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  1. FM18: Blackburn Rovers - Arte et Labore

    Think I have always used 4-3-3 with a DM and two CM's as my 'base' formation. Used a LOT of other formations along the way but sort of moulded my team to eventually fit this tactic perfectly.
  2. FM18: Blackburn Rovers - Arte et Labore

    I think his contract should be expiring at the end of the season unless Bournemouth have given him a new one, you should be able to pick him up on a free like I did
  3. FM18: Blackburn Rovers - Arte et Labore

    Yep Mousset is a brilliant signing, try to get him permanent if you can. 93 goals in 153 games since I signed him. His four goal haul against Burnley to get us into the Europa League and relegate Burnley will go down in Blackburn folklore!
  4. FM18: Blackburn Rovers - Arte et Labore

    Finished the 2021/22 season, and it was a successful one as we made the Europa League for the first time! In the transfer window I was planning on keeping a similar squad, but Mikel Merino unfortunately forced through a move to Everton for 29m, I also ridded myself of my back up RB Sean Klaiber. In terms of incoming players, the defence was our main focus as we brought in Phil Jones (9m), Riccardo Marchizza (5.5m) and a regen right back from Bayern with incredible potential named Selcuk Serifoglu (24m). I also bought a keeper due to David Raya suffering a leg break in pre-season that would see him miss most of the season and brought in Jack Butland (10.25m) and replaced Merino with Harry Winks (19m). This left us with a lot of depth all over the pitch. We started the season brilliantly, after rescuing a late 1-1 draw against Huddersfield we followed that up with wins over Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton, Wolves and Manchester City. However after getting knocked out of the Carabao Cup in the 3rd Round by Everton, we went into an inconsistent patch where we failed to put together consecutive wins for a couple of months. This changed when we got a dramatic 94th minute winner from Scott Wharton to defeat Newcastle 2-1 and set off us on a nice little run over the Christmas period. We had a tough schedule in January, and it didn't go very well as it started with a 5-0 loss to Arsenal followed up by close losses to City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Bournemouth. We were drawn against Liverpool in the 4th round of the FA Cup which was unfortunate as I felt that was my best route to the Europa League and we were knocked out by superior opposition. In January we brought in Ryan Bertrand (13m) and had to say goodbye to Calvert-Lewin (8m), Williams (300k) and Besic (500k). But after being knocked out of the FA Cup our fortunes changed, as we beat surprise CL contenders Crystal Palace and Sunderland. It seemed like our UEL hopes were dead and buried after consecutive losses to Everton and West Ham. But a nine game run where we collected 23 points out of a possible 27 was enough to sneak us into the top 7, where thanks to English teams winning the Europa League and Champions League we qualified for the early rounds of the Europa League. To top this all off, the deciding game was against our rivals Burnley where not only did we qualify for Europa League but we also sent them down to the Championship with an emphatic 4-0 win and for goals from Blackburn 'icon' Lys Mousset. At the conclusion of the season I had a World Cup campaign with Australia to look forward to on home soil, and we were knocked out in the Round of 16 by Spain after a last minute goal in Sydney. After Blackburn were taken over by new owners, I had started looking around at other jobs as it is my goal to win all top 5 European leagues in this save as well as doing well with Blackburn. So applied at the likes of Juventus, Real Madrid and PSG. I was unsuccessful in those interviews but was more than happy to stay at Blackburn and try and get in the Champions League. I hope to leave us in a good position when I do eventually leave. Our star men in the 2021/22 season were our wingers, Gabriel Barbosa and Richarlison. I somehow convinced them both to stay in the transfer window despite Richarlison being linked to Barcelona in the window and Barbosa getting offers from Monaco and Real Madrid.
  5. Why is my player getting so many red cards? I am playing as Blackburn in the Premier League and have this regen, who just gets booked every time I play him. He plays as a RB so will obviously get a decent number of cards but he has got 9 in 21 games (highest in the league) as well as a red card. Looking at his stats the ones that I would think should contribute to a player getting booked a lot seem to be reasonable. Agression: 9 Anticipation: 12 Decisions: 17 Tackling: 12 Is it something deeper tactics wise? (e.g. not getting enough support from his right winger)
  6. Your best/longest career?

    I've only started doing teams in League 1 or 2 in the last few years, think I got to 2026 or so with Sheffield United and had them in the Champions League and won the Europa League. Outside of that, I had a long one with Preston a couple of years ago where i got to about 2024, this year I am with Blackburn and currently in 2021 (mid table Prem). Also had one with Regina where I got from Serie D to mid table Serie A.
  7. FM18: Blackburn Rovers - Arte et Labore

    I remember I had a crazy high amount of injuries in my first season too, few of the starter squads are injury prone. Wasn't able to keep Khoury, had to sell him to St Ettiene in the end but got a big sell on clause for him. Will probably be a decent Prem player eventually I reckon.
  8. FM18: Blackburn Rovers - Arte et Labore

    It's crazy how different players develop in different games, George Wilson is at Port Vale in League 2 (only released him last season, thought it was earlier). Lenihan is at Hull in the Championship, always felt more comfortable with Mulgrew or Wharton in the side than him before he was sold in 2019.
  9. FM18: Blackburn Rovers - Arte et Labore

    Was forced to sell him in June 2020, they haven't played him enough since. Started 12 games with 17 off the bench in the league.
  10. FM18: Blackburn Rovers - Arte et Labore

    Just had a cracker of a game against Arsenal, every time I play them it's a belter and always late goals. Goes against me a lot though!
  11. FM18: Blackburn Rovers - Arte et Labore

    Wow, 2nd place in your first season in the Prem is very impressive. Any of the originals still knocking about (besides Raya)? I didn't have enough time or money to bring in a left back in the end, decided a right back was more integral and I had to buy a keeper after Raya broke his leg just before deadline day, few late transfers didn't go through. That Serifoglu I bought is an 18 year old regen at right back, already pretty close to being good enough to start regularly and high potential 24m release clause was a great get. Merino forced a move so I had to strengthen in the middle with Winks. Think that is three windows in a row now that Derrick Williams has avoided being sold and replaced by crazy circumstances. Hoping to get European football this season, although my expectations are mid-table. Managed to get a huge contract extension until 2025 after I had an interview with Tottenham as well, time to start kicking on now.
  12. FM18: Blackburn Rovers - Arte et Labore

    Just finished the 2020/21 season, was going to do montly updates but changed my mind. Finished the season in 13th, not quite what I hoped and we really tailed off in the second half of the season after being 9th for a lot of the time. Still though, we were predicted for 20th position so it is a decent achievement. Richarlison was my star signing, great signing and really made a difference - stepped in for Rankin-Costello as our main man. Lys Mousset scored goals galore again - banging in 18 in the league. We were very leaky at the back though, new signings Basila, Klaiber and Salah Gomaa (regen) flattering to deceive. In January, we saw Josh McEachran, who was my first signing at the club, leave for Preston North End which signalled the changes that were coming at the club. We also brought in two new faces in January, Mahmoud Dahoud for 9m after he was transfer listed at Dortmund and the FM legend himself, Gabriel Barbosa from Inter Milan for a very decent fee of 7.75m. Barbosa has been really good, with him on one side and Richarlison on the other our attack is very exciting to watch. Dahoud has been okay, but not really constituted his massive wage so far. We've seen a bit of a changing of the guard in this window, with Corry Evans, Elliott Bennett and Charlie Mulgrew being released from the club after their contracts ended. A combined 548 Blackburn games and three real team leaders who were with us since League one so they will be hard to replace (in terms of leadership, they were bit part players this season). Our only originals left now are Raya, Wharton, Williams, and Fisher. Williams probably doesn't have long left either. This season I hope to get mid table, and have a better run in the cups after Birmingham eliminated us from the FA Cup for the second year running. Not really sure who to bring in to be honest, a centre back or two is likely, maybe a left back as well. Was trying to bring in this young American regen keeper who is already one of the best in the world (he was still playing at the galaxy though) but PSG got him instead even though my offer was better.
  13. It'd be on par IMO, but I personally wouldn't regard it as a 'good finish' as I feel we are better than Arsenal, Liverpool and United. Probably Chelsea too when we are at our best but we have been a bit patchy this season.
  14. Well we don't care about who is part about of a winning team as much as what team it is. The World Cup and the Champions League are the two biggest prizes in football, not the Balon D'or. And with the line 'top player can't prove his full worth if he's not playing at the highest level', Kane is at the highest level. He is playing in the Champions League and scored 5 in 6 in the Group stage, on track to be the top goalscorer of the Prem for a third straight year, there isn't a higher level. There are higher clubs sure but not a higher level. Re Spurs: 4th place wouldn't be regarded as a good finish for us nowadays, 2nd or 3rd is probably where we should be finishing, I would be disappointed with 4th and Pochettino even said so in a recent press conference.
  15. I'm sorry, but the team IS more important than any individual. This is why people fill seats to watch THEIR team, players come and go, but the shirt they're wearing is what is important. The average person also knows about the biggest teams in the world such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, but they won't know all of their players or what position they all are because the player is never bigger than the club. Lionel Messi is probably the best footballer of all time, and has created a legacy where he is bigger than pretty much any club, but only the greatest of all time do that. If a player needs to play for a top club, then is Pele not one of the best of all time because he only played for Santos? If a player's talent was measured by title won, are John O'shea or Anderson a Premier League greats? Is Jeffrey Schlupp better than Danny Rose because he won a league title? No, they aren't. And if you think Spurs are worse place than United for the next few years, than sure that is your opinion but I disagree. Pochettino is one of the best managers in the world and Mourinho has a reputation for only lasting 3 years at a club. Spurs have a young squad which is only getting better as time goes on. They are close in ability so I don't understand by how Kane moving to a team of a similar ability he becomes a top player. He is a top player because he has outscored literally every player on the planet this year while playing in the hardest league in the world, if anything that is more impressive that he is doing it for Spurs rather than Real Madrid. It's not like he is playing for Lincoln City, Spurs are probably in the top 15-20 best clubs in the world.