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  1. Realised that first issue might just be cause the CA's of my created players are higher than what they should be. I will test it with the regular database and see if it works. I have also sent you the squad lists and some minor details for each NPL team.
  2. Another thing to note, at the moment Adelaide United's NPL team play their games at 'Unknown Stadium' in real life, they play most of their games at 'Smith Partners Stadium' (artificial pitch that is also the home of Modbury Jets in SL1 and Modbury Vista in SL2). Also Adelaide Olympic are listed as playing at Thebarton Oval but in real life they play at another artifical ground 'The Parks'. I am currently compiling squad lists for all the teams in all three leagues.
  3. Also some of the CA's of A-League players are ridiculously out of whack this year (Ryan Strain is an average NPL player despite starting in the HAL every week and Elsey is NPL quality despite being one of the best defenders in the HAL).
  4. I am doing a test save and did a create a club and replaced Sturt Lions but kept their finances, I am finding that the clubs are just leaking money big time to the point where I am 4 months in and 150k (and thats in pounds) in the red despite not buying anybody and everybody being non contract and a few players actually leaving.
  5. Something I have noticed with the database, contracts expire in May, meaning that they expire mid season which makes it a bit awkward.
  6. I'm from SA so can do a lot of that sort of stuff from SA NPL to State League 2, I am just completing my last university assignment today so I will send you a PM later this afternoon once I am done. Also will the database be focusing on correct as of the beginning of the 2018 season or being correct as of the beginning of the 2019 season?
  7. Great stuff! Tempted to start my save now but might wait a bit longer. What help did you need with the database?
  8. Not sure who I am going to go as this year if I end up doing a Football League save (which I usually do, but considering starting in the conference this year instead or even doing create a club). I have hit quite a few of those teams now, namely Sheffield United, Blackpool, Preston and Blackburn Rovers. Thinking I might finally do Wimbledon this year, a save I have meaning to try for ages. Also think Plymouth or Burton could be fun but am still making up my mind.
  9. Lucas_26_7

    How to disable brexit?

    I don't understand the argument Miles gives on Twitter of 'oh you can't change it just like in real life'. You can literally create countries on FM from nothing or create crazy databases, I think that is a bit more unrealistic.
  10. Planning on three saves this year plus an online one, doing Milan at the moment and will run with that for a few seasons. Then will probably look at starting my lower league save in December and simultaneously play that with an A-League save.
  11. Love this, I think you will have a lot more to go by with the fantasy database with all the expansion talk that has been going on. I will definitely be making a HAL save this year using one of your databases. Happy to help with anything in regards to NPL SA you may need help with!
  12. https://www.ccmariners.com.au/news/usain-bolt-update Per this it seems that was false though. He is kidding himself if he thinks he's getting 3m.
  13. Lucas_26_7

    short seasons

    A-League is 27 games (plus finals series which is 2 or 3 games depending where you finish). We also have the FFA Cup which runs from pre-season to mid season and has 5 rounds, plus the Asian Champions League has 2.5 spots, that usually begins in February/March. Overall you're looking at a minimum of 28 games with a max of about 42 games if you go distance in all those comps (which would be quite an achievement cause only one Australian side has ever won the ACL).
  14. Thanks a lot for the detailed response! I tend to structure my pre season matches similar to that with easy matches going into the end of the pre-season and a similar amount of matches. I usually don't play pre-season but I always shift around my team and make sure the assistant plays my current squad to ensure all players are at their peak match sharpness by Matchday 1. I think the main thing must be having fitness most of pre-season, so I will adjust that in future years to follow your advice, thanks!
  15. Hi I have a save with Blackburn and am now in the 2028/29 season. I have been challenging for the title for a couple of years and every year I just miss out due to my inability to start the season off well. I have won every other trophy there is but can not win the PL because of my rough starts. These are my stats to start the season every year in the first 10 games: 2028/29: 13 points 2027/28: 17 points 2026/27: 15 points 2025/26: 17 points 2024/25: 15 points Those are the seasons in which I have challenged for the title - not exactly title winning starts. After this I then usually go on tears where I win for about 20 games straight then choke in the last 2 or 3 games. The frustrating part is that this seems to happen by itself and I don't know what I have done to cause such a run. In these seasons I have only made one or two transfers every year - My team has largely been together for ages. I usually do a 5 week pre season - first 3 weeks is high intensity fitness training then move towards team cohesion last few weeks before the season starts then balanced once that hits. I generally just keep it on balanced throughout the season but if we aren't scoring much I will go attacking and vice versa with defending. Any thoughts?