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  1. FM18: Blackburn Rovers - Arte et Labore

    Thought I might do a mega update of how my time with Blackburn has gone so far, I don't have screenshots for the first and second seasons so bear with me. 2017/18 season In the first season my goal was pretty simple, promotion. And I did it with flying colours. We dominated the league from start to finish, never really even having a rough patch until once the title was won and I started to play youth players and won the league by 10 points. We played a free flowing, possession based game that looked to play out from the back and move it to our wingers to whip balls in. This is after my initial plan to play a narrow 4-1-3-1-1 formation clearly wasn't working in pre-season. The star of the show was Elliott Bennett, who got 13 goals and 23 assists in 53 appearances. Elsewhere on the pitch, Ben Gladwin and Marcus Antonsson were sensational until they were hit with long-term injuries around Christmas, never really regaining their form. Charlie Mulgrew was sensational, weather playing as a midfielder or defender and Josh McEachran was worth every penny in midfield. Free transfers of Diego Forlan and Diomansy Kamara brought in much needed experience during the title run-in, and while Forlan floundered, Kamara excelled in the absence of Ben Gladwin. Harry Chapman was also great in his lone spell, contributing 10 goals in 8 assists in just 24 league starts. This season also saw Joe Rankin-Costello breakthrough around February after some good FA Cup performances, and became an integral part of the team by the end of the season as an 18 year old. The clear highlight of the season was the period from September when we lost just one out of 32 league games. David Raya, Paul Caddis, Charlie Mulgrew, Josh McEachran and Elliott Bennett were all in the Team of the Year, with Bennett winning the Player of the Season. Preferred line up Raya Caddis-Downing-Mulgrew-Williams Smallwood Dack-McEachran Bennett------------------------Gladwin/Campbell Antonsson Transfers Ins Diomansy Kamara (Free) Josh McEachran (1.7m) Diego Forlan (Free) Outs Dominic Samuel (300k) Craig Conway (220k) Lewis Khoury (86k) Joe Nuttall (79k) Peter Whittingham (75k) Matthew Platt (25k) Matthew Campbell (6k) Tyler Magliore (Loan 2018/19 season As we moved into the second season we had a monstrous task upon us, I felt we were well suited to the Championship, but with a media prediction of 19th I was never expecting the success we had as we won the league by 8 points. Just as was the case with the first season, I spent my entire budget on one player, this time Lucas Piazon from Chelsea as a natural predecessor to the duo of Gladwin and Chapman. When signing him, I fully expected him to battle it out with Calvert-Lewin for that spot and thought he would win. How wrong was I, Calvert-Lewin was incredible, 25 goals and 12 assists from 45 games, picking up the Golden Boot and Player of the Season awards, not bad considering he played as a left winger. Lys Mousset was another loanee from Bournemouth, he had spent last season on loan at Peterborough and was the top scorer in League 1 and tore me to shreds, I liked what I saw from when we played the Posh and he perfectly fitted my tactic. Despite injuries, he collected 18 goals in 36 league games which I was happy with. Juan Foyth was the final loanee, and was pretty incredible no matter if his defensive partner was Mulgrew or Wharton (who had come on leaps and bounds). Ashley Young was signed as an alternative to Paul Caddis, and was alright at the start before his attributes quickly deteriorated, bringing his average ratings down with it. Rankin-Costello quickly became our best player this season, attracting interest from Arsenal and Everton amongst others with his stellar performances in midfield. Unbelievably we roared to our second consecutive league title and promotion, again our form over the winter months proving pivotal. Our annual end of season collapse not enough to rip the title from us. It felt even better that we pipped Burnley to promotion, as the ran out of gas despite being our main contender for large parts, our late victory over them at Turf Moor was probably our best moment of the season. We also had a sensational cup run, beating shocking Chelsea with a 1-0 win and earning wins over Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland to set up a FA Cup 6th Round tie with Arsenal at Ewood Park, we put up a good fight and went ahead through a Rankin-Costello goal, but ultimately a Lacazette double gave the gunners a 2-1 win and they went off to Wembley. Foyth, Rankin-Costello, Bennett and Mousset were all in the team in the year (Calvert-Lewin absent for some reason despite winning the Player of the Season and Golden Boot awards). Rankin-Costello won Young Player of the Year, and I won the manager of the year award for the first time. Preferred line up Raya Young-Foyth-Mulgrew/Wharton-Williams Evans Dack-Rankin-Costello Bennett------------------------Calvert-Lewin Mousset Transfers Ins Lys Mousset (Loan) Lucas Piazon (1.9m) Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Loan) Juan Foyth (Loan) Ashley Young (Free) Outs Tyler Magliore (Loan) Jason Leutwiler (33k) Elliot Bodkin (Loan) I am now in December of my first Premier League season (2019/20) I will post a full update with screenshots once the season is over, currently in 17th.
  2. This has been an ongoing issue in FM, it is nothing major but to me it makes no sense. Players continuously changing squad numbers and thus changing the numbers of other squad players. In my save (I manage Blackburn), Tottenham's squad numbers have changed a bit: Eriksen has moved to number 10, changing Kane's number to 9. Last year I remember having a save where Kane changed to number 13, which makes even less sense. Kane has said in interviews that he changed to number 10 in order to be a club legend, and it the 9 shirt has been available before so he could have switched previously if he wanted too. His direct quotes can be seen at this link: http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2015/08/14/harry-kane-explains-his-reasons-for-number-10-switch/ and include “But when I knew 10 was available I just wanted it. I love this club and to be wearing number 10 for Tottenham is amazing for me. I could not resist.” Eriksen meanwhile has been 23 for a while, I could understand him switching to 10 if Kane left the club, but knocking him out of his preferred squad number makes no sense. Even switching to the currently available number 8 would make more sense (he wore it at Ajax). Another example is at Manchester United, where Kevin Strootman has signed for United and taken the number 6 off Paul Pogba, their record signing and academy player. Now maybe if Pogba had switched to 8 or 10 this would make a bit more sense, but he's now number 13, a really unremarkable kit number for a player of his quality. I also have noticed that at Real Madrid Luka Modric has changed back to number 14, with Toni Kroos stealing the highly prized number 10 shirt, instead of it going to the now returned James Rodriguez who has taken 8. Kit numbers are rarely taken away from players like they are in FM, a kit number will become available by a player moving clubs, and usually a higher profile player will take the more popular numbers (7, 9, 10, 11 etc). FM's odd system of swapping numbers around amongst players already involved in the first team is odd and rarely transpires in real life.
  3. Favourite players so far in FM18

    Rankin-Costello <3 <3 What a man, what a footballer. Although despite my promotion to the Prem he is making noises about leaving, he wants us to challenge for the Europa League this season and I basically still have the same side I did in League 1 so I think this will be my last season with him.
  4. FM18: Blackburn Rovers - Arte et Labore

    I dunno about that Elliot Bennett is pretty good!
  5. Hi I need a bit of help with something in this game. I am playing as Blackburn and have just been promoted to the Premier League. At the start of my save I signed Josh McEachran, and he has been very good for me. I was looking at young players to sign and I notice that Josh's brother, George, has his contract about to expire. I scouted him and he is very highly rated, so went to offer for him with the Approach to Sign button but he wasn't interested in a club of our stature, which was surprising seeing he is only 2* currently, although he has very high potential. I thought considering I have his brother in my team and that me and Josh have a 'Very Close' relationship and I am listed in his favoured personnel, is there anyway I can ask Josh to advocate a move to Blackburn to his brother? I swear this used to be an option but I can't seem to find it. Thanks.
  6. FM18: Blackburn Rovers - Arte et Labore

    Just achieved back-to-back promotions with Rovers and am now right back to the Premier League! First time I have ever done that on FM, usually take at least two seasons in the championship before getting promoted again. Rankin-Costello is an absolute machine, Elliott Bennet is also very good while signings I have made such as Calvert-Lewin and McEachran have really completed the team.
  7. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    There are a few missing clubs and misplaced clubs in the non-playable NPL State Leagues in South Australia The following clubs are missing from the NPL State League 2 South Australia and not included in the game for some reason Adelaide University SC Modbury Vista SC Mount Barker United FC UniSA FC Vipers FC A few of these clubs (Modbury Vista, UniSA and Adelaide Uni) were announced to be joining the FFSA competitions at the end of the 2016 calendar year, while Mount Barker and Vipers joined the league in 2015, the same year Fulham United joined who are actually in the game which is odd. Also Raiders are listed as a NPL side, despite being relegated from the NPL in 2016
  8. Is it not simply a recreation of Leicester? Things like this are rare and hard to do, I would say that Leicester's tactic was the real life equivalent of a manager finding a 'bug' and exploiting it.
  9. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Not quite sure if he qualifies as hidden, but for any managers of Premier League clubs Joe Rankin-Costello could be a great early pick up. He started at 2* CA in League 1 but I am in my second season now and he has grown ridiculously quickly. 4th highest average rating in the league and my best player as I am 8 points clear at the top of the league with 10 games left. Can play everywhere, good personality, homegrown, and is good out wide as well (can be retrained as a striker too). 6 goals, 7 assists, 6 POTM's, 7.37 average rating from a central midfield position from 31 league apps. Monster.
  10. You can still give a sub a pep talk by the way it is just below the confirm button when you do it on the tactics screen, says 'Give team talk'. Can't remember if you can when using the quick sub feature but I would say so.
  11. Team Talk History

    You can see the previous game's team talks and more in depth reactions from the players by going to Tactics>Analysis>Team Talk Feedback. Don't think it is possible to see a full list of older team talk reactions.
  12. Sort of on topic here, but after the draw is made is there a way using the editor to have the World Cup draw the same as real life so you can play out the World Cup?
  13. Favourite players so far in FM18

    Funnily enough, Rekeem Harper is out on loan at Blackburn in the first season and I terminated his loan because of his poor attitude.
  14. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    There is at least one missing club in the non-playable section for Australian State League 2 (might be more I will check later). Modbury Vista were added to the State League 2 in 2016 yet are not in the game. They should be added as a non-playable club.
  15. Favourite players so far in FM18

    It's tough, managing Blackburn but I would say my star man has been Elliot Bennett. His average rating is like 7.79 or something ridiculous. Other players that have been very good for me include Charlie Mulgrew, Ben Gladwin and Marcus Antonsson. Special shoutout to Diomansy Kamara who has been solid for me despite being 37 years old since I got him as a free agent. On the flip side, my most hated player is Wilem Tomlinson. I brought him up from the Under 23's to the first team halfway through the season and was doing well for an 18 year old, and I liked him seeing he was one for the future I had broken through. Then I asked if he would like to be tutored by Charlie Mulgrew and refused because he knew better and I thought that is strike one, he was relegated to the bench. A few weeks later I tried again with a different player, this time Kamara, and once again he refused. Strike two, you're back in the reserves and his relationship with me changed to distant. Finally I congratulated him on his impressive training performances and he said something along the lines of 'I am not doing that good and would be doing better if not the sub standard coaching at this club' and our relationship went to adversary. I put him to the under 18's and am desperately trying to sell the ungrateful little *****.