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  1. Notebook in FM or pen and paper IRL?

    Pen and paper, plus if its a small thing I will use the notes function on my actual laptop (works the same as the one on iPhone).
  2. Hi thanks for the reply, I have since passed the date of the promise but moved to a formation for one game where he was the 'pure' centre back. Since then the bug seems to have been fixed and he has realised he is playing in the right position.
  3. So I bought Chancel Mbemba in the January of the 2021/22 season in my Preston save and I promised him he would be played in as a Defender (Centre) with the role of Centre back. It is now April 2023 and there is 42 days left on the promise and according to his information page he feels time is running out to be playing in his favourite position. He has played in that position for me every time he has played. Even on the form tab on his page he it says that all of his last 20 games for the club have been in this position and role. He is probably my best player so I do really not want to lose him once this promise is up. If it matters in he is a regular as well, playing 23 out of 31 matches this season despite missing 7 while at the AFCON. He is playing in a back four, so technically the position is listed as DCR, but surely that can't be the reason why he thinks he is playing out of position? That would have to mean I could only play 5 at the back if he played in the middle of the defence. And Centre back is listed as a position by itself on the game, doesn't reference which side.
  4. FM2017 Transfer Records

    1. Julian Brandt - Bayern>Man City - 107m 2. Thomas Lemar - Monaco-Man United - 98m 3. Anthony Martial - Man United>PSG - 87m 4. Antoine Griezmann - Atletico>Man City - 86m 5. Gelson Martins - PSG>Real Madrid - 84m 6. Riechedly Bazoer - Monaco>Real Madrid 83m 7. Renato Sanches - Bayern>Real Madrid - 83m 8. Koke - Atletico>Man United - 81m 9. Paulo Dybala - Juventus>Man City - 80m 10. Harry Kane - Tottenham>Man United - 78m
  5. Am I the only one that does this?

    My current favourite one is for Lucas Moura who I have now signed twice in my Preston save (signed him from PSG, then they bought him back then I bought him back after one season). We've got Moura, Lucas Moura I just don't think you understand He f****d off PSG, to play for PNE We've got Lucas Moura! Also the Gini Wijnaldum chant that Liverpool sing adapted to Martin Odegaard, seven nation army for a regen by the name of 'Gennaro Guerra'. Then more longer and complex chants for other regens I have by the names of 'Simone Rossi' and 'Jeet Padaruth', bought Padaruth from one of our rivals (Burnley) so his is centred around that. Also a similar thing I will do when I have Champions League games (haven't got to that level yet in this save) is play the CL anthem beforehand.
  6. Am I the only one that makes chants in my head for my players and I will sometimes hum them when they score? Please tell me I am not the only one that does this and if other people do this what chants do you have?
  7. Watford unbeatable.......

    I am in 2022 and they are just an average mid table side on mine 2016/17: 15th 2017/18: 15th 2018/19: 13th 2019/20: 9th 2020/21: 9th Everton meanwhile are in the championship after getting relegated in 2020, finished 17th in the first season too and don't look like they will come back up this season. Wimbledon got relegated into league two early on but went straight back up and are currently mid table in League 1.
  8. Thanks a lot mate! I will report back on how the changes I have made have gone, although my players have demanded (yes I know I gave in to player power lol) that I change formation for a few games to try and get better results, so the changes will have to wait a month which gives me time to perfect it I guess.
  9. Cheers mate. Yeah I was thinking that, the only reason I didn't have the BBM on as a DLP is because I thought having two playmakers in one team would get in the way of each other. Basically for my TI's I wanted us to close them down quickly and then to keep the ball and play it on the deck for the most part, but once we get into attack play quick passes between the lines and use our pace. Maybe if I revert the tempo back to normal I would get better results? Also I have changed to BBM to a DLP (S) and the 10 to a AM. I have also flirted with the idea of work ball into the box at times because we seem to be having a lot of shots of target but that didn't really have an effect as it just meant we had no chances. Once again thanks a lot for the help! It is not so much that we are awful, it is just the consistency that bugs me and how good we are against the top teams but how rubbish we are against the lower teams, I just got a 2-2 draw at the Etihad after having 10 men the entire game and them getting a shonky penalty. Also a few games ago I came from 3-0 down to draw 3-3 against West Ham at their place (they are regularly in Europe on my save). But in between that I had home losses to Derby and Southampton.
  10. Okay cheers, good point and been taken into account. Anything else you notice? I tend to have more shots than my opposition and a lot more possession. A lot of my goals conceded seem to come from a central area in terms of assists, in last 50 league games 11 assist locations down our left side, 10 down our right, 15 in the penalty area and 9 from outside the box, a lot of these being from through balls and crosses. I tend to perform a lot better against the top teams to be honest.
  11. Honestly what is wrong with my team, I am so awfully inconsistent it is disgraceful, one game I beat Swansea 6-1, then I go on a 5 game winless run including a 5-1 loss to Palace. I am Preston btw and it is my third season in the Prem, I finished 12th first season, then 13th last season. I am currently 9 games in and am 16th despite starting well with wins over Chelsea and destroying Swansea. Even last season I wanted to get top half and I was like 7th at Christmas but only won two league games from the turn of the year and plummeted down the table ending up in 13th. This is my tactic: Control mentality, Flexible team shape, TI's are to close down more, play a higher tempo, fairly wide and retain possession. I tend to tinker with this a fair bit but this is what it usually is. After trying a lot of formations and tactics in the second half of last season to end my slump I am currently Playing a 4-2-3-1. G (De) FB (Su) CB (De) CB (Co) CB (At) CM (De) BBM (Su) IF (At) AP (At) W/IF (Su) (depends who I have there) AF (A) My players are GK Mvogo/Sokol RB Estrada (regen)/De Sciglio CB Stark/Sokratis/Bailey Wright LB Finlayson (regen)/Van Aanholt CM (D) Pearson/Mandragora BBM Holtby/Ntcham RM Halilovic/Padaruth (regen) AM Onomah/Abdulrahman LM Kaputska/Payet ST Rossi (regen)/Guerra (regen)/Sturridge Plus Giovani Dos Santos but I am trying to sell him and he doesn't really play anymore
  12. I was not quite sure where to put this, because technically it is a feature request but it is only something small and I guess it is also technically a bug. So I have a Preston save and I am in 2021, I had a really good team but after two consecutive 12th placed finishes I lost a lot of my players in the summer window. Lucas Moura went to go back to PSG after desperately asking me to join Monaco (guess PSG was close enough for him lol), Jordan Pickford wanted to go off to Man United to be their back up keeper, Deandre Yedlin was desperate for a move to Sunderland and I also elected to sell two of my back up midfielders to try and streamline my squad a bit more. Then one of my key midfielders, Rolando Mandragora, asked for me to accept a bit from Tottenham if it came in and I refused to his frustration and he went to the press, they made a crap offer and I rejected it. They then lost interest in him, but he put in a transfer request which I begrudgingly accepted two weeks before the deadline as I began to look for replacements. I offered him Tottenham for around his value and they were not interested at all but he still wanted out and then decided he wanted his new 'preferred destination' to be the newly promoted Sheffield Wednesday for some reason. Then they didn't offer and I got a few offers that were about a quarter of his value that I rejected and the window closed. Few days later I get the 'Mandragora set to stay at Preston' message but I still can't take him off the transfer list as the option is greyed out? Shouldn't I be able to have a conversation where I say, 'We transfer listed you as requested in order to force your move, but it didn't come off. Are you now willing to commit to this club and let us take you off the list?'. His options could be, 'I still want to leave in the next transfer window', 'I refuse to play for you', 'I am sorry for the way I acted and will now give my best for the club' and 'That is fair enough boss seeing they did not offer for me, you can take me off the list' So basically the TLDR version is, player transfer listed by request but the window shut, I should be able to interact with him now and ask to take him off the list.
  13. I have had a few this year where I though they had no chance of getting a work permit and so did my scouts then they grant a conditional one after appealing. I had one player from the UAE named Omar Abdulrahman who I have always wanted to sign on FM after seeing him in the Asian Cup. Save with Preston, denied work permit initially but I signed him anyway because it was a free transfer and if he never got one I could just sell him on for profit in 6 months. But after I got him I waited the 120 days or whatever it is and appealed and he got one. So the risk is worth it sometimes.

    I had one last year but he was rubbish, so what I did is used the IG editor to change his stats to match the best regen in that intake and changed the other regen to my son's stats to even it out so I didn't feel like I was cheating. I guess it technically is but I wasn't going to miss the chance to use my son in the game!
  15. Should I stay or should I go?

    Yeah thats how I got Lucas, 16m which was a still. Looking at Danny Rose for 8m right now.