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  1. Anybody else now having the issue of 60-70% of goals now being conceded only from set pieces, specifically the whipped in corner to the near post that the centre back just perfectly runs onto and heads in, that is basically undefendable with the set piece instructions available? It happened to me a few times in my save as Aberdeen and then ironically Aberdeen scored the exact same way against me in my Maribor save.
  2. I'm not one to complain normally, or believe the game is fixed, and I'm sure people won't believe me here as there's no real way I can prove this, but I'm in my 7th season as Stockport. Away to Hartlepool in L2, conceding a lot of possession so I go to my tactics screen change formation, the game is 0-0 (as far as I'm aware) anyway I score in the 43rd minute, look at the score and all of a sudden the score is 1-1 when I just scored so it should be 0-1. I look at the bottom where the little highlight bar is, and the ball icon literally just appeared around the 28th minute. Turns out that appare
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