep and his tactics to be more successful in this game. I always found Pep was sacked by the second season. I assume that was down to how the game implemented his tactics rather than players ability level.
  12. Should it be higher? I know he scored a good amount last season, he also missed a crazy amount of easy chances. I'd say 12 is about right.
  13. It's interesting. I downloaded the patch Saturday afternoon and had a few games, and then played again Sunday. Came on here today expecting people to be upset about the lack of goals but I am seeing the opposite. In the six games I have played since the update I have had two 0-0's, won two games 0-1, won one game 2-0 and lost one game 3-1.
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