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  1. FIX FOUND: Alright I think I have just found a fix, what I did is made another manager and took over another team (i just did Arsenal) and manually did all their registration stuff. I then retired him and used the in game editor to reinstate Arteta. I then tried holidaying to after deadline day and then all other teams had fixed their teams as well. I need to test more to see if there is a way you can do it without missing the first few games (I will try now, think it should be fine) but at least I have found some sort of fix to this!
  2. Alright I have just tried holidaying a couple of days because I read that it worked for somebody in the SPL. They registered a few extras (Liverpool went from only having a couple of kids and milner to registering the likes of Mane, Robertson, Van Dijk and Keita. Allisson and Thiago still left out. Is there something you can do with the In game editor that would fix it? Also has anyone tested if it keeps happening in the 3rd/4th/5th year?
  3. Damn I just noticed this as well, this is really poor. So basically there is nothing we can do have to start a new save? Was really attached to my team already have wasted countless hours already.
  4. Sorry to make a thread for this but didn't know where to put it - I'm trying to sim to the end of the first Premier League season and want to make it as accurate to real life as possible. There are a few different teams that need to be drastically worse or better for the last 10 games for it to be accurate. Is there any way with the in game editor I can put in suspensions or injuries for certain teams to make sure they plummet down the table? Right now I am just trying to change morale around but I can't imagine that having that substantial of an effect. Thanks!
  5. My bad! Save looks great - Good job mate! Just started a save in the SA NPL so editing squads etc now - any recommendations on what to set attribute level colours at for this level from your experience?
  6. Experiencing a bit of an issue, when I try and make a save with this database it gets half way through loading and gets stuck half way on the 'Setting Up Leagues and Competitions' loading screen, the hint is the same as well so it must be stuck rather than simply taking a long time
  7. For the first time ever I am bouncing my tactics around trying to adapt to my opponent, and so far it is working brilliantly. Managing Tottenham and 5 games in have won 4 (including a derby win against Arsenal) and my only draw was away against Man City.
  8. I completed my FM19 Blackpool save last week was going to buy the new game today, but figure that they will probably do some Black Friday sale so might as well wait 4 days
  9. Not to the point where City hire and fire Pep 3 times in 10 years like on my save. It is rare that a manager would manage more than two of the 'big six' for example, look how surprising everyone found it when Jose was hired by Spurs, yet on mine the likes of Zidane, Jardim, Conte, Guardiola and Klopp jump around as if they're on the run from the police
  10. I haven't bought FM20 as of yet, but in FM19 opposition managers were sacked way too easily. They also recycled managers far too much, was hoping this was fixed in FM20 but that doesn't look like a good start
  11. And for nothing other than my own enjoyment, here is a list of my overall favourite XI of the save and their stats for the mighty tangerines (not going off the game's version). Goalkeeper: Joel PEREIRA (319 Apps, 111 Clean Sheets) Right Back: Jamal BERTRAND (117 Apps, 1 goal) Centre Back: Remie STREETE (122 Apps, 5 goals) Centre Back: Jorge RODRIGUEZ (168 Apps, 3 goals) Left Back: Marshall HANCOCK (109 Apps, 0 goals) Centre Mid: Mario LOZANO (69 Apps, 7 goals) Centre Mid: Nya KIRBY (105 Apps, 11 goals) Right Wing: Ryan BOLGER (258 Apps, 48 goals)
  12. FINALLY I have won the Premier League in Football League save, Blackpool have won the 2028/29 season! This was massive for me, have always done a save with a League 1 team and never have I come this far. I know nobody probably cares enough to read the whole story - but I don't care here so it is from start to finish! I put the regens in italics to make it easier to follow for anyone that can be bothered? 2018/19 Season The save begins with us in League 1, not expected for anything more than a lower mid table finish. We are banned from making signings during the window due to fin
  13. Yeah definitely stuffed up in that regard on my part - although I tried to offer him one at one point and if I remember rightly negotiated one but he asked for a stupid amount I couldn't afford just before a club became interested in him. So it was probably about 2.5 years from his contract expiring that that happened. IMO this is a flaw in the game, you really should be able to ask players to rethink promises.
  14. Thanks for the advice but probably should have mentioned, the window has closed now. I was waiting for the promise to finish which was initially at the end of the European window - I took a risk thinking at least I would be able to talk to him so now I will be going into January with the end of his contract looming
  15. So I am in the 2026/27 season in my Blackpool save I have this winger called Jose Eduardo, 23 year old Brazilian who I signed when he was 18 while I was in the Championship and has gone on to be my best player as we have managed to become a Champions League side - here is my predicament. Leading into the 2025/26 season - which was due to be my first season in the Champions League after finishing 2nd the previous year - he came to me asking to leave to Liverpool (who were interested in him and always scouted but never made a formal offer) because he wanted to win silverware. Liverpool had
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