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  1. To give some balance for anyone that may be reading this thread and deciding whether to buy the game.... for me, this is the best version for a very long time. The ME is excellent, the AI feels far more legitimate and the immersion levels are fantastic.
  2. I hated FM20 but FM21 is the best version for a very long time. ME is very good, immersion is great. It had reignited my love for the series after the disaster of 20.
  3. Game is great. Be interesting to see if they tinker with the ME at all but I'm now in that same position where I want to start a new save but want the most up to date...
  4. I just don't see it. This ME is the best one for a very long time in terms of enjoyment and seeing what I am asking my team to do on the pitch. Of course there are issues, but compared to last years ME, I am delighted with this. It is fun to watch.
  5. I dont need to though as none of those things are clear to me and have impacted a save I am 10 years into. Numbers around key tackles and how they are represented mean very little to me, only how they are depicted in the ME. I personally haven't seen issues around youth intake, but I'm not saying they don't exist... and that is fair enough it is impacting long saves. For me though, this is the best version for a very long time time after last years monstrosity, I'm loving the game again.
  6. I haven't been on this forum since release and I have massively enjoyed this game from start to finish. The immersion levels are immense. After returning to just check any posts regarding the winter update, I'm seeing a few mention bugs... I am sure they exist as they always will, but are they enough to really "huge" and spoil what is an excellent game?
  7. With all due respect, you won't see any issues and 3 years is no time at all. Some people play 25 year careers plus, and currently clubs basically run out of youth players within 15 years. In terms of long term saves, it is probably about the biggest issue there could be.
  8. I'd say there are some quite in depth instructions all around the net including here. Any skin will be saved and loaded the same way. Also check any YouTube videos for visual walk through.
  9. Yeah, there should be the name of the skin downloaded... I am about a million miles away from being an expert on this so I'm pretty much out of ideas
  10. Also selected the new skin in preferences from drop down?
  11. Have you cleared cache and reloaded skin?
  12. So create a skin folder separately as part of graphics and put skin in there.
  13. Thanks mate. Will give it a go later. The work that goes into this to enhance others playing experience blows my mind. Thanks for your efforts.
  14. Also, one more question about the skin you have linked... where would I save that to? Football Manger: Graphics: Skins After creating the "skins" folder I assume?
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